Gov. Brown vetoes bills to reform utilities commission

I think the many GOP candidate's positions on gay marriage, evolution, climate change, abortion are out-of-line with my thinking and most Americans. As far as taxes, Trump seemed to talk the talk initially about trying to have taxes that are fair for the middle class but the details of his tax plan don't line up with that. Trump has certainly made some very offensive comments regarding illegal immigrants - particularly the "rapists" comment. I don't agree with many of Trump's immigration proposals but in many ways I really don't think Trump's immigration plan is any more radical than the plan implicitly proposed by all of the Democratic candidates and most of the "mainstream" GOP candidates. Trump is saying we have laws and we should enforce them. Most of the other candidates are saying that we should continue our many decades long immigration policy of weak immigration enforcement with an amnesty every 20 years. (Of course they don't state it that way). To me I think a reasonable compromise would be to allow an amnesty for the undocumented immigrants (at least for the vast majority who are non-criminals) who are here now - but combine the amnesty with stronger immigration enforcement, such as building a fence across the southern border, mandatory e-verify for employers and imposing stiffer penalties, including jail time for multiple offenses, for employers who repeatedly hire illegal immigrants. And frankly I don't think birthright citizenship should be legal - I think it should be made illegal then let the Supreme Court decide if the 14th amendment guarantees birthright citizenship or not.
— October 10, 2015 11:39 a.m.

No Snapdragon, no problem for Samsung

Theo Negri, a software engineer has attempted to start processing reported H1B salary data The data specific to QCOM are here The database gives a good idea about number of hires and salaries; I don't know if there is any layoff data there.
— October 9, 2015 2:06 p.m.

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