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Pimp hand strong in Chula

Let's thank Susan for helping shine some light on the shadowy characters who usually like to stay under the rocks and instead pull puppeteer strings on those who receive their largess at campaign time... Malcolm, Horton, Hom...what a trio to play to. What's in it for them? Surely something, as The David is always paid back! And what is Malcolm's role in the SUHSD real estate fiascos? I'm guessing he has had a major part in structuring the labyrinth-type arrangements so that no one can ascertain what is going on. Perhaps even a greater master of the shell game, even greater than Fast Eddy. We know that John McCann is not the sharpest knife in the drawer (even before his brain befuddling accident) and is so easily attracted by those who would tell him how and what to do once on the dais. McCann, like Cartmill, has no real visible means of support and tends to gravitate to public service as the trough at which he and his family need to feed. Shirley Horton is also happy at the public trough. Her current high-paid gig, with the South Bay Community Services, amounts to little more than influence peddling as most of SBCS budget is government grants...including huge amounts from the (you guessed it) Sweetwater District, as well as the cities of Chula Vista, National City, etc! If you do look at the 'sponsors' on the SBCS website, be sure to catch "Annie and David Malcolm" and Duke Energy....oh, that would be the company David was affiliated with when he got into deep do-do as a Port Commissioner. Duke Energy may still have its fingers in the South County economic pie as part of the deal to decommission the South Bay Power Plant....there's the connection with San Diego Gas and Electric, folks, and more money into the Rindone and McCann coffers. What a labyrinth of handy connections...all with political payback expectations I'm betting. Dan Hom was involved with the Southwestern College Foundation when that treasury was looted by the former President (Chopra) and the Board members and others indicted in the 'pay to play' scheme. So, I'm guessing Steve Peace is lurking about as well. He and Malcolm are birds of a feather, so he can't be far from an opportunity on this playground. It has been reported that his son, Chad, is handling Bertha Lopez's appeal of the ruling that is keeping her off the board...If that appeal is successful, what will Bertha owe in return.? Who is paying the legal bill? So I offer my opinions with anniej's. This is a cast of characters not to be trusted. We need to do everything in our power to restore a level playing field, one in the open, for our public institutions in the South County. There are other options on the ballot, please consider the consequences of your choices.
— August 24, 2014 5:18 p.m.

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