Comments by CaptD

Toni Atkins pulls Community Benefit District legislation

**YET ANOTHER DENSITY TIME BOMB GOES OFF IN SAN DIEGO** He builds exactly to the existing codes so that he does not need to "ask" for any permission/review from either the City or the impacted Neighborhood Planning Group, which also saves him money. His projects rate a **D** as in **DENSITY** and serve to point out what is terribly wrong with our current building codes, which are now being used to **DENSIFY San Diego**, despite what all the touchy feely DSD supported meeting spokespersons say about things like step backs and solar shadowing. The above mentioned North Park Project has removed all the sunlight from the buildings to the east of the Post Office building since it is many stories higher than the existing structures that now only have an alley separating them. All San Diego's older neighborhoods with legacy "too tall" building codes already in place are now at risk, yet our elected Leaders smile when they promote *Quality Urbanization* because it means ever more donations from all the developers that seek to make many areas of San Diego look like an Inner City linked by transportation corridors (aka *linear-ghettos*). p.s. The more people, that attend the above meeting, who believe that quality **growth** is much better for San Diego than **MAX growth** the better! I hope that SOHO and many other groups attend so that it is a balanced meeting instead of just another Developer Density Debacle for San Diego like the *six-pack" developments that replaced single family homes with small 6 units buildings and paved front to back parking slots facing the street, which not only removed 2 on street parking spaces from the street but resorted in 4 or more cars added to those that parked their since most tenants only parked one car in front of their building.
— April 8, 2014 8:07 a.m.

Edison execs dump $18 million of stock after rate deal

Don the FIX IS IN and I bet the two above mentioned men are both high five-ing each other while giving all of us SoCal ratepayers their ***fickle finger***. The CPUC now faces a huge backlash of public anger since they are choosing to reward SCE and SDG&E with at least several BILLION DOLLARS that ratepayers have shelled out because they trusted both their Utilities and the CPUC to protect them! The San Onofre Debacle is far more costly than the PG&E Pipeline Blast, yet the Federal Prosecutors are just (so far) looking the other way, even though San Onofre was a nuclear *near miss* accident that could have resulted in a Fukushima-Type meltdown. This story highlights the BIG difference between humans and Corporations! It also points out why the recent decisions by the SCOTUS have failed the people of the USA and explains why the public no longer trusts the US legal system! Because a Corp.’s cannot be put in jail, there is little to no reason that Big Corp.’s need to fear prosecution, since they not only have armies of well paid lawyers and the political connections that reach right up to the highest Office in the land. Should all that fail to protect them, as in this case, the Corp.’s can just threaten to go out of business, (which also puts all their employees at risk of losing their jobs) and escape further prosecution, which then allows them to simply change their Corp.’s name and start all over again! In simpler terms, when it comes to Big Corp.’s the FIX is in, they know it and they run their businesses to maximize profits instead of making society safer, because they know they can get away with it!
— April 4, 2014 3:59 p.m.