Not in my backyard canyon

The wealthy neighborhoods that are around the canyons are getting a taste of what it is like to have the homeless turn the City's alley's into their overnight lodging, which includes using it as their bathroom and/or waste (no pun intended) bins. Protecting canyon lands is yet another way of protecting these neighborhoods from human encroachment, which is yet another quality of life issue. A far more important health issue is that the City has failed to provide even basic bathroom facilities for the homeless in every Council District, so that the City can then enforce the laws against public urination. Every City Fire Station should have public restrooms added to their building, because these building are already manned 24/7 and those working for the Fire Dept. have both the experience and training to insure that these public restrooms don't become homeless hotels. The City of San Diego needs to do a much better job of providing basic facilities for the homeless and that should not only include cleaning up the Canyon lands which abut our wealthy neighborhoods. Our City Council is a BIG part of the problems since they have not done anything meaningful to insure that their are basic public facilities available to the homeless in every Council district. We need to ask them why they are failing to act, while at the same time they are pushing yet ever more DENSITY upon us (thanks to BIG Developer donations), which only makes this problem worse for us.
— March 12, 2015 8:38 a.m.

Big money talking in One Paseo ballot war

What we are seeing is the beginning of the real decision making process, up to now the BIG Players opposed to this project have been just watching to see if they even needed to get involved (also read as saving their money if possible) which would have been un-necessary if the local Community had gotten this project stopped. Now because the community has shown itself as dysfunctional (failure to organize itself and/or even select a credible spokesperson) it is time for Donahue Schriber to get serious if he hopes to stop the Kilroy project. This Project has become the tipping point for many of San Diego's Planning Committee's since they realize that they must band together or realize that their role in planning San Diego's future will become meaningless, since the City Council vote over ruled the local Planning committee on One Paseo. <b>All those Councilmember's voting FOR One Paseo have now shown themselves as Pro-Big Developer (as if anyone had any doubts) despite what they have said in the past about preserving San Diego's quality of life</b>, so unless this project is defeated, everyone in San Diego that is committed to smart planning with local guidance will be able to do nothing more than meekly cheer for whatever project gets shoved down their throats. It is important t note that many on these Planning Boards of these Planning Committees have (up to now) been huge supporters of their Councilmember's, so it will be very interesting to see whether they will speak out against those that voted against local planning or not. I urge the San Diego Reader to make this an ongoing story, with weekly updates that includes statement from each of the Councilmember's. <b>San Diego's Quality of Life will be decided by this Project since as it looks now most of our elected Leaders have decided to go for increasing San Diego's DENSITY as fast as possible since that will insure they receive the biggest donations from these wealthy donors.</b>
— March 12, 2015 7:51 a.m.

Burger chain gang heads to court

**SD construction laws are very clear:** If you **REMODEL** *you get to keep your drive through because it is grandfathered in* BUT If you **TEAR DOWN AND THEN BUILD SOMETHING BRAND NEW** *it must conform to the latest building code(s).* **JIB scrapped their entire building site and then built something very different from what had been built before hence the NEW CONSTRUCTION rules apply.** Their designers knew the SD Building LAWS and they also knew that the neighborhood was against any new construction, having heard that over and over at a large number of facilitated JIB sponsored meetings **where they were told LOUD & CLEAR to remodel their original building (along with their drive through) but don't expect to build an entirely new building AND include a new drive through in the design because it would be illegal because it does not conform to current building codes in North Park!** *JIB then appealed their case to the SD Planning Commission (SDPC) on August 23, 2012* **where they were AGAIN told, this time by an unanimous vote/decision of the SDPC, that NO, you cannot build a new building at that location in North Park that includes a Drive Through because it does not conform to current building codes!** **So the real issue here is** ***whether a BIG Corp has to follow the law or is it OK for them to just do whatever they want and be confident that they will be able to get away with it because of their political and/or City Government connections.*** Hopefully, justice will be served at the hearing TOMORROW MORNING, which is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. in Judge Ronald Prager's courtroom, located in Department 71.
— January 22, 2015 8:15 a.m.

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