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Hedge Funds Buying Stocks, Wee Folk Selling

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. How soon you forget. The 2006 California State Bar Member Services Survey has an excellent rundown of attorney demographics in California. www.calbar.ca.gov/calbar/pdfs/reports/2006_Stat... Let's see, you claim that attorneys work 80 hours per week, while Richmond cops work 60 hours. According to your own survey (yes, you're the one who posted it initially), only 7% of attorneys work more than 60 hours per week. I guess the others are too busy working to respond to the survey? So attorneys are working less than cops. The rest of your analysis is just as flawed. Really, what you're telling me is that prospective attorneys weighing their career choices are making some very poor decisions. That's hardly my fault. Incidentally, I wonder if you have these conversations with your cop "friends" in Richmond. I can't imagine you saying the things you say here to their faces.
— December 2, 2009 6:04 p.m.

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