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33% of the profit? No problem — hey! Follow this link to hear Diane Russo explain why Plan9Partners was brought in when SUHSD first purchased the L St. property. You maybe able to follow the link to her audio, or you can try opening it in iTunes.
— August 3, 2014 2:11 p.m.

Standardized tests shunned by South Bay parents

I beg to differ with you on many portions of your essay. It starts with the concept that every student needs to be prepared to go to college and ends with the notion that kids need to pass tests to succeed. First, let's just get over the notion that this country was ever in the top of any list of civilized countries with the highest test scores. Never, ever happened. NEVER! The USA has always been in the middle of the pack when compared to other countries. In fact, they have never risen above "average" on any measure of test taking. Most of these tests do not test what the USA does excel at, THINKING. Second, most of those "imported" workers you mention did not get "great" jobs here in the USA. They did however, get jobs that pay better than jobs available "back home," where ever that was. They still make far less than their degree should warrant. Third, most of our industrial jobs moved out of the USA because labor is cheaper overseas, not because of some mythical rise of the intelligence of some foreign country. Even smart people work cheaply in China and India. Fourth, students are not taught "basic skills" in public schools anymore. Gone are the days of shop classes, where we used to teach entry level skills in so many areas of employment. Today, everything is about getting into college. Have you stopped to think that not everyone can be at the top. Fifth, when did the idea that school had to mirror that old saw that all medicine needs to taste bad or it isn't any good. Stress isn't good in the workplace, and it isn't good in school. School is a place of learning and a place to develop a love of learning. Stress is a job killer, and schools have no place for learning killers Sixth, Common Core is not some new, highly effective teaching strategy. It is a systematic attack on the very thing that made this country's educational philosophy the envy of the world. It's sole purpose is to destroy public education, first by showing that our children are not learning, then by using that result to fire teachers, and promote "private" education with a shift of education dollars from public to private sectors. Common Core is a curriculum and testing project written by, and sold by for profit, private corporations. No educators were used in the development of any of the curriculum, nor the test questions. It's methodology is untested, unproven, and unverified. The implementation comes with so many financial strings attached that that alone should be raising alarms. I could go on, but this isn't a book writing effort. But, I will use your closing paragraph to close this. You have no answers, are not an expert in education, but think testing is the answer, and that it should be left for the experts. Educators are the experts, not corporations who are only in it to make even more obscene money from our dollars.
— April 11, 2014 midnight

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