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Awesome and awful times at the fair

Oh Nay Nay Visduh. Numerous food booths are based in SD. Chicken Charlies, The Mediterranean, Fish & Chips, Pignotti's Italian, Roxy, Dixie's Mini Donuts. These and more started years ago, here, when the fair was small. As the fair grew, to now the 4th largest in North America, they grew their operations to be able to travel to other fairs. The fair also hires hundreds of locals, mostly teenagers for their first jobs, to work in the food booths, traffic and parking, clean up, etc. Also local bands get to expose their music to new fans. I first saw SD jazz crooner David Patrone at the fair and have been a loyal fan ever since. Hundreds of high schoolers and college kids get to display their photos and art pieces. All good. Will agree with you and Alex. Yes, the exhibit halls are mostly out of towner showmen. The Carnies, okay, but at least now they all speak English, about five years the ride operators did not. ANd yes the basketball game is still fix, no one can win. But I can spend a day walking around and never go in the ride area. I used to book a local nightclub in the 80s. During the fair we'd have the cheapest house cover band, because nobody came in during the fair. Not so anymore. The fair draws from all over SoCal. A lot of people I talked to for my vids were from OC and Inland Empire. I have friends from L.A. that come every year. Visduh, We've talked about meeting up for a year or two. If that hasn't happened by next fair, a corn dog at the fair on me.
— July 10, 2015 6:44 a.m.

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