Police chief doesn't bite on traffic-stop study

Regarding the study itself, there are literally hundreds of variables involved with a law enforcement contact. Many can and do lead to searches, arrests, or in many cases nothing at all. These intrinsic variable are not captured in a traffic stop study and difficult for the most seasoned of officers to put intelligently and thoroughly into words. Some may call it a feeling, others a sixth sense. In ANY case an arrest, itself, is not proof of guilt let alone a conviction. That happens in a Court of Law where Constitutional safeguards are thoroughly exercised and administered by learned judges. Furthermore, before even getting to court, our criminal justice system dismisses many complaints because prosecutors determine the likelihood of a successful conviction. When it is TOO LOW for a cornucopia of reasons, cases end right there. Another reason is the politics of reelection for a sitting District Attorney. It affects every criminal case: if the conviction rate falls to low, the chances of reelection falls with it. And we all know the first duty of any politician is reelection. Finally our current "politically correct" environment is a distraction just like these inane studies. Chief Zimmerman, and the majority of the Council is correct to NOT react with haste. Sadly, law enforcement typically catches the less sophisticated criminals. Attempts to shackle officers further from doing there sworn duty only leads to more criminal behaviors and more crimes being perpetrated on citizens.
— February 28, 2017 9:19 a.m.

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