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How dry is it?

80% of the water in CA is used by agriculture. Maybe that number is a bit lower during a drought but I'm sure the number still pretty high. Agriculture should be at least a major focus - if not the main focus of water legislation. I would say that a serious debate and some significant changes to the water use of the agricultural industry is what is necessary. I think the CA legislature needs to look at what laws will strongly encourage or outright require the agriculture industry to use less water. I think we also need a serious debate about what the purpose of the agriculture industry in CA is. If it's only for economic purposes I really question whether the benefits of agriculture outweigh the costs to the state. Economically agriculture is not really that big an industry - only 2% of state GDP I'm not sure that justifies using 80% of the water. I understand there could be national security implications to modifying our ability to produce food. However, if the agriculture industry is important for national security then I think that the federal government ought to be picking up more of the tab for our water. Curbing residential development and urging water conservation for residents are good ideas and should be done but really have limited impact as residential use is only 20% of the total state water use. Of course we should also be looking into desalination and additional reservoirs.
— September 4, 2014 7 a.m.

How dry is it?

There has been recent legislation to regulate groundwater usage. So at least the CA government is starting to at least do something to address water usage. Probably too little, too late IMO. But at least it's a start. Maybe we should all do our rain dance.
— September 3, 2014 9:56 p.m.

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