City to block mayor's testimony in accident case?

And how would you know that if you serve on a jury? Jurors swear an oath to only consider the testimony presented and not to pre-judge a case based on personal knowledge. Judges, trained in the law, decide what is relevant for Jurors to see and hear. Lawyers, also educated and trained in the law, present their cases and make arguments for their side. Each side of a case deserves fairness. Taking any personal knowledge in this, or any other case, bias, or personal beliefs AND letting them alter your decision about the testimony presented is not what our justice system, criminal or civil, is about or intends. What you and others have presented about actions or the lack thereof is the failing of the system, or, more likely, the "people" who wield the power within it. A better solution in my mind, is to replace those who fail to meet a reasonable standard. Let THEIR record of inaction or ineffectiveness reflect their eligibility to hold the office and responsibilities it has. If the information regarding council member Faulconer's knowledge and lack of action is true, then he should not hold any position of power. However, the City has stated he had, or has no personal knowledge. A Judge will determine the veracity of that statement and, we, the people, have the power to remove and/or replace him, OR ANY OTHER POLITICIAN if he, or she, has failed to live up to the responsibilities of the office held.
— January 14, 2017 7:54 a.m.

City to block mayor's testimony in accident case?

This a very sad case, especially for the Aavang family. It's also sad for the community. The city's solution was too install a new signal light with a pedrestrian crosswalk control for the sweeping right fork in the road from Catalina onto Cañon, install some new signage and re-stripe / re-align portions of the approaching roadway. ***The problem however, still exists.*** The light, a green arrow for the right sweeping fork to Cañon, is green 99.9% of the time and has conditioned drivers to expect a green. In addition, the overhead signal light head is camouflaged by the backdrop of a eucalyptus tree behind it from the driver's perspective. I've witnessed many drivers fly right through the red never noticing the red arrows. The partial re-alignment has improved sight-distance, but speed remains an issue. A more effective soulution to slow down traffic N/B onto Cañon from Catalina would have been to reconfigure the intersection the same way the city reconfigured the nearly identical intersection of Catalina and Chatsworth years ago. There, the city removed the right hand sweeping fork in the road with a traditional right hand turn, thus the reducing speed of cars especially with the proximity of pedestrians at Silvergate Elementary less than a block away. With the reopening of our local market store, Jensens, there are additional pedestrians crossing the road. The city should reconsider the matter. In my opinion, one that has qualified as an expert, the minimum enhancement would be the addition of LED pedestrians flashers, to startle complacent drivers, like the ones just installed at Catalina and Orchard, which in adjacent to Silvergate Elementary. My sincere condolences to the Aavang family.
— January 12, 2017 4:40 p.m.

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