Comments by Copleys_Taint

U-T Heads Will Be Chopped More Severely; Economics Dictates It

That photo of Copley sure does get around. Tab down on the following page: Glad to see that you're getting so much mileage out of that lovely Copley pic. Please abuse it! Is Burl one of the likeliest (and costliest) candidates to be shown the door? Can't wait to read his column that lists the names of all the people he stood next to at unemployment. "Karin Winner was there, so was Chris Lavin. Also in attendance, Diane Bell..." And if you need more Copley photos and belong to Facebook, search Andrew Shelton, DC's "aid-de-camp," as Burl once put it. His profile is available to anyone, so you don't even have to be his "friend." Aw, hell. I'm in such a good mood, I did it for you. Isn't that coat made from the same material as Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day gloves?
— March 19, 2009 5:19 p.m.

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