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City Planner Bill Whiteman: "Those murals are great and all, but all the pretty paint in the world can't cover over our responsibility to keep users of the Coronado bridge as safe as possible. Transportation for America rated our bridge as "structurally deficient," and I'll be an ignorant Yankee if I'm going to stand by and watch our greatest landmark crumble. If the artists in question wanted to create a more permanent display, perhaps they should have done their painting somewhere else. Frankly, we should have done this 20 years ago."

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viewer March 21, 2013 @ 4:39 p.m.

Times change~ Just like music of the times. (be it the bands, and as I still have my vinyl lp's.) Is the 'new wave' of immigration, behind this-- for their their turn of their form of mural?

As first they do via political endorsements, writings to pliticians, etc.


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