Attorney general Kamala Harris's predictable "malpractice"

Swell — Do a twitter or Google search for #sanonofregate and you will see tons of info, if there is something special you are interested in just let me know. Here is a link to get you started: + A wonderful free animation that shows what could have happened if SanO Unit 2 was restarted and one or more of its replacement steam generator (RSGs) tubes failed... Note you can move your cursor around the animation and explore many different sub-animations.
— April 24, 2016 4:26 p.m.

Utilities overspend and get rich in plain sight

Don - This is just the tip of the iceberg or should I say $berg. I believe that if San Onofre had had a "small" nuclear accident related to one or more RSG tube failures, that SCE would have even made more profits since the cleanup would have taken a very long time (decades?) AND that is in addition to the income stream from the decommissioning funds. As it is now, SCE did not get to profit from any accident cleanup, just their lost profits (for designing and operating San Onofre so it failed! If some portion of Camp P. Got "wasted," hey that is just part of SCE doing business. This is exactly what is now happening in Fukushima, Japan, as TEPCO (now owned by the Japanese Gov't. Is making billions from the "cleanup" that will take decades if not much longer. Another" reason that the Nuclear Industry and their Utilities are desperate to create a radioactive waste dumping site is that they are going to want to site Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) very soon, which companies like SD's General Atomic are now working on. Since *CA has a law that says no more nuclear reactors, until a waste site is developed*, the lack of a disposal site is the biggest roadblock they face preventing them from deploying SMRs in CA. Since the CPUC just decided against approving SCE building a Nat. Gas Peaker plant, you can bet that SCE is now getting "very excited" about installing one or more SMR's at San Onofre, since the grid wiring connection is already in place and they are going to be guarding that "nuclear waste" site for decades to come, so what better place to install SMR's "because they don't emit CO2." SDG&E is getting ready to make big money using Nat. Gas, since they already have a contract to import Nat. Gas from Mexico (which Sempra owns a share of, so they will be in effect, buying Nat. Gas from themselves) for use in their two new state of the art Billion Dollar Peaker Plants that the CPUC just approved for them (despite the fact that the cost of Wind and Solar generation continues to drop almost monthly)! Unities are raping the ratepayers but the CPUC has turned a blind eye to making them stop.
— February 3, 2016 1:13 p.m.

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