Sales tax linked to pollution

$ANDAG will continue to do what SANDAG does best, build roads and support local elected officials who will then support SANDAG. SANDAG is yet another CPUC that is far too cozy with those it "regulates." We need to revamp SANDAG with elected Leaders that are not going to rubber-stamp all new projects. Come On SD Leaders, lets plan for the widest possible group of people using all manner of mobility "vehicles" not JUST the lucky few that are physically strong enough to ride bicycles. A few points to consider: Where is all the new motorcycle parking stripping, so riders can park for free in all the odd shaped nooks and crannies on our City streets without taking up a metered spot, or are bicycles the only things that are important these days? There should be motorcycle and/or electric bicycle parking everywhere not just in a few corrals that cost many thousands of dollars each to install along with the removal of vital on-street vehicle parking spaces! Expensive bikes need parking locations that offer security, why is the city not also installing secure cycle parking lockers, if we really want to encourage commuters to "ride to work"? How many can afford to lock their $4,000 bike up to a parking meter and then replace all the components after they have been stolen or damaged by vandals? One complain I've heard is that the City is using bicycle lanes to not only change traffic patterns but to somehow justify reducing the parking requirements for both new construction and/or remodeling, since they believe in the myth that all residents will use mass transit and not own cars in the future... which is feel good speak for the poor will be force into transportation corridors that will shift it's parking burden into the adjacent neighborhoods, which is already happening in North Park and other locations through San Diego! Watch out what you support, it may come back to bite your neighborhood and your property values if you are lucky enough to own!
— September 23, 2016 2:07 p.m.

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