Comments by mikechavez

mikechavez April 11, 2012 @ 6:16 p.m.

First, the windows UCAN rec'd were not free. Michael Shames threatened to use UCAN'S newsletter to discredit the replacement window bus. if he did not get free windows for his new headquarters.Second, the company Best Windows had a twenty plus year track record for excellence ,as demonstrated by the State Contractor board file showing only a few RESOLVED COMPLAINTS from over 12,000 completed jobs. Third,UCAN renigged on it's joint marketing agreement after receiving over $50,000 in cash and goods from Best using an old -resolved complaint to justfy it's breach.Fourth, John Mattes' statement that the owner said "everyone in the world betrayed him" is easily proven to be false since the entire inerview was videotaped. Lastly, Best Windows was voted "Best window company" four years in a row in the S.D Union reader poll. Mike Chavez former president Best Windows

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