Polite as F**k

It is frightening! Little Italy, which has been able to avoid the late night crime and noise problems for so long, is now getting a taste of what <b>Bar Density</b> is like. Why, because It is common knowledge that PB and NP are leading the City in Crime stats. They have more Alcohol Licenses and late night hours than any another place in SD. This makes Little Italy is a highly desirable Bar/Pub/Club location since so many potential customers are avoiding the late night scene in PB and NP. What makes this even more interesting is that so many powerful people are involved on both sides of this issue, because it directly affects them. Expect to see the normal "behind closed doors" settlements aired in public, since there is big money on both sides of this issue. Mayor Falconer is totally Pro-Density and is selling SD's neighborhoods out as fast as he can. The DSD is enabling ever more Development via a speedier permit process, while at the same time, busy writing new zoning code that is full of loopholes. This will allow well heeled Developers to build bigger and taller, for less while at the same time providing less parking and/or public amenities. Anthony Burnell, who is running for Gloria's CD3 seat lives in Little Italy, I wonder which side of the Density Fence he is on? <b>This is why the quality of life in San Diego is now going downward as Big Developers make BIG money, by building upward and turning SD into yet another LA.</b>
— October 31, 2015 7:57 a.m.

More criticism of county transportation plan

CALTRANS is in the BUSINESS of building ROADS and therefore they shy away from spending BIG BUCK$ on "personal mobility" since that does not benefit those BIG Companies that construct them. I say "personal mobility" because using the term "bicycle" or "bikeway" is elitist since it does not allow for the use of these routes by those that cannot ride a manually powered bike.  The handicapped, and many other commuters will be using electric powered "personal mobility" eVehicles (that may very well include eBicycles) in the near future (in hopefully) ever increasing numbers, so for CALTRANS to say on one hand they are planing San Diego Forward and to actually NOT be planning for what will certainly be a major form of transportation defies logic. CALTRANS has been build roadways for decades and their track records clearly illustrates that by the time they do get additional capacity built, it is time to build more.  This must stop and now is the time to re-define CALTRANS mission to better reflect what is needed in the future, if San Diego is to improve its transportation corridors.  We need to start building "personal mobility" ways now and then in several years decide where to build even more, that way we can provide for all those that will be using personal mobility instead of their gasoline powered vehicles to commute in San Diego! BTW: Jack Shu should be on the SANDAG BOARD since he is not yet another local leader that rubber stamps ever more road construction because it is good for ever more donations... Parts of the above also posted: 
— October 5, 2015 12:23 p.m.

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