San Diegans cause Southwest Airlines plane diversion

As to Ponzi's recommendation that they be deported, I fear/expect that most if not all of them are US citizens by birthright. That one of them has the first name of Jonathan is a strong hint. The Chaldean community in the county has been assembling for years. Many of them become corner food store and liquor store owner-operators. As a result, when the state or cops pull stings, Chaldeans are often charged with selling alcohol to underage customers, and the same thing is now occurring with tobacco sales. For a group that claims to be a persecuted minority, better behavior would go a long way to legitimizing their claim of victimization. Just recently the Light News ran a piece about how the Chaldeans (who are Christians, or so they claim) are now targeted by the IS (ISIS or ISIL, take your pick) for genocide. The implication was, of course, that the US should give asylum to massive numbers of Chaldeans. In fact, if you buy the story, the US should take in and shelter all of them. So, again, if a group like this gives offense, it undermines their plea for help. They should be attempting to be totally above reproach. But then, if they are second generation and citizens, what the heck? Be a jerk, it's your American birthright! A final point: a year or two ago a Chaldean man was convicted of bludgeoning his much-younger wife to death in El Cajon. She was about to file, or had filed, for divorce. He tried to make it look like a racist killing (or "hate" crime if you prefer) by planting some threatening notes at their home. So, even though he claimed to be a Christian, seemed to carry that Arab/Mulsim set of values of a wife as property, not partner, and killed her because a divorce would have caused him to lose face. Doing some quick math, it appeared as if she had been his arranged child bride in Iraq, in that she was 36, yet had a child who was 20. Is that the sort of thing we want more of in the US?
— September 2, 2015 8:47 a.m.

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