Comments by itzorange

Cat Killer on the Loose

i probably shouldn't give this any more attention that it already has because it is sometimes within our sick nature as humans to fertilize to the extreme a seed that is planted and new little seedlings start to pop up. Unfortunately we have taught ourselves to be worse than animals, killing and mamming the lives and bodies of innocent creatures. i too have seen the severed top portion of a cat's body at bird park on upas and 28th st. i had assumed it was because of a coyote (not that i hold any contempt for the coyote if it had been him. they have to eat too), but i often wondered why, if it was a coyote there was any part of the body left at all. coyotes eat everything, bones, fur, guts and just leave some traces of their meal behind, not a full portion. i have a hard time understanding why a person or people would do this and why. i can only hope that they receive the same twisted fate at the end of their miserable lives by the hands of another. i fear all the time for the lives of my cats that i allow outside. i sit by the window at night listening the nights when i can't find them to bring them in. i don't believe that there is any jail time involved for a person who kills an animal, but i know there would be for me if i ever found someone doing anything cruel to my animals or the animals of someone else. i just wish they would stop doing it if for nothing else other than the animals owners left behind wondering why someone would have done it.
— November 1, 2009 10:56 a.m.

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