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A mugshot is what they seek

Thanks for the comment. Here's a nifty timeline straight from California Attorney General's website. For anyone else that wants to follow along, here's a link...type in "San Diegans for Open Government" in the field labeled: "organization name." --In Dec. 2010, two years after SDOG is created, the Attorney General sends a letter asking for more information to see whether group should be classified as a charitable trust: "We have received information indicating that this organization MAY be subject to the registration and reporting requirements of the Supervision of Trustees and Fundraisers for Charitable Purposes Act (Government Code sections 12580, et seq.)." --Feb. 2011 AG sends another letter requesting more information before determination is made. It wants, among other things, registration form and fees to start trust. --In March and May 2011 AG sends the same letter again. --July 2011 SDOG sends in their initial registration form. --In July 2011 AG sends another letter not asking for registration form or money as in previous letters but for amended article of incorporation. This is taken to mean that previous demands were addressed. --Fast forward to Nov. 2013. AG send a letters saying unsure whether group is a charitable trust. Requests additional information, much of the same in earlier correspondence. --March 2014, AG designates group as charitable trust. Requests registration, fees, and other documents be submitted. --April 2014, SDOG submits all necessary paperwork to be classified as a charitable trust. So, yes, you are correct. The stamps all say April 2014, one month after AG makes the final determination. I don't expect any tweets or corrections. Maybe next time, do some thorough research and save me time from having to.
— June 2, 2015 12:32 p.m.

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