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Community turns on North Park attacker(s)

Video is the new equalizer, since CA does not have open carry gun laws. The more monitored video camera's that are being used around NP the better, since when people are being videotaped they act nicer. Since the SDPD and the State ABC are allowing ever more late night clubs, drinking venues, stores, etc. to serve and/or sell alcohol until 2AM if not later, NP is rapidly becoming like Pacific Beach, which is known as the most crime ridden part of San Diego! All women have a right to be fearful, since they are at a distinct disadvantage to men when it comes to physical conflicts, unless they are very well trained and even then, if the attacked has a knife or other weapon, training becomes less of an equalizer. NP needs more street lights, linked video camera and enhanced enforcement or ever more customers will simply choose to party and/or live somewhere else that is much safer. **All those business that are raking-in huge profits** need to step up and do it quickly or they all will see their bottom lines plummet ***if everyone, not just women don't feel safe to walk NP after dark*** and BTW: these same big Businesses should also pay to clean up after their patrons without trying to make local residents do it for them in some form of additional maintenance district that shifts the cost to residents who are not profiting from these late night business! **If NP is not Safe & Clean, then it is no longer a great place to live or work.**
— August 31, 2014 3:36 p.m.

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