Transparent as mud in Chula Vista

But the County Office of Education DOES have responsibility and authority over the school districts in its jurisdiction. The passage below is copied from the Alameda County Office of Ed (CA) website. Seems the folks in Alameda are more savvy than those here in San Diego. "Oversight Responsibilities In 1855, the County Superintendent of Schools was officially established in California. A primary responsibility of the new office was to provide services to, and oversight of, schools districts within the county. The County Superintendent’s office is the intermediary between the State and local school districts and charter schools. Since that time, the Legislature has continued to expand the role of the County Superintendent and to strengthen the oversight role of County Offices of Education. Significant emphasis was placed on the oversight responsibilities with the codification of AB 1200 in the early 1990s. This legislation charged County Superintendents with the fiscal oversight of school districts including the approval of their annual budget and the monitoring of the school district’s fiscal stability. AB 1200 has been expanded over time and has added additional responsibilities to the County Office’s fiscal oversight of school districts. Since AB 1200, the Legislature has continued to legislate additional oversight responsibilities to County Superintendent’s office. Recent legislation has codified the agreements from the Williams lawsuit, giving the County Superintendent the responsibility to oversee the Williams legal settlement relative to facilities, textbooks, and teacher assignments. County Superintendents will continue to provide leadership and support of school districts and charters schools as a key mission of their offices. Some of the oversight responsibilities of ACOE include: • Budget Review - AB 1200 • Credentials • Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) • Williams Legislation " By the way, the Williams Legislation has to do with ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity to receive educational services. Seems that Sweetwater schools that are 'improvement needed' status might be a problem. Where is the San Diego County Office of Education on that one?
— March 7, 2015 4:46 p.m.

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