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Allied Gardens residents address parking problem

Resident having their streets turned into even bigger parking lots for near-by businesses is nothing new to those living near business districts in San Diego. Residential parking districts can eliminate that problem, but our elected Leaders are very reluctant to allow them to be formed, even though these Business owners, their employees and especially their patrons degrade the quality of life of those living within walking distance of these businesses. Because of this **parking blight**, the late night noise, especially from bars and clubs and all the trash left behind by these people. It is time for the City of San Diego to require ample parking for businesses and their customers instead of allowing these same businesses to expand without adding any additional parking which is only a wonderful idea if your are an Business Owner but it is terrible if you are "just" a near-by resident. North Park is a perfect example of a business district encouraging businesses to expand while at the same time pointing out the free parking in the near by neighborhoods. If all these neighbors parked in all the available parking spaces in the business district, these same business owners would cry FOUL. Additionally, there is now code changes in progress which wold Lower not raise parking requirements because it would reduce developer costs; so the question becomes, "Who is really benefitting from these changes?", the answer is quite clear, All the local Businesses , which also donate heavily are the ones that benefit. **Welcome to the New $an Diego...**
— March 8, 2014 9:59 a.m.