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Shy of the bull's eye

Besides the points Blue South Park makes, I think people should also be aware of who is trying to manipulate them into opposing Target. Look at outcomes in other neighborhoods. The small businesses on Market Street were opposed to the 99 cent store because it would supposedly drive them out of business. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, more people are shopping at the little stores next to the 99, including myself, that would never bother to make the trip before, now it's like a "since we're here, let's walk over to that bakery" sort of thing. The 99 has been a great addition to the community, a community that needed that store. Same thing with the mini-WalMart on Imperial Avenue. Everyone brought forward the same concerns about traffic and changing the community. Well the community hasn't changed. The businesses nearby are busier, and the area more vibrant, than it ever was with the dark and dirty Albazar there. I never went near that place. But I shopped quite often at the WalMart there. The traffic hasn't gotten terrible. It's a nice place to shop. It has become a vital resource for the people of the community. Not everybody wants to go to "indie hipster" little stores where the prices are absurd and the brands are unknown. Not everybody wants to shop in little liquor stores where the products are expired and the bananas are rotten. A lot of people want to shop in a clean safe environment and get an expected product for a reasonable price. If people feel that's somehow morally wrong, then spare your conscience and don't shop there. [BTW, to get back to my earlier point, Barrio Logan was supposed to get a Target, instead they got a Northgate. They didn't need a Northgate, they needed a Target. Instead they got a WalMart. Be aware of who's manipulating you, and be careful what you wish for.]
— November 14, 2014 12:44 p.m.

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