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Manchester wins a Navy Broadway battle

The United States Navy approved the limited Seismic Hazards fault investigation, without input from USGS, or the California Geological Survey (CGS) who never seen, yet approved, the Federal Environmental Assessment, or CEQA, and NEPA documents. Susan Hough of the USGS never approved the initial fault investigation as was reported by then-Navy Admiral Len Herring in the Federal Environmental Assessment (EA). [Against Propositions B&C Barrio Logan Plan] In 2006 Michael Kennedy of the California Geological Survey (CGS) stated that it is imperative that the exact location of the Coronado strand of the Rose Canyon Fault Zone (RCFZ) be confirmed or denied by the City. Never happened. In 2007, the former City Geologist Landry stated in the NBC public hearings that he requires more scientific evidence and information before approvals and fault buffer setback are established. A subsequent fault investigation was conducted, but never turned into the city for review or approval. See Pages 4 to 17 that documents several foundations for the Coronado Bridge are on top of known active faults. If the bridge or Navy Broadway Complex was built today, first a fault investigations would be conducted, then fault buffer setbacks would be established, and the location of planned pile foundations would be relocated away from the active faults.
— May 29, 2014 3:55 p.m.

Auditor, ethics director back plan to purge emails

The IBA, Financial staff, the City Attorney and all who signed the Purge are also in collusion with regards to the plundering of the $908 million in Successor Agency assets for the benefit of the City's and County's General Funds, instead of justice for the poor. There is also ongoing manipulation of the City Council as it related to Civic San Diego and their unfunded $20.4 Million in Administrative costs from our General Fund Reserves that they all agreed to erased and write off in the FY-2013 CAFR as part of the total $211 Million Write Off based on bad legal advice by the City Attorney. Just last month on February 10, 2014 as Item S404 ROPS-6, due to purposeful misdirection by staff, the City Council approved another $4,073,823 in unfunded Administration costs for 6 months of Civic San Diego staff and unknown outside consultants.
— March 11, 2014 10:27 a.m.

City of San Diego to purge year-old emails

Shady. San Diegans for Open Government (SDOG) have four outstanding lawsuits regarding Public Records Act request for City Attorney Jan Goldsmith's private Yahoo email and Todd Gloria email and Social Media accounts discussing City of San Diego business going back years. Plus Brown Act Violations with the State and County of San Diego. Hopefully our new Strong Mayor Faulconer will stop his charade on Monday March 3, 2013 after the 10 am Mayoral Swearing In Ceremony at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation. Back in the day, former Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC) President for the former Redevelopment Agency (RDA) stated they could not put the required legal backup documentations online for complex Redevelopment Agenda Items and deals because "the internet is not big enough" and "our file are too large to download." What exactly are the assumed cost savings?
— March 1, 2014 9:35 a.m.

San Onofre nuke plant to auction off assets

San Onofre, What Happens Next? Martha Sullivan Explains. Point Loma Democratic Club Monthly Meeting, Sunday February 23, 2014. 4:00PM – 5:30PM Point Loma Assembly, 3035 Talbot Street, San Diego, CA 92106
— February 22, 2014 11:52 a.m.

Filner accuser McCormack Jackson to get $250K

San Diego IS that Corrupt. They steal from starving children, Veterans, and Seniors. Please analyze our no-cost solutions to ending Homelessness using the $908 million in former Redevelopment Agency assets that are being siphoned off to the direct benefit of the City's and County's General Funds instead of the San Diego Regional Continuum of Care Council (RCCC). The City AND County of San Diego are in violation of the Federal Fair Housing and HEARTH Act based upon their failure to identify funding to end Veterans and Chronic Homeless by 2015, and ALL Homeless including Children by 2020. The only current goal is to End Homelessness in downtown-only by 2016, and closing both tents until December 2014 if money is found. The San Diego Regional Continuum of Care and all Non-Profit and Faith Based Community members are being suckered by Civic San Diego, and City of San Diego staff and officials. So far purposeful sabotage includes the $13 million Housing Due Diligence Report (DDR) Payment, the $167 Non-Housing Other Assets DDR Payment, the "erasing" and "writing off" of $231.1 Million in Successor Agency (SA) debt to a Net Zero Value in the FY-2013 CAFR, and pretending that Civic San Diego is broke. Hopefully the Media will look into this important financial and social justice matter. Instead of being liquidated for the benefit of the City AND County General Funds, the full $908 million in Successor Agency (SA) assets needs to be independently audited. See Pages 20 to 22 for the September 10, 2010 Joint Memorandum from then-City Council Members Carl DeMaio and Donna Frye asking Mayor Sanders and the City Council to direct the City Auditor Edwardo Luna to investigate the annual $18 million in Tax Sharing Payments from the Successor Agency (SA) to the County of San Diego in accordance with the 1992 Agreement for Cooperation that was never enforced. The Audits of the annual $18 million in Tax Sharing Payments were squashed by former Mayor Jerry Sanders.
— February 15, 2014 1:59 a.m.

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