Hillcrest hashes high-rise housing heights

**Density or Density Bonuses —> No Thank You** Are you concerned with the City Planning Dept.’s Plan to force ever more Density into our neighborhoods, while leaving most other parts of San Diego untouched? The North Park Residential Improvement District (NP-RID) urges you to join with us in demanding that the City first provide the long overdue infrastructure improvements we all know are needed (by the people already living in our neighborhoods) before allowing any more Density, which will only make things worse for all.  NP-RID wants to help everyone that needs our support, so that they in turn will support us.  Working together, we can all enjoy a better quality of life for ourselves and in our neighborhoods. I believe that Developers who want to increase their bottom lines are now working with the City Planning Department by asking us to choose between Density or Density Bonuses (allowing even higher Density), in a sales pitch called the Presumptive Close (in which it is presumed that the customer will buy one or the other, instead of choosing to buy neither) to get us to buy into supporting their enormous Planned Density Increases. Spread Density fairly throughout San Diego, don't just push Density on Mid-City because these Developers what to make more money than they already are. Additional Density projects should also have "stepped" large additional fees accessed to them, so that this money can be used immediately to improve the "above ground" amenities so that all those that live nearby will see an improvement in their quality of life; and I'm not talking about spending it on otherwise required trees, street benches and similar items. Why not require larger projects to fund street linear parks and other things that will make San Diego a better place to live instead of just a much more crowded place to live? Who wants Univ. Ave to have wall to wall high rises like Park Boulevard & Univ. Ave? Look at the size of potential projects shown on the link listed below. [1]: Density Bonus link from University Heights:
— February 10, 2016 3:46 p.m.

Polite as F**k

It is frightening! Little Italy, which has been able to avoid the late night crime and noise problems for so long, is now getting a taste of what <b>Bar Density</b> is like. Why, because It is common knowledge that PB and NP are leading the City in Crime stats. They have more Alcohol Licenses and late night hours than any another place in SD. This makes Little Italy is a highly desirable Bar/Pub/Club location since so many potential customers are avoiding the late night scene in PB and NP. What makes this even more interesting is that so many powerful people are involved on both sides of this issue, because it directly affects them. Expect to see the normal "behind closed doors" settlements aired in public, since there is big money on both sides of this issue. Mayor Falconer is totally Pro-Density and is selling SD's neighborhoods out as fast as he can. The DSD is enabling ever more Development via a speedier permit process, while at the same time, busy writing new zoning code that is full of loopholes. This will allow well heeled Developers to build bigger and taller, for less while at the same time providing less parking and/or public amenities. Anthony Burnell, who is running for Gloria's CD3 seat lives in Little Italy, I wonder which side of the Density Fence he is on? <b>This is why the quality of life in San Diego is now going downward as Big Developers make BIG money, by building upward and turning SD into yet another LA.</b>
— October 31, 2015 7:57 a.m.

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