Comments by rehftmann

Watch out for the multiplier hooey

Is this a teaching moment? It doesn't matter; you can't shut up a professor. Pencils ready? Title: Beyond Hooey There are four classic channels for promoting revenue, with no bright lines between. Public Relations: everything you do that isn't sales Direct Marketing: Media appeals including a closer, typically reinforced by urgency (cents off today) Sales: Individualized negotiation aiming to close a deal Advertising: Here's the thing people misunderstand. Advertising neither asks for the order nor delivers information. It is an emotional appeal (Attraction) that precedes the sales negotiation (Bargain) that leads to a deal (Close). Easy as A B C, but notice that "advertising" is an expense with no direct, much less indirect, connection to sales. In the case of San Diego tourism advertising (regional, Zoo, Sea World) the appeals are so diffuse and incoherent as to be immeasurable. That is just the thing for an emotional appeal for a bigger budget. Hennessey's suggestion is a good test of the "some's good, more's better" argument. It also begs the question, what is San Diego doing in the other three channels. Answer: Shooting itself in the foot with corruption and sex scandals while Balboa Park's centennial celebration turns to, Mr Bauder's excellent word, hooey. That was a unique proposition that could have filled all four channels. It worked so well a century ago, we're still coasting on that deal. Too little, too late now. Pencils down. We all fail.
— April 27, 2014 9:53 a.m.

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