The Progenitor of the Polish Kings Piast the Wheelwright and His Wife Rzepicha in the 9th Century, Sculptures by Czeslaw Wozniak (Citadel Park in Poznan). Rzepicha or Rzepka, a wife of the semi-legendary founder of the Piast dynasty was the mother of Siemowit. She is mentioned in the Gallus Anonymus Polish Chronicle (Cronicae et gesta ducum sive principum Polonorum). According to the Chronicle, living in prehistoric Poland Piast was the great-great-great-grandfather of Boleslaus the Brave / Boleslaus I of Poland / Boleslaw Chrobry (967-1025), the first Polish king (firstborn son of Duke Mesko I). History of the dynasty: Piast (son of Choscisko) →  Siemowit/Ziemowit (first duke of ‘Polanie’ people, a tribe of Poles) → Lestko/Leszek → Siemomysl/Ziemomysl → Mieszko/Mesko I (unquestionable first historic ruler of Poland) → Boleslaus the Brave (Duke of Poland from 992-1025, Kingdom of Poland in 1025). In the east part of the Park, a sitting composition of Piast and his wife stands near the ‘Animal’ and ‘Gymnast’ sculptures.

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