Today's blog is about words. We have some pretty good words in our English language and parsing/defining them can be entertaining. Even the word, parse is unusual.

Word parts and/or definitions you won't find in the dictionary:

parse: the inebriated form of party

balk: the actual word chickens are clucking

placemat: putting Mat where you want him

burrito: a plant sticker worthy of a Judge

fundamental: enjoying da brainwork

microwave: little bitty queen's hand gesture

booze: a bunch of Philadelphians

prologue: in favor of wood

action: air conditioning process

woodwork: trees doing a job

photograph: collection of radiant energy

shopping: a business with a sharp sound

bartender: a railing that shows emotions

sandwich: a structure consisting of layers

Marine layer: a person enjoying life in SD

discount: find fault with numbers in order

camel: to reach a station on a sheet

camelot: """ often

corkscrew: a really fun time in Ireland

telephone: faraway speaker

telegraph: faraway writer

teleport: faraway sweet wine

neighbor: nearby horse sound

strikeplate: hitting a dish

assinine: African mammal plays half the course

baboon: Barbaras' big day

debutante: Debbies' ass playing poker

echelon: impressing a ladder rung

lineage: elongated, narrow lie

microscope: little, bitty bottle of mouthwash

baseballs: water soluble roundish objects, part of male anatomy

So long

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manyirons June 9, 2009 @ 2:43 p.m.

In these recessionary times, this story reminds me of Neal Wanless, the hard working, down-and-out 23 year-old South Dakota cowboy who recently bought his winning $232 million Powerball ticket in Winner, South Dakota. If these two stories were movies, it'd be hard to believe either.


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