Dorian Hargrove

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Civic San Diego rankles Frye

Terry Francke had this to say about the meeting: **"...This is just a way to schedule a last minute closed session meeting, and more pointedly, it’s a way to rush a highly desired hire into effect without having to wait for another two weeks until the next regular meeting, which the Brown Act says is where discussions of executive compensation must be confined. So in order to achieve this end, what is in fact a special meeting (because it falls outside the adopted regular meeting schedule) is re-labeled a regular meeting, “adjourning to” the next real regular meeting on the 30th. Meetings aren’t “adjourned to” later meetings in advance. Adjournment to a later time or date is an act of the body from within a meeting. As Government Code Section 54955 puts it, "The legislative body of a local agency may adjourn any regular, adjourned regular, special or adjourned special meeting to a time and place specified in the order of adjournment.” Adjournment is done by the body through an order of adjournment. Also, regular meetings aren’t “called and noticed” by the board; that’s the language describing how special meetings are authorized. Regular meetings are simply conducted pursuant to a previously and formally adopted schedule, and if a meeting isn’t on that schedule it is, as a matter of law, what the Brown Act designates as a special meeting. This board has so contorted the logic and procedure of the Brown Act it’s like an advanced stage of the party game Twister. The former crowd at Bell City Hall would have applauded."**
— July 15, 2014 6:45 p.m.