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New Sweetwater Union financial officer has controversial past

November 2008 – Yuba College faculty give Alt a no-confidence vote and take the results to the Yuba College Board of Trustees. A lawyer hired by Yuba District Chancellor Nikki Harrington dishonestly argues that the no-confidence vote and the evidence put forth to support it were illegal acts on the part of the Academic Senate, which had no part in what was a general faculty action. Despite the 103-4 vote of no-confidence, the board refuses to accept it or speak to any of the complaints. (Source: Woodland Daily Democrat) January 2009 – Alt’s Human Resource office revises the district employment application. No longer are applicants required to answer the following questions: 1) Have you ever been arrested and convicted or pled Nolo Contendere to anything other than a minor traffic violation? 2) Have you ever been dismissed, or asked to resign, from any position? Added to the application is the following line: “This page will be separated from your application package and will not be seen by the selection committee, hiring authority or Board of Trustees.” (Sources: Yuba Community College HR Website (1/2007 standard disclosure form) and Management Application (revised 1/2009), Pg. 5 “Conviction Disclosure.” ) March 2009 – Yuba College circulates an announcement for the opening of the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services position. The recruitment brochure indicates the district is looking for the following personal characteristics: “A strong track record of effective leadership, high standards and unassailable ethics.” Some time between early March and the April 16 closing date , Al Alt applies for the position. (Source: Yuba Community College Recruitment Brochure) July 2009 – After a nation-wide search, Yuba Community College District names Al Alt Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services. Alt tells an a local reporter that the Vice Chancellor job involves a budget of about $50 million and the $190 million bond voters passed in 2006. (Source: Appeal-Democrat)
— February 5, 2013 9:40 p.m.

New Sweetwater Union financial officer has controversial past

This timeline leaves out Alt's role in mismanagement of bond funds and his eventual dismissal at Yuba College, but here are the FACTS about your new CFO: August 1998 – Redding Police Officer Albert Gary Alt is charged with three felony counts related to filing a fraudulent insurance claim. Charges include fraud, grand theft, forgery and a misdemeanor count for filing a false police report. (Source: Redding Record-Searchlight) October 1998 –Redding City Manager fires Alt as a result of the felony charges. (Source: Redding Record-Searchlight) September 1999 –Alt sues to have the personnel records of fellow officer Redding Police officer Duanne Morrison made public. Morrison is the officer responsible for reporting Alt’s crimes. (Source: Redding Record-Searchlight) January 5, 2000 – After a delay in the case, Alt pleads no contest to a single felony count of falsifying an insurance claim. (Source: Redding Record-Searchlight) February 16, 2000 – Alt is sentenced to a 30-day jail sentence and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine for falsifying an insurance claim. (Source: Redding Record-Searchlight) 2001-2002 – Period in which Alt claims he begins “attending” Madison University, a non-accredited Mississippi-based “college.” Widely regarded as a degree mill, Madison was at this time offering a professional doctorate in Hypnotherapy, among other questionable subjects. Alt pursues his “degree” in Education Administration. (Source: Inside Higher Ed , The Sacramento Bee, and Archive.org records for MadisonU.com) 2003 – Alt hired as Human Resource Director for Yuba Community College in Marysville, CA. January-June 2004 – Period in which Alt completes his PhD in Education Administration from Madison. Alt claims he wrote a dissertation but was not required defend it. Awards himself his first doctoral stipend at a prorated amount of $1,100. Other stipends followed. (Source: Public Records Requests and Appeal-Democrat (Marysville-Yuba City)) July 2008 – Local paper reports the story of Alt and his PhD. Although his professional responsibilities require him to review and evaluate professional credentials, Alt claims he was unaware that Madison was unaccredited and casts himself as a victim in interviews with the press. (Sources: Appeal-Democrat and Inside Higher Ed ) October 2008 – A public records request indicates that Alt received over $8000 in doctoral stipends from Jan. 2004-July 2007. Later requests to the District and state chancellor’s offices reveal no evidence that the money was paid back. Alt refuses to answer reporter’s questions on this point. (Source: Yuba College Faculty Association Public Records Request) End part 1...
— February 5, 2013 9:40 p.m.

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