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If We're the Best, Imagine the Worst

The MTB is largely unresponsive to the mass transit commuters in SD. The MTB is essentially autonomous government organization which is does not answer to anyone. Let's remember that they are appointed. So they do not have to worry about being voted out of office. If you look at the transit map ( ) you will notice that the majority of routes are concentrated in the Clairemont/Kearney Mesa area and Downtown North Park areas. The really ironic thing is that Clairemont/ Kearney Mesa area has one of the largest concentration of workers yet it has the worst bus service. One reason why the buses are so late is because the routes are so long. Sorrento Valley also has little or no bus service as well. The Coaster is another example of commuter waste. We have commuter trains that take people up and down the coast only in the mornings and afternoons. Yet the trains sit there all day long in downtown or by Camp Pendelton. It almost seems cheaper to build overhead lines for the trolley or let Amtrak handle the traffic. Or why isn't the locomotives being used to haul other types of freight during the day....? A few years back the MTS said they were going to re-design the bus routes to improve service. So far there has been little improvement. If the MTB wants to improve service why not eliminate redundant bus routes that cover the same street. Why does the MTS need 2 or 3 buses on El Cajon blvd. The trolley is a bit better, but it's largely a showboat project for the MTS. Back in the early 90's the MTB purchased some new trolleys so that they could go faster. This idea was that the tracks would be upgraded to allow for the increased speed. There was a pile of cement ties by Palomar street that sat there for 7 or 8 years. The MTS was going to hire a contracting company do install the cement railroad ties, but MTS union demanded union workers. So this is why the cement ties sat there. The bus drivers union is a dirty little secret why the fares are so high now. Back in the mid 80's the bus drivers went into binding arbritration with the MTB for almost 10 years. During this time period the bus drivers recieved a automatic cost of living increase because they were a civil service union. When I was in college I used to take the bus, but I discovered that it was actually faster commute by bike than ride the bus.
— September 15, 2009 12:07 a.m.

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