Cop traffic-stop report points to racial profiling

But 💯 % of the stops were initiated lawfully. If you feel the reason for the stop is illegal, or you believe you are innocent of the allegation for the stop, go the court and fight. It IS your Constitutional right. Everyone IS innocent until proven guilt in a court of law. It's the government's burden to prove your guilt, not your responsibility to prove your innocence. If a court finds in your favor then you're innocent. The simple truth is these whiners are complaining about is good proactive police work. Where officers use their training and experience to proactively find people who have broken the law, or are in the process of breaking it. For example, an officer stops a car for running a stop sign, while talking with the driver he sees something unusual in the car. He asks questions about it, the driver becomes obviously nervous, gives evasive responses, or tries to change the subject. This piques more curiosity and questions, ultimately leading to a detention to investigate further. Sometimes it goes nowhere, and the detention ends with the driver going on his or her way. Other times, it leads to an arrest and just might solve a heanous crime. What usually not included in all of these studies, are the reasons or justifications for the stop and follow on investigations. In each instance officers MUST thoroughly articulate those reasons in thief reports. If they fail to meet that burden, a complaint typically is NEVER issued by the prosecuting agency. This is part of the checks in the criminal justice system. The bottom line is if we all follow the law, including those pesky and annoying traffic laws, we wouldn't be stopped in the first place. Good policing is keeping your eyes open, having initiative, and taking action. The whiners seem to want officers to just drive around doing nothing for a shift. That's not policing, that's giving up. We are a society governed by laws, without them there would just be chaos.
— December 6, 2016 12:36 p.m.

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