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New blood for Sweetwater district?

My first thought upon hearing about Nelon's comments was that it was inappropriate from the dais. However, I also believe she happens to be correct from a strategic point of view. I do agree with Schilling that there is a lot of blame to go around for this situation, but the greatest share is allotted to Judge Espana "They (Cartmill and Lopez) weren't as bad as the others"....my, what a fine quality for someone to have a position of public trust. As I analyze the potential in area 3 (Rancho del Rey and Eastlake) there are 5 candidates: Richard F Arroyo; Jim Cartmill; Greg Martinez; Chris Schilling; Frank Tarantino (in alphabetical order). According to the judge (Espana) Cartmill got more than 100 loyal backers to write letters of support to her prior to his sentencing. I am assuming he has a cadre of backers who will try to get him elected again, even in spite of the indictments, trials and his guilty plea bargain. In any election with one 'known' candidate and four others, the one known candidate has an obvious advantage. It seems to me that even if there were just three (say Cartmill, Schilling, Tarantino - I think Schilling and Tarantino are probably the strongest challengers) odds will still favor Cartmill. It will depend on the nature of the campaign, if the challengers are willing to have 'hit' pieces about Cartmill's evil past in spite of being a so-called 'pastor', and if the community in area 3 is awake enough to choose wisely. In my opinion, it will take some very well targeted campaign pieces, and money, to win what is essentially a race of four against one, with the four splitting the votes not garnered by the one. There is a somewhat similar race shaping up in area 2 (Bonita, CV east from third ave to Hilltop area) with Araceba; Bertha Lopez; Kevin ONeill; Kevin Pike and Dana Toogood. I think Bertha has less of an organized following than Cartmill. O'neill can with a good campaign take that one, again if the residents are paying attention. What seems pretty scary to me is Area 1 (National City, Western CV) with Burt Grossman, Arturo Solis and Jerome O Torres). We know that Grossman is a loyal Brand henchman ..that could be a race to watch that Grossman doesn't take it. At worst, the new board would have Cartmill, Grossman, Lopez majority. There are also 5 unknown candidates in area #4 (Otay Mesa) although one has run unsuccessfully for office several times before and he seems to be a 'wannabe' politician. Area 5 (IMperial Beach, Montgomery) has four candidates, which include one perennial 'wannabe' politician. Ms Neylon raised an important issue about election strategy and the reality of politics. I do agree that she ought not to have been paid for missed meetings as the 'service' on the SUHSD board is so much 'overtime' for the CBOE Members assigned to this special duty. Did anyone speak against that payment during public comment at the Board meeting?
— August 22, 2014 10:21 a.m.

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