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That's Not Rockabilly

5) Last but not least the money raised off of the show and Ill even break it down in numbers... How did you NOT making any money off it based on your OWN numbers provided in your article --over 1900 people paid $30 ===== $57,000 --band budget <$25,000 so well go with the following number == $28,000 subtotal == $29,000 ---fairgrounds rental === $17,000 subtotal == $12,000 fairground catering === $1,700 Grand Total just off of those and thats not counting the $350 for vendor booth rentals and tshirt sales is === $10,300 ~now why did st judes NOT making a stinking PENNY off of those numbers that Garry Thayer provided?!?!?!!? 6)"Every Band got paid " ~~ hahahahaha I know multiple bands & performers that are STILL waiting to get paid from this show as well as Hellbilly Fest 1... This guy STILL owes money to 4th & B as well as the Shakedown Bar and some venues dont even want him in their establishment! 7) On the donated guitar explain this one! If you were raising money for St Judes then why in the world did you not give them the guitar if you didnt raise the money that you wanted off of the door.. But, instead JUST RECENTLY placed the guitar on EBAY and raise only $743 for the sale and then contradict yourself with saying that you got $613 for it! .... and this was JUST RECENTLY and was blasted onto your personal FACEBOOK! heres the link to his facebook too!!/GarryThayer That is all that I have to say right now.. In closing this guy is a laughing stock and if he wants to see a REAL Anti-Hellbilly Fest / Show Im sure that their are people around that will GLADLY throw one and call it the "Garry we're tired of you killing our community and benefit / fundraiser to get you out of SD!" Sincerely, a concerned Greaser!
— October 23, 2011 12:22 p.m.

That's Not Rockabilly

ok this is just enough of this guy that us TRUE rockabillies in the san diego community can take .. The reason that alot of us did not go and wont support this guy is the simple fact that he likes to bad mouth EVERYONE both behind their backs through emails and his facebook posts but when confronted on it he changes his stories around! He is a laughing stock of the community and just doesnt realize it or is trying too hard to try and emmulate that he is MR ROCKABILLY and the only promoter in this town that cares about it.. He is also a lying and deceptive person in full force, kind of like a wolf in sheeps clothing.. He is trying to make a career out of something that is a lifestyle .. He talks smack about his girlfriend behind her back and owes COUNTLESS venues and performers money but yet tries to make excuses and comes up with lies and is ALWAYS being caught in his own lies! Here are some of my rebuttal statements to his article as well as making light of his lies! 1) "We had, like, eight or nine car clubs and over 500 classic rods and bikes." ~~ no you didn't you had like 60-70 2) "They killed it. Those people were drinking hard. Pabst Blue Ribbon was my sponsor, but the fair is sponsored by Coors. I had to fight with them just to get them to carry 16-ounce PBR cans, which cost them, like, 75 cents and which they sold for $8.50. I tried to get them to sell tall boys, but they wouldn’t do it. They stocked so little PBR that they sold out by 1 o’clock. So, all these people had to drink Corona or Heineken, which is not rockabilly" ~~~ hahahaha dude when did Pabst or any other company for that matter start making 16 ounce beers.. Now, obviously this guy bought the Hot Topic Rockabilly Starter Kit with his Target bowling shirts and his Wal Mart Fedora's and his check list cuz last I checked there was NO certain beers that we had to drink! Ive seen Pabst in 12, 24, 32, and 40 ounces but NEVER in a 16 3) "This chick in San Diego put on an anti–Hellbilly Fest party the same night at her house because they didn’t want to pay $8.50 for a beer.” ~~~ no that is NOT why she did this or countless others .. we had them because Garry is a jerk who doesnt know how to deal with certain situations and wants to point the finger at someone else.. Take responsibility for your own actions and your OWNS words Mr Thayer.. 4) "The event was supposed to raise money for charity. “St Jude’s [Children’s Hospital] got screwed because there were no proceeds. All I got for them was a hollow-body guitar donated by Gretsch and signed by Wanda Jackson and Junior Brown.” ~~ now if this is the truth then WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU AUCTION THE GUITAR OFF ON EBAY INSTEAD OF DONATING IT TO ST JUDES AND LETTING THEM DO WITH IT AS THEY PLEASE?!!?!?!?!
— October 23, 2011 12:22 p.m.

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