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AMC don't text

Scott, Unlike your Best of 2015 list, I can unequivocally agree with you on this. These dimwits who insist on booting up during the movie should be dragged from the theater and have their heads pressed against the hot dog rollers. Even that would be too kind. I cannot believe this behavior still goes on. I have learned however, to avoid the AMC's (they seem to attract the mental-lites), especially during prime time (evenings and weekends). I wish we could have something like they do for that guy on "Better Call Saul," where everyone is required to turn in their cell before entering the room. That would be wonderful. I actually took the time once, after the movie, to explain to a young man why it is wrong to turn on your cellphone during the movie. I explained that what we pay our money for is not to sit in a smelly dark room with strangers, but instead to be transformed by the film makers vision to a different place and time. And if the film is a good one, and the film maker has succeeded, we forget where we are and are immersed in what John Gardner (in the Art of Fiction) called, the fictive dream. When some halfwit opens their cellphone, we are pulled from that dream and brought back to that smelly dark place occupied by dimwiits with bright phones. I don't know if he got it. I don't know if any of them get it. Thank God, AMC backed off on this cockamamie idea. I'm really starting to wonder if the days of the big screens are numbered due to a combination of technology and ignorance.
— April 16, 2016 11:38 a.m.

Stay out of East Miramar

This whole situation between the military and bike riders reeks of jackboot gestapo tactics. The military has no interest in clearly defining their borders because then they would lose the opportunity to be able to ride out and strong arm some civilians while confiscating their bikes. It is completely ludicrous that the military would be permitted to run around with weapons at the ready when they can't even say exactly where their borders are. The fact is, the military has no reason to be holding on to such large tracts of land when all they use it for is to play got'cha with cyclists. I can understand the shooting range needing some space but what is all that other property for? They don't train there; they never use it for anything. A large part of it ought to be returned to the county. As for any land the public can no longer use because the military cannot be sure whether it holds unexploded shells or ammo, they should be required to compensate the county for the loss and/or provide other land as compensation. The idea of the military being provided or taking whatever land they want whether or not they need it should no longer be tolerated. Just as what was done with the Navy's NTC property in San Diego, where they realized they did not need that much land anymore and so it was converted to civilian housing, markets, and recreation. I'm not advocating the land near Mission Gorge or Miramar be used for more housing, but if it is no longer needed by the military, as it appears it is not, then the land should be used for recreational purposes, rather than just sitting there like some hostile (un)occupied territory.
— April 13, 2016 12:52 p.m.

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