Land sakes, Sweetwater, get it together

From anniej's post of Feb. 4, referencing Trustee Hall's questioning of Calhoun about the authorship of the web notice on the SUHSD site announcing the public hearing Feb. 5 : " She pressed, she wanted to know who wrote it - Mr. Calhoun's response 'the City and BRG' - " (anyone know who or what the BRG is?) So take a look at the actual notice: the language states: "The Sweetwater Union High School District Invites You to a Public Presentation and Discussion of the District Plan to Rezone the District Administration....." Further, " The District will close and relocate....the District proposes to rezone the....SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF THE CITY OF CHULA VISTA." The part I have typed in all caps is the ONLY reference to the City. Finally, "The District desires to hear community comments on the land use entitlement process." So, according to the actual notice, it was supposed to be the District's show and not the City's, which seems logical. But Calhoun's reply to Ms. Halls question would have us think the driving force is the City, even though the language of the notice is clear...it is the District that was to host the meeting, inviting pubic comment, and otherwise run the show. Was Calhoun trying to deflect blame for the notice which we now know was prepared without knowledge or approval of the District Board? PS The notice is also interesting in that it refers callers interested more information about the meeting location to contact Kathie Washington. Anyone know who that is? My guess is that she works in Calhoun's dept but that is only a guess.
— February 11, 2015 11:59 a.m.

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