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Auditor, ethics director back plan to purge emails

Thanks HonestGovernment but I think the following link works better because it goes directly to the blog entry from which you quote that Stacey Fulhorst is a "Casey Gwinn-trained and establishment-compliant". That she is. I also like this quote: "San Diego City is a nice little "Ministerial" family". That it is. One other thought from that 2008 blog: Grant Thornton is the foremost fixer of government privatization contracts worldwide. Sadly I have encountered them in Ireland to my dismay. Their MO is readily apparent. They infiltrate national and local government departments (often through wives and relatives) and "influence" government contracts.
— March 11, 2014 9:55 a.m.

GOP and Koch-backed think tank operative gives Nathan Fletcher funding assist

monaghan: yes "the local Democratic Party has spectacularly sold its soul". It's as if instead of Fletcher becoming a Democrat the local Party has become Republican. If somebody could point out the difference between the two parties right now I would be glad to hear it. How can it praise a Fletcher and condemn a Filner? The Labor Council is the only bright spot on the left now. But its soul has been at least temporarily hollowed out by Lorena Gonzalez, Fletcher's long-time secret friend. The LC now has nobody to back other than Alvarez who voted for Jacobs' rape of Balboa Park. Alvarez will continue to kiss up to Jacobs to get the Dem endorsement only to be denied it anyway. He is just another Vargas, Hueso, Gonzalez and Gloria who give lip service to the Left while taking money from the Right. How can we realistically expect the only trustworthy candidate we've got, Bruce Coons, to beat all that dirty money? The best he can hope for is a good showing in the Primary. How could Donna Frye and her co-conspirators have brought us to this? Just when things looked so bright? How could they ever have believed in anything the Democratic Party or the Left stood for and bring down a good and honest man like Bob Filner in an orgy of irrational hatred not seen in America since Salem? They have a lot to answer for. The damage they have done may never be repaired. The Dream may indeed be dead.
— September 13, 2013 8:46 a.m.

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