Another day and another homeless incident. I was walking along Market, heading east on the north side of the street. I noticed a person sort of squatting near a blue car. As I got closer (this gets rather sickening) I realized her whole backside was bare and she was having a bowel movement right there on Market. I don't think that's what Park it on Market had in mind. I called the police and gave a description. The woman was holding on to her cart of belongings and letting her waste go into the street. A neighbor had recently observed a woman taking a bucket & throwing its contents into the fenced off greenery (not long) section at the post office. Though the Health Dept. seems unconcerned about human waste issues, I absolutely disagree.

From Wikipedia: "Human waste can be a serious health hazard, as it is a good vector for both viral and bacterial diseases". I believe the Health Dept. should be involved in any planning for a solution to this current crisis.

This is a huge week for tourism (ComiCon is here for 5 days) and this type of incident is not something you'd be likely to tell your friends and neighbors about. In fact, it could be the last straw in a series of difficulties about the very large numbers of homeless in San Diego. How and why has this problem of homelessness reached such epic proportions in San Diego?

Power washing our sidewalks. I walked around downtown today and noticed an area that remains filthy. On the north side of Broadway, between 1st & 2nd, the sidewalk is a mess. It is bad enough that my feet (sandals) stick to the surface. That one block should be cordoned off and be subjected to a thorough scrubbing & power washing.

Pedicabs have been a problem for several years now & I know the City Council has had issues regarding this mode of transportation. What are the laws regarding the parking of these vehicles? There are a few that park along 9th and they manage to squeeze 2 cabs into one parking spot. AND, what about the boomboxes they carry with them? The noise is hugely deafening. Are there any rules regarding the rates? Are they required to be equipped with seatbelts? Who handles complaints? Is there anything stating they must speak English? And what about knowing their way around? A few nights ago, a pedicab slowed down next to me to ask how to get to the new Hilton Hotel near the convention Center. All he had to do was look around.

If anyone is interested in protesting at The Ivy Hotel, please advise via email at: I plan to make some signs saying "The Ivy is a bad neighbor" "LOUD music interrupts sleep". I plan to be there by 9 AM and stay til noon or so. Bring a portable chair if possible. Call friends/neighbors to join in. I also want to picket Stingaree & J Bar, maybe next weekend.

Still unable to access ownership information, so if the owner/developer reads this, it would be sensible to contact me.

So long

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