legal advice: Strategic Limitation Against Public Participation
To be defamatory, the review must be false, and a false statement of fact. Opinions are protected. 
If he actually thinks he is going to bring suit in Ca, he might want to watch out !Cal. Code Civ. Proc. 425.16 is California Anti SLAPP law. If he sues, that law will be a pretty mighty tool to use to counter-attack. Essentially, if he can t show a strong likelihood of prevailing, he will lose the case at that stage and have to pay ALL attorneys fees. Why not just give me the refund ? OR FIX MY SMILE !
Another thing for him to worry about: If he thinks that my review is bad for him now, wait and see what happens if he gets more aggressive about it ! Dental board etc etc etc.. 
THIS DENTIST got his secretary to call me, she hung up, then I called back coz I thought the connection got lost, so HIVAND HOUNAN DDS (or whatever name he s using) answers the phone - and starts to THREATEN TO BREAK ALL THE BONES IN MY BODY - he knows my address and is coming round ! -- why ?? because I wrote a BAD true review !
Houman Hivand, DDS has many vaguely differently named practices - Smyle Banker s Hill, PB, Chula Vista, National City, Escondido, Desert Communities, etc etc etc etc -- changes the spelling of his name, Hounan, Human, Hivnan, Hunoon, etc - and REFUSES to be honorable because he is a LOUSY dentist !! I got a right rear molar fitted for a crown coz Dr Hivand said it couldn t be filled - I figured this was a typical dentist ploy, but I agreed -- the temporary crown he fitted that day broke, and I returned a couple times in the following days for repeated new temporaries on that tooth, as they kept on cracking and breaking - , you grind your teeth - are you eating stones ? 
I wish Id looked at the other bad reviews for this guy before I showed up in the first place - so far, this guy has insisted on full payment before work completed, made me sign a waiver before work complete, blamed me for his faulty work, insulted me a few times, - payment plan ? my #$%$ ! - he wants you to pay up, before you hear Unsatisfied patients questioning his tactics and billing - read a couple other bad yelp! reviews on this page...
I am now working w a JEWISH attorney to get refunded the payment I made to this dentist for two front teeth which chipped the day after they were put in place ! Other dentists advised me the work needs to be re-done completely, by a reputable practitioner w a good attitude.
I ve learned to be more wary, ask friends for referrals, and read yelp reviews BEFORE I trust a professional and give up my money.
------- I warned you --- STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS DENTIST 
Here is a short list of complaints and subpoenas logged against this dentist at superior court of california, county of San Diego

Case Number   Party Name Matches   Opposing Party   Case Location   Case Type   Date   
DV034137  HIVAND,   YOUNG, ARLENE  San Diego Domestic  09/28/2011 
37-2013-00050967-cu-mm-ctl hivand, dr houman baris, michael san diego civil 05/30/2013
37-2013-00054077-cl-r3-ctl hivand, houman olympia financial llc san diego civil 06/20/2013
37-2012-00100577-cu-en-ctl hivand, houman forootan, ali san diego civil 07/19/2012 
37-2012-00005934-sc-sc-ctl hivand, houman baca, lily t kearny mesa civil 10/15/2012 
37-2012-00005934-sc-sc-ctl hivand,  baca, lily t kearny mesa civil 10/15/2012 
37-2011-00043717-cl-ud-ctl hivand, raintree trieste llc san diego civil 04/15/2011 
37-2011-00004202-sc-sc-ctl hivand, world auto sales kearny mesa civil 06/23/2011 37-2011-00003899-sc-sc-ctl hivand, houman world auto sales kearny mesa civil 06/14/2011 37-2011-00003898-sc-sc-ctl hivand, houman kothawala, ghani kearny mesa civil 06/14/2011 37-2011-00002962-sc-sc-ctl hivand, houman kearny mesa civil 05/05/2011 37-2011-00002961-sc-sc-ctl hivand, world auto sales kearny mesa civil 05/05/2011 37-2011-00002143-sc-sc-ctl hivand, song, angie y kearny mesa civil 04/01/2011

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