Burglars riffle cars for remotes

The verb that should be used here is "rifle." Yeah, the word is also a noun, but according to, the verb means 1. to ransack and rob (a place, receptacle, etc.). 2. to search and rob (a person). 3. to plunder or strip bare. 4. to steal or take away. "Riffle" has a meaning that sounds similar, but that's not what this activity involves.
— July 31, 2015 4:28 p.m.

Bombs away from USC against San Diego insiders

The appearance of this report is not coincidental. USC's attempt to hijack a long-running research project is rebuffed in court, and a few days later this "scholarly" and undoubtedly "unbiased" report is revealed. As far as a research university is concerned, USC is late to the party. It may be, as Matt says, wealthy and politically powerful, but its influence is great only in LA/OC. As we've seen, it doesn't have that much clout in San Diego County. As I read the quotes from the report, one thing keeps repeating itself, and that almost everything negative in the report would apply to Los Angeles, too. And the same things could be said of all the major population centers in the state. So, there's nothing particularly unique about the findings. Perhaps USC needs to turn its guns back on itself and its host city, and get things in order there before slamming some other city. In other words, that report is "the pot calling the kettle black." USC languished academically and professionally from the 1930's through the 1970's, being known more as a football power than anything else. But it was still the college of the LA establishment, and was warmly regarded by the upper income classes in Orange County, too. Only about thirty years ago did the place decide to make an attempt to really compete academically with the larger UC's, Stanford, and the Claremont colleges. Now, in an attempt to become a power in research, it elbows its way toward the head of the line, using money to buy membership in the club of major universities. Take the report with a major dose of skepticism, please.
— July 31, 2015 9:14 a.m.

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