Comments by Diogenes

Electricity refund? Not in California

I have read all the documents concerning the proposed settlement. The fix is in with the process. I have talked to several engineers who worked at SONGS. The operation of that nuclear power plant endangered 8.5 million people who live within 75 miles. Screwing the ratepayers is the least of it when compared to the risks involved. In days past. experienced nuclear engineers who worked there understood this nuclear power plant. It is a pressure water plant, not a boiling water reactor. As time past, these men retired or passed away. Newly hired engineers employed there were true believers in nuclear energy but were often chemical engineers rather than actual experienced nuclear engineers. Major decisions were made by executive officers who were businessmen, not scientists. Many whistleblowers who worked at SONGS have come forward. The documents tell a story of placing profit over public safety. The settlement favors the operator and shareholders to an unprecedented extent. I have examined every aspect of the settlement. But the process is outrageously deficient. Ratepayers are deprived of due process by turn- coat Judas TURN "turd." Phase 3 would reveal serious imprudence that was caused by the operator. This will be made worse by conflicts of interest, collusive behavior, and short-circuiting the evidence gathering process. It will generate further litigation to force the PUC to afford due process of law to ratepayers.
— May 7, 2014 5:59 p.m.

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