New sewer lines or new stadium? Your choice.

See Page 45 of the draft FY-2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) linked below. Qualcomm Stadium is 166 Acres in size. 84 acres to the north is owned by the City of San Diego's General Fund. The remaining 82 acres towards the San Diego River is owned by the Water Utility Department. The City is trying to steal Qualcomm Stadium from taxpayers, and exchange Water Utility Department's 82 acres, for equivalent space anywhere. This would allow the City to bypass the required public vote to sell or change exceptionally large City properties greater than 80 acres in size Search for the word " Qualcomm " in the document where the City of San Diego somehow failed to renew the annual $15 dollar Master Lease to Qualcomm Stadium the Water Utilities Department Enterprise Fund for the last 10 years [2005 - 2015]. In 1965 a Regional County-wide Joint Powers Authority (JPA) was created between the San Diego Stadium Authority (SDSA), the City of San Diego, the County of San Diego, and the Water Utilities Department. To solve the problem of not paying immaterial lease payments, the City of San Diego's General Fund (GF) can pay the Water Utilities Department $150 dollars immediately. Problem solved. Or the City could reduce the annual fee to $1 dollar, for a total of $15 dollar to the Water Department. The lease agreement is between the City itself. Half the Qualcomm Stadium building footprint is owned by the City's General Fund. The other southern half is owned by the Water Utilities Department. Page 45 of the FY-2014 CAFR documents the latest SanDiego Long Con, where Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the City Council are going to try to steal our public lands greater than 80 acres without a public vote of the people as required under City Charter Section 221. "Management is currently examining options to either enter into a new, market value lease of the Water Utilities parcel or to exchange the Water Utility Department parcel for a General Fund parcel of similar value." "Section 221: Sale of Real Property. Real property owned by The City of San Diego consisting of eighty (80) contiguous acres or more, whether or not in separate parcels, shall not be sold or exchanged unless such sale or exchange shall have first been authorized by ordinance of the Council and thereafter ratified by the electors of The City of San Diego. The foregoing shall not apply to the sale or exchange of real property to a governmental agency for bona fide governmental purposes which sale or exchange was duly authorized by ordinance of the Council, nor shall it apply to properties previously authorized for disposition by the electors of The City of San Diego." The City's new City Charter Review Committee plans on erasing and deleted City Charter Section 221, so they can steal our public property for private gain, based upon a ruse.
— January 14, 2015 8:08 p.m.

New sewer lines or new stadium? Your choice.

Betting that Mayor Faulconer will proposed that SANDAG put forth another half-cent Sales Tax onto the 2016 Ballot as required under SANDAG Ordinance CO-12-01 for the Habitat Conservation Fund, already delayed for over 8 years. Most of the Amendments to the Transnet Ordinance and Expenditure Plan wer to extend the timeline SANDAG had to put forth a Regional Ballot Initiative for another half cent sales tax or similar by 2008 (4 years after 2004 passage), to 2010 (6 years), to 2012 (8 years), and now 2016 (12 years after 2004 passage). Ordinance CO-12-01. The new multi-Billions in SANDAG funds could be used for any regional infrastructure project including the Convention Center Expansion and a new Stadium. SANDAG is our State- and Federally-mandated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for regional infrastructure and transportation projects. SANDAG tries to say that they can only use the multi Billions in TRANSNET tax funds for only transportation and freeway projects. This is a lie. Just like they moved the planned additional 0.5 cent tax increase required public vote back several times, the Board does have the power to change the direction of SANDAG and the funding by Amendments to the existing Transnet Extension Ordinance and Expenditure Plan projects with a 2/3 majority of both Members and weighted votes. The City of San Diego already has 40% of the weighted vote by themselves. Both Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Council Member Todd Gloria are on SANDAG's Board of Directors. The 2004 TransNet vote gave SANDAG staff a pretend legal loophole to NOT financed new projects like CEQA-level reviews of alternative sites not analyzed in the Convention Center EIR, including contiguous waterfront location, Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal, East Village, MTS Bus Station, Qualcomm, or the Sports Arena. When of course SANDAG can authorize different projects and CEQA-level EIR reviews than was put to voter in 2004 by 2/3 approval votes of SANDAG members. If the Board wanted they could move existing or future Transnet cash money in 2015 to neighborhood and regional infrastructure projects, local streets, storm water, potholes, beach sand replenishment, and transit; instead of the expansion of Freeways preferred by SANDAG staff.
— January 14, 2015 7:49 a.m.

More beach, more dog for part two of OB Noodle House Fido free to join you at dinner. New state law allows dogs on restaurant patios. AB-1965 Yamada
— January 3, 2015 9:56 a.m.

Attorney Mike Aguirre sues CityBeat for libel

Back in 2005, the Union Tribune came to the same conclusions as City Beat. It would take an advanced degree in Financial Law, Accounting, or Audit rules to analyze the nuances if "a particular person had the requisite scienter to violate fraud laws when conducting an illegal acts review under applicable audit rules AAU 317.10 (a), the "level of sophistication and education" is a key factor." The American Institute of CPA's AU Section 317 "Illegal Acts by Client" does not mention the words "education" or "sophistication." The first footnote references two case laws: United States v. Estate Preservation Servs, and United State v. Hempfling. INTERIM REPORT NO. 2. dated February 9, 2005. See Page 108. "Frye's name has popped up occasionally in Aguirre reports asserting that the City Council acted improperly by voting in 2002 for pension underfunding and benefit increases. Aguirre cast her as less-culpable, in a backhanded fashion, by dint of education. He concluded that council members who attended elite universities – Murphy graduated from Harvard and Stanford, and Councilman Scott Peters graduated from Duke – were more culpable than those who did not. Frye graduated from National University. So did Sanders."
— December 7, 2014 6:15 p.m.

The parking problem again

The City Council asked for clear guidelines on the use of Community Parking District (CPD) Revenue for landscaping, beautification projects, and Portland Loo Restroom maintenance. This audit ignored major issues and should be amended with direction from the City Council Committee before final presentation to the full City Council. The Audit was very forgiving and did not acknowledge that Parking District Revenue can be used for any public Infrastructure project on City Streets and Sidewalks, street cleaning. Not just to increase Parking, or to fund Park-Related Projects, or mitigate Parking Impacts as documented in the City Council Policy. As with all Fees charged by government, is the collected cash money is not spent in a timely manner, the Reserves should be paid back to citizens who used the parking meters. There were no discussions of the Excessive Reserves of $17,755,321 Unexpended in Parking Meter Revenue carried over from previous years, kept hidden by Civic San Diego staff in Successor Agency to the former RDA Reserve accounts. When the Cash money siting in the bank is not used in a timely fashion, then by State law, the excessive out-of-date Reserves should be spent immediately.
— November 17, 2014 6:25 p.m.

Expensive race card

Please try to follow the Long Con and Conspiracy Theory by following the money. Civic San Diego and the City Council Liquidated $382 Million of Cash Residuals in the bank that former Mayor Filner promised to Neighborhoods. See Video start time 1 Hour and 59 minutes to 2 Hours and 2 minutes. The political frenzies are distractions from financial issues of Civic San Diego's handling of the Successor Agency (SA) assets and Revenue. Mayor Faulconer, the City Council, and the Civic San Diego Board of Directors are not aware that they are being suckered by staff that misinterpret State laws Due to sabotage by staff, of the $382 million in City Successor Agency cash, the City's General Fund received 21 cents on the dollars = $80 Million in the last 3 years, which balanced the budgets and built up Pension Reserves. On July 28, 2014, Civic San Diego staff Reclassified $151 million of the $223 million in Federal HUD OIG Audit Debt for CDBG Program Income for the poor as General Inter-Agency Debt. Similar to loans from the City General Fund, Water Department, Sales Tax, etc. that are subject to State laws, and a reclassification of interest rates. The Results of reclassifying $151 million in Federal HUD OIG Audit Debt as inter-agency City debt, are $46 Million in cash principle has been diverted to the City of San Diego’s General Fund and/or Capitol projects instead of CDBG Program Income. Then Civic San Diego staff erased and deleted the remaining $106 million in HUD OIG Audit Debt to CDBG Program Income for the poor based upon a purposeful misintepretation of State law for the benefit unknown parties. This $151 million in Reclassified Federal debt approved through the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was to be used for Affordable Housing, to end Chronic and Veterans Homeless by the 2015 deadline, and all Homeless by the 2020 deadline. No Successor Agency budget exists for FY-2013 to FY-2015 because supposedly the Successor Agency is just temporary agency, therefore no written budget or analysis is needed. The annual $180 million in RPTTF Revenue will be off the City’s budget books for the next 20 to 30+ years that it will take to pay off all $1.67 BILLION in Successor Agency (SA) debt, at the current rate. The 3 year breakdown of Successor Agency Revenue and Expenses is as follows: + $524 million Property Tax Increment (TI) ROPS-1 to ROPS-6. – $145 million Tax Sharing Pass Through Distribution off the top. – $166 million ROPS Enforceable Obligations (EO) paid from new RPTTF TI. – $202 million in Residual RPTTF Distributions to Taxing Agencies. Goal is always Zero. – $5 million Allowable 3% Administrative Costs. – $6 million Miscellaneous Fees to County and State.
— November 7, 2014 5:29 p.m.

Expensive race card

Former Mayor Filner promised to move the annual $180 million in Property Tax Increment (TI), plus the $10-$20 million in Other Funding Sources, and the $908 Million in Assets of the Successor Agency (SA) to the former Redevelopment Agency (RDA) from Downtown San Diego to the neighborhoods. The $908 million in assets includes an existing balance of $26 million in Reserves, and $25 million in Other Funds Account. Priorities for the annual $180 million in Property Tax Increment Cash would be directed to neighborhood infrastructure, 6 am to 6 pm before- and after-school programs, restoring additional library and recreation center hours, and an end to Veterans and Chronic homelessness by 2015, and all homeless by 2020 using the $228 million in Successor Agency debt from the HUD Office of Inspector General (OIG) Audit to Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Income. See Page 209 (or Page 202 of 1596) of the FY-2015 Proposed Budget which give links to 4 of the 5 City Agencies including Civic San Diego, San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC), San Diego City Employees' Retirement System (SDCERS), and the San Diego Convention Center Corporation (SDCCC). A written Budget that acknowledges the annual $180 million in Property Tax Revenue, plus $10-$20 million of Other Funding Sources, of the Successor Agency does not exist, therefore is outside of the normal budget process. In addition to Budgets, each City Department and City Agency also receives a Technical Review from financial staff, again, except for the Successor Agency.
— November 7, 2014 5:12 p.m.

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