Comments by SameOldSWC

Southwestern College Foundation's Nathan Fletcher connection

Get this, Nickdanny. Wanna talk about spending YOUR money? As you surely know, in the past 12 years or so, through Prop AA ($89 M and Prop R ($389 M, SWC has been authorized to spend SEVERAL HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS of bond money. There has been a plethora of scandals surrounding these, and a lineup of mismanagers are awaiting trial, in part, due to these matters. Here's the latest kicker. Since SWC has been SITTING ON those funds for such a long time, they have to spend, spend, spend in a hurry so as not to lose them. How do you suppose they'll do that? Of course they'll simply spend foolishly in a rush, mismanage OUR TAX DOLLARS and ultimately run the risk of more scandal. It's not just the board either. That wannabe leader of the college, Nish, is not a sharp cookie by any stretch of the imagination and is only pursuing her own ambition. She's a short-timer who has no vested interest in the community nor any business being a college president and is on the same self-promoting trajectory as Peraza...
— September 24, 2013 8:41 p.m.

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