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Going off the rails on a gravy train?

This whole deal with the COE and Shineon's law firm could be a bigger scandal than the So County prosecutions. I've read, probably in the U-T Watchdog, that Shineon has been doing business with most of the county's school districts. Why now is the COE telling the districts to stop sending legal cases to Shineon? That's a pretty drastic step to take, and the rest of the reports here make it sound as if there is some serious wrongdoing being uncovered. After watching the mess at Sweetwater, Southwestern, and San Ysidro, and seeing the COE do absolutely nothing until it was forced by a judicial order to step in at Sweetwater, we can get a picture of malfeasance. Neither the county board, nor its superintendent, was meeting its legal mandates for oversight of local districts. Suddenly, Shineon and his gang are off-limits, and they're looking closely at possible conflicts. Well, what was the whole So County picture if not a massive conflict? And yet through it all, Shineon and his lackeys kept billing the districts for thousands of hours and raking in millions. Someone is on to something. The COE has never shown this sort of backbone before, and yet the same pack of knaves are on the board, and the same knave-in-chief is still the superintendent. For those members of the comment "club" in the So County reports from Susan Luzzaro, I hope that Dorian can keep up with this constant source of news. He's one of the best reporters for digging out the dirt, and we should all welcome his involvement, whether it is just temporary or a permanent beat.
— April 20, 2015 9 p.m.

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