Sadly smoldering from the start

In late December some Chinese menu items were offered. At last! Not a sushi lover, but love inexpensive Asian takeout. Tried three dishes (broccoli beef, cashew chicken, Fire Horse fried rice) last night and am filled with sorrow: all three lacked seasoning, richness, and flavor. No umami. Nothing that makes you say "this is good, yum!" The leftovers could all be mixed together because they all taste exactly alike. Even though the food was hot, fresh (and kudos for the mostly-broccoli beef for having crisp broccoli), and not greasy, it was boring and ...**.tasteless**. It could have come from a can or box, except that it wasn't corn-starchy. **Dear Fire Horse cook**: you must do better. Find a way. Read a few cookbooks or research some recipes online. At least add more green onions, for pete's sake (the few bits of green onion I found in the beef dish were like nuggets of gold and gave the only *ping* of flavor). After the first few bites, every mouthful of all three dishes was otherwise quickly monotonously bland and similar. How about garlic, Chinese cabbage, or leeks for some umami?? Didn't taste any; it might have helped. Also, please list the components of the dishes on the online and takeout menus. We need a flavorful Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese/Korean whatever takeout in South Park. I am so sad that this first offering is so dull. Will have to keep driving up to El Cajon Blvd or University Ave for Asian takeout.
— January 17, 2015 10:03 a.m.

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