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Okay…we'll take Steve

eastlaker - many good questions still without answers. Perhaps some of them can be discovered via the PRA results sought by Susan Luzzaro. We shall see how it all untangles and whose names rise to the top of the muck. Your question 'why was this not news at the time?' is also a good one. I'm not sure that anyone was the designated 'director of squelching' but I am certain the so-called leaders found ways to avoid shining light on what they were up to. And we have seen how reticent one public body is to point fingers at another, let alone take responsibility for intervening. Perhaps the news outlets didn't think the issues were 'newsworthy'...the largely uninvolved and unsuspecting public had too much trust in the untrustworthy trustees who were wined, dined, and romanced by those who had their hands in the deals and therefore in the public till. With the possible exception of the erratic SDUT 'watchdog' and Susan Luzzaro's articles in the READER, there are no public-oriented news outlets interested or capable of investigative reporting. Although there were 'rumors' of the Trujillo-era 'deals' that reportedly sent district-owned computers to Mexico, nothing surfaced. That is exactly the kind of environment the swarmy perps like best, where they can wheel and deal undetected, especially when public interest is detached and oversight is lax . This has been going on for a very looooong time, perhaps since the mid 1980's, but certainly since 1990 when Sandoval and Cartmill joined the board. It is interesting if not coincidental that that is also when David Malcolm was wheeling and dealing at the City and at the Port. McCann is a 'johnny come lately' junior player but still in the game, it seems, just at a different table. The happy news is that we are now at an improved situation (thanks largely to those who have worked so hard to right the ship) with an all-new board and much more involved public interested in and watching the henhouse. We're not through yet, as there is much left to be revealed, and there are those need to be removed from the scene. That is what March 15 notices are for and what the FBI should be interested in. (We know the DA has ceased to care and the County Office of Education never did.) As long as there is a forum such as this Reader blog, and those such as Susan who are willing and able to delve into the records, there is hope.
— January 27, 2015 2:25 p.m.

Okay…we'll take Steve

or cell phones
— January 23, 2015 8 p.m.

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