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City of San Diego to purge year-old emails

Before we allow the city to cover, or in this case delete their email tracks, let's go back and remember the not so distant past. Yes, that right the 2006 $20 million dollar KROLL investivestigation of the City and the high level officials who mismanaged it for years. While this link http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2006/aug/17/... mainly deals with the outrageous costs of the KROLL report, it accurately points out how misdeeds and mismanagement was ferreted out through an audit of emails. Can our new Mayor, who is also the current Chairman of the City's Audit committee, really be considering this based upon what other entities do? With the City's record of fiscal mismanagement it's no wonder why our leaders are interested in deleting any potential trace of fiduciary malfeasance. BTW just where is the City in implementing, but more importantly, following through on all those recommendations made in the KROLL report? This August will be eight years since it was published. Would anyone be surprised to discover we've fallen back into some old habits, just wondering.
— March 1, 2014 10:34 a.m.

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