Comments by joepublic

Picket at Sweetwater trustee Cartmill's home

In response to, and with all due respect to those who are criticizing the teachers' strategy to demonstrate in front of Mr. Cartmill's house, I have to agree with anniej who wrote, "desperate times, call for desperate measures". Before anyone casts judgement, they should keep in mind the following: Mr. Cartmill is Dr Brand's superior and therefore must take responsibility for his subordinate's actions.  By his silence Mr Cartmill condones Brand's threatening those who exercise their right to speak out by contacting their employers and complaining that they are "misbehaving". By his silence, Mr. Cartmill condones sending private investigators to outspoken citizens' homes without warning. By his silence Mr Cartmill condones the superintendent's punishing district employees who criticize and conversely rewarding those who "go along".  By his silence, Mr Cartmill condones allowing bargaining to reach a point where teachers are forced to drop their children and spouses from their health care insurance. By his silence, Mr Cartmill allows schools to be unsafe. Mr. Cartmill has consistently ignored the public's and the teachers union's requests for larger venues for school board meetings so that people wouldn't be forced to stand out in the cold facing armed guards hired to keep them out. Yes, these are desperate times, and since there is absolutely no communication going on at board meetings, or at the bargaining table, the teachers contacted Mr. Cartmill at his home where he can't hide behind the, "we're not allowed to respond to speakers during communications", rule at board meetings. From what I've heard and read, it was a peaceful demonstration by very frustrated people, who surely would've rather been doing something else. When you consider all that's transpired, the teachers' action pales in comparison to how they've been treated.
— January 19, 2014 3:34 p.m.