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Missing from the Minkow movie

Yes it would be great to hear Don's take on it. So many moving pieces. Having LA vacant has been the best thing the NFL could have ever hoped for over the last 20 years. They have leveraged the opening in LA to demand many billions of dollars from taxpayers and now almost every NFL market has a fairly new (or newly renovated) taxpayer-funded stadium. But the L.A. goose is about out of golden eggs so now the NFL might as well cook that goose. After the events of the last month, I think the Chargers are firmly committed to moving to L.A. and have been for quite some time. The Chargers don't care about convincing San Diego because they've decided a long time ago to move. I think the Chargers are only keeping SD in the mix just in case the Raiders and Rams get first dibs on moving to L.A. I think this is why Fabiani seems OK with the idea of a 2/3 majority ballot initiative - any evidence that the San Diego is resistant to giving corporate welfare to the Chargers will help Spanos argue his case to the other owners about why the Chargers should get to move to L.A. I think Fabiani's recent antics have been done for the benefit of other NFL owners. Fabiani and the Spanos family want to show other NFL owners that the government and citizens of San Diego have committed the unthinkable crime of robbing the wealthy Spanos family of hundreds of dollars of corporate welfare. The NFL owners meeting is in late March. I think a lot depends on which 2 teams the NFL owners "bless" as deserving to go to L.A. and how the stadium arms race between Carson and Inglewood turns out.
— February 27, 2015 9:50 a.m.

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