Redefining sportsmanship in the age of egregious greed and persistent lying

I think what SDCC wants is to stay in San Diego and to for San Diego to build a CONTIGUOUS expansion of the convention center without raising San Diego hotel (TOT) taxes. But I don't think they're going to get all those things. Will they leave if they don't get EVERYTHING they want? I suspect there is room for negotiation. Has SDCC swelled beyond the convention center? Well I suppose if space were available for free they could probably use twice the space they have right now if it were available. But some might argue SDCC has swelled too much for it's own good already - it's gone way, way, WAY beyond comic books now. How much bigger should it get? If non-contiguous expansion is to be done, the Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton could be adding more convention space (IMO) - and the Marriott did do some expansion last year. The anime fest, check-in, SDCC merch sales and a few other things are already in the Marriot. The 3 hotels are filling up and charging about 700/nite during SDCC - probably twice their standard rate. I think they're probably reaping the lion's share of the economic benefit of CC - so to me it seems like the responsibility for more convention center space falls on those hotels along Harbor. Of course the trend has been for CC to gradually spill more into the gaslamp but it's difficult and time-consuming to walk from the convention ctr across Harbor Drive (which is why I don't think the "convadium" helps CC). Comic-Con has options - they can move to Anaheim, Vegas, or LA which have bigger convention centers. But in my opinion any of those moves would be a big risk for CC as the event will clearly be different if it moves out of SD. BTW from a Comic-Con attendee perspective my wish list would be that they figure out better ways to process ticket sales and waiting lines. I suppose the extreme difficulty with those things is oddly part of the charm of SDCC but they are frustrating. As an attendee these things seem like much bigger issues to me than not having enough space.
— October 20, 2016 10:36 a.m.

Redefining sportsmanship in the age of egregious greed and persistent lying

HBO sports host Bill Simmons just did an AWESOME show blasting measure C "There are very, very few things that you can get essentially all economists to agree with, and one of those very few things is that stadiums are not major drivers of economic activity" Victor Matheson, Holy Cross
— October 20, 2016 6:49 a.m.

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