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City attorney’s report on medical marijuana ordinance

I think most Readers would agree that there should not be "pot stores" on every corner but left unsaid is the we already have liquor stores on every corner, especially in all the high crime areas of San Diego (like PB, NP and Gaslamp) and the City Council is not the least bit concerned that there is no real limit as to how many will ever be allowed because the CA ABC actually makes its income from these same licensees ans will grant additional licenses after the paperwork is submitted along with a ABC hearing on the matter! Also conveniently left out of the Pot discussion is its enforcement, which is the cornerstone of any regulatory rule making which will leave these new ordinances *without teeth*, therefore I wish those that are tasked with trying to enforce any new regulations good luck because again comparing Pot store to alcohol stores, we see that all those with ABC licenses have to really screw up, before anything really happens to them. I'm afraid that like gun control, those that are already complying with the letter of the law will be the most affected by all these new ordinances, instead of those that are operating illegally, who will continue to make a mockery of the entire ordinances process! Our State prison system is filled with far too many of those that have been convicted for the sale of small quantities of Pot and each of them is costing US about $60,000 per year. This is yet another reason that any new ordinances should be modeled upon the CA ABC ordinances, since alcohol has already proven itself to be nothing more than another "drug" of choice which has been proven to be far more dangerous than Pot, especially to those that drink and drive! Now is the time for San Diego's elected Leaders to follow the voters will and make the sale of Pot safe while also making it easy to obtain for those that are now medically qualified to use it. Anything other than that, will be perceived as the City Council and our Mayor elect thumbing their noses at what the voters have already affirmed in previous elections. ***Hats off to the San Diego Reader for having the GUTS to actually provide an open forum for this and other important discussions that together affect the quality of life for San Diegans, something that no other media outlet in San Diego offers any longer...***
— February 17, 2014 1:46 p.m.