Comments by angrybirds

Chula Vista school hurries to get ready for Arne Duncan

Meg you are way off the wall on this one. I don't know when the last time you toured a school on the eastside but OMG they are falling apart. I am a proud parent of a CVH student and Meg we get all the bond money on the west side. Your cheating comment maybe staff on the west side care a lot more then those on the east side because they speak up. Have you been following Ms. Luzarro at all she doesnt report anything without facts. You tell me where the slant is on this article? Mija it is all the information that the district reported. Dont read between the lines mi reina facts dont lie only our superintendent does. So stop bitching about the west side schools so that the east side schools dont get our money. BTW bonita was built in 1966 and looks like crap. Those east side schools pay a crap load more of that mello something tax. Wouldnt you people like to see over 30 k that was spent for the hoopla to go into the classrooms for lab supplies or other things. Come on people get with the program think whats important use your cabezas on this one. And really district staff needs to get off the blogs these are for people that care about whats going on. You are way to transparent you would have to living under a freaking rock to defend the SUHSD. People please go back to work. HMMMMM Jimbo and McCann are being real quiet on this but they for sure will be on stage with the Duncun guy smiling waiting for their photo op. But the parents know who has cut programs. Thats right the voting block of Ricasa, Cartmill and McCann under the direction of fast eddy.
— September 6, 2013 11:13 a.m.