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New and Improved Jack In The Box For North Park Moving Forward

Anybody that seriously looks at the proposed plans for this project will start listing problems immediately, and just keep listing them. Hey Mr. Luscombe, of course "company representatives feel the project will enhance the area" --none of them live near this location, and it's doubtful whether any of them have ever even driven by. Throughout the past two years, the very few meetings anybody associated with Jack in the Box have had with neighbors have only resulted in the Jack crew digging in their heels and not making even ONE concession to the concerns or complaints of the neighbors. The very minimal changes made to their plans have been ones the City has required them to do (and so far, that's not many). A silent order confirmation board??? Puh-leeeze!!! Nobody is suggesting that a pretty new, albeit 'typical stucco box' with some added ornamentation wouldn't be better than the dismal premises that sits there now, but the City has actually done some smart things since the early '60's when Jack opened his box at this location. They're called Municipal Code, Land Use Plan, Community Plan, and Zoning regulations. Check them out, they make a lot of sense for a community where commercial areas abut single family homes, and they were enacted to protect those residents who live in those homes. And by the way, we now know you only have 7 more years on your lease, with the option of 4 - five year renewals, so your veiled threats that if you don't get your way, we'll have to look at your nasty existing building for "many more years" is just another manipulative effort to make the neighbors cave...Your current facility is so out of date that it's unlikely that you will even remain for those seven years and operate with such limited conditions. You simply could not meet a twenty-first century demand with a twentieth century technology. You are welcome to build anything you want on that lot. There is nobody in North Park that wouldn't love to see a new facility there. But you have to play by the rules like the rest of us. Throwing lots of money at the powers that be may get you some special favors, but there is a huge groundswell of residents, both nearby and throughout the community that know the laws that exist, and are demanding they be enforced. By tearing down the existing building, you go back to square one, just like you never had been there at all. What you are proposing is simply not allowed at that location under existing laws. You have given the residents no concessions or compromises to their concerns or requests. Now we are insisting you follow the rules. Period. They are laws, not suggestions. And the City needs to stand by the laws they have enacted, regardless of how much money you have given to good causes.
— May 22, 2012 12:26 a.m.

Let’s Build an Even Bigger Jack in the Box in North Park

In a perfect world, the posters on here would actually CHECK the facts and do a bit of research surrounding the issue before blessing everybody with their pearls of wisdom: It doesn't matter who was 'here first', or 'if you don't want to live by a Jack in the Box, don't buy a house near one'. The FACTS are: SD Municipal Code, Land Use Code, NP Community Plan, and City Zoning for this location all prohibit what Jack wants to do. Even DSD has stated in their Cycle Issues Report, that if the current building is demolished, Jack will lose all pre-conforming rights. Simply put: They will have to follow the rules, obey the laws, be a good and responsible business. In a perfect world, Jack in the Box would want to follow the rules. It's the right thing to do. But no--not only are they wanting to break the rules, they want to do it with even worse impacts on neighbors who deal with Jack getting away with violating noise ordinance now---(and yes, Robert H. neighbors DO expect Jack to keep noise down-- just like the law says. Have you ever tried to get Code Compliance to enforce the zoning law after regular business hours? And please inform as to how to contact a "zoning commission"? Again, do some research before you speak, please. In a perfect world, DSD would not even be considering this redevelopment unless their own rules were followed. But instead, they will suck thousands upon thousands of dollars from Jack while 'staff' pours over how to let them get around the rules and give them a free pass, despite the law. In a perfect world, if you don't like the laws, you get them changed through a civic process, and don't expect special rights in order to skirt them. In a perfect world, ---Oh, wait, this is San Diego. What was I thinking? And please, the rest of you that have all the answers but none of the facts, PLEASE don't tell me to move if I dont like it. I'd much prefer to stay, and make a difference by actually doing the research, knowing the facts, and insisting that the rules be followed. Doesn't matter who was here first. The ones that don't want to follow the rules can be the ones to move.
— February 4, 2012 1:30 a.m.

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