Very, very good?

On a completely different chick-flick subject: Do you know if the alternative take "Jon Eyre" was ever released? Perhaps straight to DVD? Or killed before filming? I have not hear anything about it since that news item. I would love to check it out... my favorite Jane Eyre (gender-original) was the one starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and John Heard.
— October 31, 2014 11:49 p.m.


Rolling the Stones came in first.
— July 9, 2009 7:51 a.m.

Drive-By in the Burbs

Whoa, very cool story. Sorry your tire got painted. Did it wash off okay? Reminds me of a time I was returning from a visit to a friend in Jamul, on a summer evening, window down, enjoying the drive, when suddenly WHAM-POP!!!! Something had hit my car. A rock? It must have been a rock. I pulled over to inspect my vehicle and check for dents. The rear right passenger window had lemon juice all over it. Immediately I realized I'd been struck by a so-called "Potato Gun", only this time a lemon or lime had been fired at me. I was hopping mad, because just a few inches forward, and I'd had been hit in the side of my bare face. I stormed over to a home where I saw the lights on (this was on Lyons Valley Road near Jamul Drive) and hopped the short fence. As I strode toward the front door, two doberman pincer dogs came running from around the back toward me. Of course I stiffened, but as is often the case with these lonely dogs from the country, they only sniffed me, happy to have company. The householder answered, and said they didn't know anything about any lemon shooting. (Well of course they wouldn't, not if their sons were doing it serrupticiously). So I walked back to my car, noting that the homes to either side were darkened. After I'd driven back down to Rancho San Diego, I noticed two Sherriff's vehicles in a parking lot. I thought of complaining to them, but then thought of the two "E-lemon-ators", two home-made firearms of the very sort that I suspected of having struck me, in my very own trunk. That's how I immediately knew how a splat of lemon juice had appeared on my rear passenger window. All I could do then was chuckle. And again be grateful they hadn't hit me through the open front window.
— June 13, 2009 4:03 p.m.

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