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San Diego Navy privatization costly, audit says

Well I hope it's NOT a windfall! Housing for military personnel shouldn't be a big, fat lucrative windfall for private companies. Not only the taxpayers suffer; the military personnel are treated like suckers. For an idea of how the private company Pacific Beacon treats military employees, just read these Yelp comments: http://www.yelp.com/biz/pacific-beacon-san-diego Why should "market rate" be subsidized by the public and the military personnel when the buildings are cheaply built, there is no choice in roommate, and there are myriad other problems? The myth of privatization: saving money while providing better services. Bah. It's always a lie.
— March 20, 2014 7:34 p.m.

Manchester rumored to drop Austin hotel

Ponzi: The Manchester hotel, if built on the Lorenz-dynasty lot at [608 E Cesar Chavez St][1]., as planned, wouldn't need a bridge over a waterway: the [1.7-acre lot][2] is directly across the street from the convention center. It's possible that Manchester would want a "skybridge" simply to cross Red River Street, although the walk through one intersection or mid-street is nothing. The AA Statesman business blog (June 2011): “We have looked carefully at many hotel sites in the Austin market and concluded this site is by far the very best with its immediate location adjacent to the Convention Center” said Manchester. “With our many years of developing world class hotels, we concluded our patrons would find it unpleasant during the summer heat and winter’s freeze to walk several blocks to access important exhibits and meetings at the Convention Center.” Waller Creek Eleven Ltd. owns the parking lot that Manchester may build on. Perry Lorenz, partner of the limited entity, is the son of two oil-connected families (mother, of the Reinhold family, all major Varco shareholders; father, Howard Lorenz, inventor of several patented oil-drilling tools/equipment). Perry Lorenz (in his mid 60s) is married to Sheridan Mitchell, daughter of fracking inventor, philanthropist, and developer George P. Mitchell. GPM, who died last summer, was said by Forbes, in 2004, to be worth $1.6 bill. Lorenz is extremely wealthy and hardly needs Manchester's money, and could care less what Manchester's political leanings are, but I'm sure Lorenz enjoys using the prospect of Manchester's development to control other development in the Austin area. Lorenz, who owns a ton of other properties all around the convention center, did in fact did use the potential Manchester hotel to thwart a $4 mill incentive to another hotel developer in 2011. What saddens me is looking at the destruction of a beautiful, historic area. Take a Google street-view look using the above map link: the old Rainey/Waller Creek neighborhood once had many historic buildings, from the early and late 1800s. You can see a few of them now, amid the high rises and new construction. The beautiful old Victorian-house neighborhood where I lived in Austin in the late 1960s, near the Univ of Texas campus, has been bulldozed for mini-dorms. The huge pecan trees that were in our front yards are gone. Connected, rich developers like Perry Lorenz have almost total control over the Austin City Council, even to the extent of thwarting laws that require developers to obtain approval if they want to cut very old, large trees, of which there were once many. [1]: http://propaccess.traviscad.org/clientdb/Proper... [2]: http://goo.gl/maps/nUYiz
— March 14, 2014 2:19 p.m.