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San Diego Unified scores mine-resistant Army truck

There you go again, monaghan. This story isn't "terrible" at all. Nobody has decried the militarization of police more than I, but this isn't that. (Doubt me? Check my comments in the past couple days.) Such a vehicle in its current form is defensive, not offensive. And the comments by Florentino about Columbine High are on the money. It couldn't happen here? Maybe before your time, maybe even before you were born, it DID happen here. In 1978 one of SDUSD's elementary schools did come under sniper fire. Two men, the school principal and head custodian, raced out of the school into the line of fire to get kids and public out of danger. Both were hit and went down. When the SDPD "Kolender Kops" showed up that day, plenty of police ineptitude was evident. One thing that they didn't do was attempt to rescue the two downed men because they were still in the sniper's view, and so they lay where they fell for hours. Both, true heroes, died that day. Children were also hit, but they survived. It is quite possible that a vehicle like this MRAP, if brought out quickly, could have been used to rescue the men, and one or both might have lived. It would also have had value in evacuating the kids from the school, something that took many hours, and left the kids emotionally traumatized. Of course, in those days, snipers didn't attack little kids at school, and nobody was ready for it to happen. But note that this wasn't a terror attack. The sniper was a stupid little, disaffected and antisocial 16-year old girl armed with a 22 rifle. (Her name is Brenda Spencer and she's pulling a 40-to-life sentence at Chowchilla.) It doesn't take an Islamist terrorist to make a terror attack. What is the district teaching the kids? The lesson might be that they care enough to be ready to ride to their rescue.
— September 9, 2014 5:12 p.m.

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