Two new lawsuits against Pacific Beach marijuana dispensaries

"Interesting how the City Attorney is willing to apply the "Municipal Code" in this case, but was not willing to do so in the case of the North Park Jack in the Box." Apples and oranges, bwersie. The JBX in North Park gamed the system by buying a permit, then going through the dog-and-pony process of getting support from community groups. They promised certain things to those groups...all the while simply going ahead with their plant. This is SOP for the city; write a check to the Development Services Department, and you are granted a permit virtually immediately. Violations of a community plan or a muni code don't really matter to DSD; it's up to neighbors or other aggrieved parties to appeal the permit process. If a business, with permit in hand, builds something, the city's not gonna force 'em to take it down, because the city granted a permit. The notable exception to this practice was the building that stuck up into federally-designated airspace near an airport. Turns out even if you pay la mordida to the local permit vendor, it doesn't pre-empt federal regulations. Curse those pesky Feds! What has happened in the past is that the potshops got permits by claiming to be gift shops or whatever. Or they simply opened without any permits. Bottom line is, there is no city permit for pot shops, so they are illegally operating; this article kinda missed that crucial point. If you distribute pot to "patients" as prescribed under state law, the feds and local cops don't care. If you open a store to sell drugs, you're running a business, which is subject to regulation by the city or county. And you're selling pot, which is illegal under state and federal law. There is no permit required to be a caregiver, and to provide pot to sick people. If you do that, the cops and prosecutors, local and federal, won't touch you. When you get greedy and open a store, you're fair game. The ultimate irony of bwersie's comment is that he seems to be anti-JBX and pro pot....and JBX is the only company that has run TWO national ad campaigns aimed at pot smokers. Heck, they even designed a "munchie menu" for that market. Go on youtube and watch their ads; total pothead demographic.
— October 29, 2013 12:25 p.m.

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