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Santa and Grinch visit Sweetwater District meeting

I have recently been wondering about Lopez. I do know that she did accept gifts like the others involved. I don't know what her epiphany was, but I do know she cooperated with District Attorney at the beginning of the entire investigation. Like anniej, I see that she has questioned policies in favor of staff, students, and public. She consistently votes in opposition, most often by herself against the other 4, She doesn't speak about her reservations and then vote in favor of an item. (I haven't heard the complete audio from the last meeting, but Arlie and John voiced their reservations about our deficit spending to the tune of 10+ millions annually, then gave their approval????) I've seen her involved in district activities involving the students. One parent recently mentioned she went out of her way to visit students attending a summer arts program at camp in Cuyamaca. Part of my wondering about Lopez takes me along the pathway of time to after houses were raided. It did take me by surprise that, after her assistance, the DA charged her with the 19 counts. (Yes, thank you Tim Tim for your constant reminder.) I had supposed the DA would have been lenient for all the assistance provided, but she did do the crime. I then saw that she plead not guilty along with all the others. Interesting strategy, but I think that if the others are found not guilty, then she would be as well, despite what her detractors insist. Now, with all the plea-bargaining that is going on, I still wonder why she hasn't come forward. As the case continues, I think of all the rats jumping ship, getting lesser charges. I've wondered why she hasn't gone that way, and I got to thinking. Maybe if she jumped ship too soon, the other "I did nothing wrong" defendants might realize that the ship is going to crash into the iceberg ahead severely and jump ship too soon as well. We may lose Lopez to this game of Chicken, but others will fall as well. Then again, these are just the rambling thoughts of a stark raving mad CAVE man.
— December 13, 2013 10:11 a.m.