Two Fires...Hmmm...

Wow! Its on uh?
— January 20, 2011 2:44 p.m.

I Blow Smoke on Your Law

Kudos to the 70% or so of well educated smokers that do not littler and that respect others' right to breathe clean air, especially, children and old folks! Come on guys a little of common sense here! I just can't believe the huge ignorance of smokers that complain about their right s to screwed everyone around them; since when is ok. to have 230,000 + cig butts in our beautiful West Coastal Beaches? (Coastal clean up 2005) There are more groups all around the County proving that there is real need for these kind of rules since there are hundred of thousands of cigarette butts tossed everywhere. Why don’t we recognized that and start telling our fellas smokers not to litter? LaPlacaRifa48619 (lol! Chilo el nombre) for reminding everyone that respect is a two way street. Thank You! No one wins by getting upset and confrontational, what are we chimps? The good news is that as long as you keep disrespecting yourselves, the environment and the community, smoke free laws will be coming our way and there is nothing we can do about since non-smokers up numbered smokers by far, plus about 30% + of smokers will vote yes if they see that there is a need to protect the environment and what comes with it (see our council member Fry in SD) Start by buying your butt holder and by smoking away from people. Who cares if you are in a good area away from others to enjoy your smoke and someone gives you the dirty looks. Bottom line… the solution is on someone’s hands, and that my fried is on smokers hands so please hold on to your butt and enjoyed yourself away from kids, people and dirty looks. It will be all right! I promise. fz10bee
— September 12, 2009 2:59 p.m.

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