Old Barrio Logan library not up for grabs

The Barrio Logan Library is located within an Enterprise Zone, and by law should have never been put forth for sale without first giving local non-profits first dibs at lease or sale. See Page 5 for Government Code Section 54222(d). Section 54222(d). "A written offer to sell or lease for enterprise zone purposes any surplus property in an area designated as an enterprise zone pursuant to Section 7073 shall be sent to the nonprofit neighborhood enterprise association corporation in that zone."
— March 25, 2016 8:32 a.m.

Wrecking ball to swing past Truax House? State law Government Code Section 54220-54233 Surplus Land says the City, County, Schoosl, or local District, should give priority to purchase or lease Surplus Land specifically for Affordable Housing, Open Space, and Parks before selling the public property to the highest bidder. State law allows less than Market value for public benefits. Attached below is the link for SGLU Items 3 and 4, including State law on Surplus Property, and several City Council Policies. The public has 60 days to turn in their objections and plan for use of the 6 properties.
— February 10, 2016 11:27 a.m.

Time's up. No sexual harassment claim possible.

The Due Process for Mayor Filner Facebook page documented the public statements made by Jeri Dines at the time of her lawsuit against the City of San Diego. "April 5, 2014. New bombshell on the Jeri Dines case. Remember the mom who said 'Filner could grab her boobs anytime' and she didn't get why people were making such a big deal about all the Filner claims well after her daughters alleged assault. She also posted the pic of her and Filner from the assault event on FB twice both times gushing about the mayor. Well she had quite a different story for the lawyers...she claimed in court documents that she was 'deeply offended that her daughter was assaulted by a person she trusted...." read on. I wonder if anyone told them that lying under oath was perjury... I love the part about how 'name is withheld due to the nature of the offense' meanwhile mom is blasting 'Filner can grab my boobs anytime' all over the internet after the event allegedly occurred. Look at the dates here...Why is she visiting Toni and lorena in their assembly offices during the press conference to boot BF? MORE importantly why is that picture w/ Bonnie Dines taken same time as the 'groping' photo w/ Filner dated July 26th? No one gets this kind of access unless they are very important. April 3, 2014. WHOAH! Ok so today one the accusers comes out to file a civil lawsuit Jeri Dines....we just found the smoking gun of all guns to prove she is lying. I will post more pics for you on her in a minute but the Fox 6 article shows a pic of her w/ Filner allegedly from May when he supposedly grabbed her butt and boob. So in going through her FB photos we found her visiting w/ Lorena Gonzalez and Toni Atkins July 11th-13 during the big BF Presser lots of pics w/ a relative Bonnie Dines. One of the 3 counts is THIS count of 'sexual assault'. That is why this is so important because if this count was false and he pled guilt what about the other 2? Its important to remember the City refused to pay for his defense so he was getting bills from his attorneys for like $40,000 a month. He was in a corner. Either just do a plea deal or go broke." why is the mother who testified to being horrified at Filner's actions against her daughter saying he can "grab her boobs or ass anytime" AFTER she allegedly witnessed the event? Later she claims all the claims against Filner are absolutely absurd. Wonder if someone made her an offer she could not refuse? Especially since daughter Jeri got a nice cushy job at state corrections office shortly after she decided to file a claim....
— December 29, 2015 9:23 p.m.

San Diego tourism advertising birthday cake

Great news. Hopefully the ballot language will include the full gross receipts including Online Travel Agency (OTA) fees subject to the TOT. See Page 3 for 2012 Effective TOT Hotel Taxes State and Nation-wide, which includes the Base (TOT) Plus Other Taxes including TMD and Special Taxes. In 2012, both Los Angeles and San Francisco documented 15.5% Effective TOT Rates, consisting of 14.0% Base TOT pus 1.5% TMD. In 2014 the State of California Superior Court ruled that San Diego’s TOT ordinance created in 1973 is Calculated based upon the Amount Received by Hotel Operators, Not the Amount Received by Online Travel Agencies (OTA) The OTA are not hotel operators, therefore the markups and service fees charged to purchase Hotel rooms online are not subject to the TOT. The only solution to receive the full existing 10.5% gross receipt TOT, or a new 15.5% rate, is a public vote to specifically change the TOT Ordinance to include Online Travel Agents (OTA) and reselling of hotel rooms as Taxable under the TOT. Also annually, the City Council can lower the existing 2% TMD rate to zero.
— August 20, 2015 7:30 a.m.

Old Town's old pepper trees targeted

As part of the Seismic Research Project for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), California Edison published the January 15, 2013 Report on Paleoseismic Trenching in Old Town. Although the Fault Investigation states that the Old Town Fault crossing the Golf Course and under the Pepper Trees is "Active," the City of San Diego classifies the Old Town fault only as "Potentially active" thus no mitigation required. See Pages 11 and 12. On Mason Street near the Pepper Trees the active Old Town Fault was inferred to be located between CPT 8 and 11 locations, and near Deflected drainages that could cause some of the problems associated with the Pepper Tree roots. The active Old Town Fault also crosses Taylor Street, Mason Street, and Juan Street, which is undergoing concrete repair, with no acknowledgement of active faulting, through a loophole that does not exist.
— August 15, 2015 1:43 p.m.

Spend it before San Diego schools can!

Dear San Diego Reader Editor: Please change the name of this Investigative article that seems to imply the San Diego Unified School Districts, and public school children would be hurt by spending this money to pay back the $228 Million in HUD OIG Audit Debt to CDBG Program Income for poorer neighborhoods. "Spend it before San Diego schools can!" The headline is not accurate because the annual $200 million RPTTF Residual Distribution in annual School, City and County Budgets are zero. That means that this $200 million former Redevelopment Agency Property Tax Income is hidden. Until the local taxing agencies conspire to create RPTTF Residual Distributions, when the goal is always ZERO in the name of the poor and justice. The Successor Agency (SA) former Redevelopment Agency (RDA Revenue is outside of the normal Budget Process which is shady. Then mid-Year this money secretly slips into updated Budgets, after the fact without the knowledge of the San Diego Unified School Board or Department of Education. This new secret $200 million Cash is brought in through Budget Update Line Items called "Transfers In" and "Transfers Out" without acknowledging the new Cash came from purposely created RPTTF Residual Distribution. Because the money is hidden, there is no way for Teachers or Students to advocate to use the new found money. The new hidden RPTTF Residual Distributions should not exist. Therefore the Schools, City, and County can claim their are broke, when they are Hoarding Cash and manipulating the complicated public government system. Through Civic San Diego staff, outside the normal Budget process.
— August 14, 2015 7:22 p.m.

Spend it before San Diego schools can!

Thank you for informing Taxpayers of the $28.2 million Cash that needs to be spent before the Cash available for Neighborhood CIP Projects gets turned into RPTTF Residual Distribution mainly to the Schools and County of San Diego. With the City of San Diego Receiving 17.5 cents on the dollar to the City's General Fund. Item 200 Successor Agency Excess Bond Proceed Expenditures. See Video Start time 26 minutes to 58 minutes. Council Members David Alvarez, Todd Gloria, and Chris Cate confirmed that neighborhoods should call their Council Members on how to immediately spend these Successor Agency CIP Infrastructure funds, instead of Defeasing the Bond Proceeds by default. This is only a portion of the total Cash Hoarded by Civic San Diego staff through our Strong Mayor Faulconer. Negative Arbritrage and Total Debt Service Costs for the 51 Bonds, Long Term Loan Debt, and Bank Lines of Credit of the Successor Agency (SA) and LMIHAF have never been calculated.
— August 14, 2015 7:10 p.m.

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