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City Attorney's one-eighty on Sunroad. Office calls Sunroad lawsuit a "sham"

2 of 2: The best example, in my mind, is the false story about Filner telling Andrew Jones to sit in the back of the room during a closed-session meeting of the city council last March/April. If you two knew anything, you'd know that my client (the same one who sued over Sunroad) has sued the city to obtain a copy of the transcript at which the alleged statement was made. City rules require the presence of a court reporter during closed-session meetings and require a transcription of the discussions that take place during such meetings. Goldsmith's office released the transcript from the June 18 Filner-Jones incident because comments about where a staffer sits are not subject to Brown Act confidentiality; the transcript was released in record time because Goldsmith wanted to use it to shame Filner. By the same reasoning, Filner's alleged statement to Jones about where to sit in the room would also be beyond Brown Act confidentiality. When my client asked for a redacted transcript showing only the Filner statement to Jones about where to sit in the room, however, Goldsmith's office denied the existence of any such transcript; that is to say, there is no transcript in existence with any statement by Filner to Jones about where the latter should be sitting during a closed-session meeting. Translation: the statement that Filner allegedly made was never made. Either Goldsmith's covering that up, which will come out during the course of the lawsuit, or he's illegally withholding public information. So not only is there a lawsuit over Filner's credibility (i.e., Sunroad), but there's one over Goldsmith's credibility (i.e., withholding public records). One must be crazy to think that co-conspirators in this so-called "palace coup" would reward each other with lawsuits--at least any co-conspiracy that I'd ever be involved in. (Since I do not know what a "subtrifuge" is, I admit that Diogenes might be right that I'm involved in one.) As I have said to many folks who've taken it upon themselves to publicly state things about my clients and me that they (the folks) know nothing about, before you go off saying false things you should call me. I'm happy to help you make an informed contribution to the important debate that the public's having over the many problems at city hall. Armed with the facts, you just might make a valuable contribution to the discussion. Armed with fiction, at best you provide comic relief. Thanks for the laughs.
— August 21, 2013 9:20 a.m.

City Attorney's one-eighty on Sunroad. Office calls Sunroad lawsuit a "sham"

1 of 2: Diogenes and Pat: Thanks for the much-needed comic relief this morning. I appreciate it, especially today. Normally I do not respond to cowards like Diogenes who don't have the spine to use their real names when they criticize others. But Pat, whom I love dearly, does. So Diogenes can ride the Flannery-Briggs goodwill train this morning for free. (Diogenes, if you'd like to "tell Briggs [yourself]" what's on your mind, here's my number today: 909-949-7115. If you call, please be prepared to tell the receptionist your real name.) You two are crazy--to Pat I say that with love--if you think that the Sunroad lawsuit was orchestrated in any way between Goldsmith and me. One of the many benefits of the internet is that people who don't know the facts get to spew B.S. and don't have to pay their therapists to listen to it; good for you, entertaining for us, bad for therapists' pocketbooks. Pat I know likes to throw bombs, so much of what he offers stirs the pot more than it reveals what he really thinks. Diogenes obviously knows nothing about Sunroad or the "business downtown [I have] on behalf of [my] clients." If "business downtown" means representing watchdog organizations who are trying to protect taxpayers and keep the politicians honest, then Diogenes' premise is right but it undermines his conclusion. If "business downtown" means something else--well, as I said, he knows nothing and is crazy. Regarding Goldsmith: I respect the guy tremendously for his years as a public servant, but he compromised himself--beyond redemption in my view--when he made it his POLITICAL mission to bring Filner down instead of simply acting as the city attorney and staying above the political fray because he lost his moral authority along the way. Filner has a nasty disposition--that was how I viewed it before learning about Sunroad and his sexual abuse toward women--but good lawyers work with folks like Filner all day long and still manage to make substantial progress on the issues that matter to their clients. Goldsmith lost sight of that.
— August 21, 2013 9:20 a.m.

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