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Victory! San Onofre settlement deemed unfair

Cont. 2 I believe that Michael Aguirre now has the technical expertise to not only make what the CPUC's own expert said about San Onofre's replacement steam generators look elementary at best, but he will be able to point out, in plain english, all the myriad technicalities that taken together *will clearly illustrate how SCE knowingly made **unforgivable design errors*** that only because of sheer luck caused just a radioactive release, when under the right (sic) seismic conditions could have caused a nuclear accident in SoCal that would have affected 5+ million residents and would have bankrupted the States economy or worse, like Fukushima did in northern Japan. In short, if the CPUC thinks this announcement will end the public's interest in their multi-billion dollar San Onofre *problem*, my advice to Commissioner Florio and the CPUC is to meet with the only attorney they have not met with before, Michael Aguirre (and consider including Ray Lutz), which seems right, since they have already met in private with the all the other protestors of record who then approved the flawed settlement and find out what they need to do in order to settle this case ASAP. Otherwise everyone including the CPUC, SCE, SDG&E, the NRC and even others *whose names we do not mention* will be drawn further into what I predict will easily become the largest lawsuit in California's history, thanks to SCE's attempted coverup of their San Onofre engineering debacle. **===>** I predict that both Michael Aguirre and Ray Lutz *will not be short changed* by the CPUC any longer, since they have now clearly made their case, that all Utility ratepayers deserve fairness, especially by the CPUC and the Utilities they are mandated to regulate.
— September 6, 2014 6:53 p.m.

Victory! San Onofre settlement deemed unfair

**Imagine all the CPUC internal politics that resulted in this surprise decision which will affect all SoCal ratepayers and the Utilities that *serve* them:** **RE:** *"Today, the commissioner assigned to the case, Mike Florio, and administrative law judges declared that the settlement "disfavors consumers and that certain changes must be made before they can give the settlement further consideration."* Perhaps Commissioner Florio has now been given free rein and allowed to take over as the CPUC's ramrod in the San Onofre Debacle Settlement, while Mr. Peevey has been forced to take a much lower profile position, at least in public. I believe that Commissioner Florio has not only gotten the message that the pro-Utility settlement was unacceptable but that because of the way it was being shoved down well-informed ratepayers throats, it actually cause political blowback not only upon the President of the CPUC that brokered the flawed settlement deal, but upon the very operation of how the CPUC conducts itself in open meetings*, which will hopefully soon affect every future decision that the CPUC makes. Another factor that could itself justify a complete ratepayer refund are all the technical documents which have already been posted publicly but have not really been widely discussed thanks to the cozy relationship between the CPUC, the Utilities (SCE and SDG&E) involved and MSM. I believe that Commissioner Florio is now technically proficient enough to know that if these *technical readouts* of the San Onofre Debacle get the attention they truly deserve, then not only will the public lose all faith in SCE's ability to operate San Onofre (*and its decades long multi-billion dollar decommissioning*) but the CPUC will itself will be seen more like an accomplice/suspect since it first brokered *the flawed settlement*, instead of acting as an impartial Utility regulator, per its state mandate. *Putting the "Public" back into the CPUC [][1] Cont. [1]:
— September 6, 2014 6:51 p.m.

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