Comments by mko

Sweetwater school district’s weird, failed real estate deals

Chula Vista was never in. The District wanted millions of dollars in Tax Increment Funds from the CV Redevelopment Agency. The deal they proposed would have CV more heavily invested in the District's projects by orders of magnitude than the District itself. You can go to Youtube and watch a meeting of the Agency as they are given a presentation by the District. It is in three segments starting with; watch?v=2dS6FL01fve. The comments by the agency members and staff will leave you confused and angry at that which was so clear to the City but so obscure to the District. It is axiomatic that the people who put a plan together become emotionally invested in it and are not the best source for evaluation of that plan. Keep in mind, the District deperately needs a new Administrative Center. In California there is no mechanism for financing non-classroom buildings save the General Fund. The goal was laudable, they just went a couple of bridges too far. Lest we get too involved in the blame game, remember that this was done in our name and we are responsable for picking up the pieces. It is in everyone's best interests to find a successful outcome to this situation.
— February 9, 2013 11:40 a.m.