Castle Park Middle School principal punches back!!

Jill has a few good points, I will admit. Trying to get along, getting the story straight from the source instead of trying to "interpret" the story from 400+ emails. (Reminds me of the joke, if a man says something that has two meanings and a woman is offended by one of them, he meant the other meaning.) Sadly, getting the straight story from many in this district leaves something to be desired. Recent examples: Southwest High School dirt pile. District claimed it didn't know where it came from. Brand said so in news interview. Yet they had the documents showing where it came from and who approved it. More recently, fire alarms not working. Public is told that systems are working. 10 News finds out hundreds of devices not working. Public is told we didn't need Fire Watch personnel walking around monitoring sites. Then, lo and behold, yes we did. At Castle Park Middle, the students have made great gains. Teachers and staff made great efforts, and those improvements attracted the attention of Duncan. Bravo CPM! However, District claimed it didn't spend anything extra to improve schools appearance for Duncan's visit. (This is where I first noticed story.) Yet, those emails state otherwise. Thousands for a stage purchase (which could have been rented or borrowed from another location), paint over windows (Why..just why!), etc. Also included was Bleish requesting authorization of data exchange for grant money. How do you feel about these items? Releasing private contact info without parental consent for money. And why was the air circulation in the cafeteria all of a sudden important? Why wasn't this already addressed? As part of the Prop O builds? The students had to suffer until a VIP visit occurred? I appreciate the fact Jill wants to stand up and defend her friends. I notice she claims she has never heard Maria swear. (Not a crime, though teachers are held, sometimes unfairly, to a higher standard.) Though she has never heard Maria swear, why would she assume it was "in jest, to lighten the mood"? It's not as if she did that often. As I have said in other posts, I would love to see that email trail myself so I can see the 'Context' of the conversations.
— February 14, 2014 9:28 a.m.