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Listen, the All-Star Game's here next year. You guys better clean up East Village

Great writeup on how East Village is rushing from soup kitchen to skyscraper, Dryw! I lived on 12th and Island in the late 70s thru early 80s and have fond memories of that Bohemian Bakery that Navarra mentions, it was just outside my window at the old Palms Hotel flophouse, and many of us practically lived off the day old throwaways. Everyone there was pretty poor. The closest thing to a supermarket was the Popular Market on 12th and Broadway, tho there were plenty of tiny mom-and-pop markets that came and went within any storefront big enough for a vat of pinto beans and a refrigerator. Besides the multiple adult education centers mentioned in the article, there were also something like seven thrift stores within five square blocks, including gigantic half-block Amvets and Salvation Army shops almost side by side along 12th. Didn't cost more than a few bucks to fully clothe and furnish our lives, most of which were spent pretty close to home. Back then, long before we could have imagined a trolley line running in front of the Palms, there was a detox center across the street that doubled as surreal street theater for those of us without a TV and time to soak in the panoramic views from atop the Hotel roof (a sprawling tarpaper oasis for homeless squatters willing to dare the rusty fire escape ladders for a view that went from Golden Hill to Coronado). On the other side of the Bohemian Bakery was a dive-of-the-damned bar called Beasley's, where the disposition of the neighborhood quickly went from mildly disreputable to decidedly felonious. That said, there were also rural touches in East Village, as well as the occasional Victorian home. There was a big gingerbread-trim house on 13th and Island nearly overgrown with shrubbery where roosters went off each morning and thousands of noisy chirping birds roosted in the palm trees surrounding the property, creating a Hitchcockian cacophony that could nearly deafen passersby at sunrise and sunset. A quirky neighborhood, then and now - thanks for the excellent report on it! http://www.sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2015...
— June 8, 2015 2:21 p.m.

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