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Near naked and unafraid of the SDPD

Local law enforcement has been bullying local dancers for a long time - I once ran Cheetahs' competition Jolar near College Ave (where dancers also had "private show booths"), a colorful experience I wrote about in a Reader feature called One Weird Gig. Here are a couple of excerpts: I was visited on June 26, 1985, by deputy labor commissioner Victor Rojas, who brought with him several vice cops and a fire inspector, Captain Marion Stillwell. Stillwell kept me busy with eight cited violations, while Rojas and vice grilled the dancers. The labor department then informed us that dancers had to be treated as employees from that point forward, threatening us with years’ worth of dancers’ back taxes if we challenged the decree. My old work files show ten more official visits from police between August 10 and October 16, 1985, including: 8-10: Officer P. Derninc, ID #2164, cited clerk for “litter” in 11 booths. 8-11: Officer Swarzendruber, badge #250, unit #2559, entered office and demanded “Beth’s” real name and address, would not say why he needs this information. I refused to provide, he left without further incident. 8-20: Vice officer J. Deloach, badge #711, ticketed second-shift clerk John for not having a Misc. Merchandising License on display. 8-26: R. Camacho, ID #2563, ticketed [clerk] John for having doors on booths. They told him he’d be arrested if they come back and doors are still on. 9-19: Officer C. Armstong, ID #2740, ticketed [clerk] Tom for doors on booths, threatened with arrest if doors aren’t removed by next visit. 10-16: Officer Goldy, badge #1356, arrived at 1:00 p.m. with two vice officers and took photographs of the stage and all the girls working, refused to say why. Girls scared...I refused to let him in dancers’ lounge, he and other officers left. http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2007/aug/02/...
— July 22, 2014 12:08 p.m.

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