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Which Tamara Green we talking about?

OK Don you talked me into it. From what I've read of the indictment originally a lot of eyewitnesses initially said Brown had his hands up, was ready to surrender, and was executed. In particular Dorian Johnson (Brown's friend) stated that Brown had turned around with his hands up when Wilson shot him. But turns out in many eyewitnesses who had said Brown was shot in the back later on said that was just what they had heard. And multiple autopsies all agreed that Brown was shot from the front while he was bent forward (which corroborate's Wilson's story). So as a case it seems all the prosecution had one close eyewitness who's story didn't match other eyewitnesses nor physical evidence. I don't think Wilson was proven factually innocent but it seems to me Wilson's story is likely true. So I don't see how there was even a remote chance of convicting Wilson of any crime - no prosecutor in the U.S. would take a case like that. I think here's why the Brown/Wilson case will be a divisive issue. I believe there are some real issues with police unfairly targeting minorities in the U.S. and that many minorities are upset about that (e.g. Driving While Black). So those communities were looking for a focal point to raise awareness about those issues. I don't want to dismiss those issues but I don't think the Brown/Wilson case was a good case to raise awareness about unfair treatment of minorities (which people like Eric Holder and Al Sharpton have done). It's tragic when a young man dies - but I don't think the majority of people will see Brown as a victim. We'll never know for sure what happened but I certainly think the most likely explanation for Brown's death is that he physically attacked Wilson in such a way that killing Brown was the only way Wilson could protect himself. I think ultimately more police agencies will start using continuous video - protects both sides from differing stories.
— November 28, 2014 8:27 a.m.

Guaranteed to fool the IRS

So a bit off-topic here but speaking of the IRS I wonder what you thought of the recent study claiming 7 out of the 30 largest US corporations paid more money in 2014 to their CEO's than they paid in taxes. While I certainly think most large companies pay their CEO's too much and I think many large companies are probably dodging taxes I find the result somewhat difficult to believe - but I'm wondering what Don and others thought of the study.
— November 18, 2014 9:38 p.m.

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