Nuke storage by the sea

Dennis - I agree 100% This is yet another move to make residential Solar "less" of a good deal since it further extends the Solar payback period. BTW: Have you noticed the Anti-Solar articles being done by Voice of San Diego that seek to convince their readership that it is far better to buy your Solar energy from your Utility... I bet you can figure out who is behind that train of thought. Big Utilities are using their considerable political clout to remove all solar incentives for Residential Solar while keeping the Utility Solar incentives, yet another sign that Big Utilities are scared of Residential Solar, since it offers a pathway toward "Energy Freedom" (once the Solar investment is repaid). Residential Solar also offers its Owners the option to use their generated Energy for electric vehicles (eVehicles), which then eliminates having to pay for diesel or gasoline at the pump which includes large amounts of taxes. As an example, you can now buy a number of electric motorcycles that have a top speed over 80 mph, only cost about a penny a mile to operate and can be driven on the highway over 150 miles between charges! Larger eVehicles will also provide some Energy Storage options that were unheard of just a few years ago, since Energy Storage technology is now just beginning to become commonplace and it will also help revolutionize how ratepayers manage the energy they generate themselves.
— July 22, 2015 12:30 p.m.

Voice of reason at the Union-Tribune

Cont. 3 Extra Info: 1. Gov. Brown (a long time friend of Peevey) has to date taken a hands off role regarding San Onofre, other than appointing Peevey’s replacement (since Peevey chose not to seek "reappointment") who has insured that the CPUC maintains the status quo. 2. Governor Brown’s sister is on the Board of Sempra Energy as are others that are familiar names to many in San Diego. 3. Peevey’s wife is also an elected CA State Official. 4. Peevey (who is a graduate from UCB) made giving them $5 million a year for a number of years a key component of his San Onofre Settlement Deal. This money will fund Climate Change Research by UCB. I believe that this Research will then be used to justify Utility Energy Production instead of Residential Energy Production, much like Big Milk and/or Big Meat funds Research to then justify the consumption of ever more Milk and Meat in our diets because it has been shown to be healthful in University scientific studies. 5. SDG&E which is owned by Sempra Energy, has done a great job of staying out of the public spotlight regarding San Onofre Gate despite being a 20% Owner of San Onofre. SDG&E had to have knowledge of all Utility settlement discussions before agreeing to any settlement as proposed by the CPUC. Look for Freedom of Information (FOI) requests being filed with SDG&E in order to find out how much they knew, who knew it and when they knew it as San Onofre Gate expands. 6. US Senator Boxer received notarized documents regarding the replacement steam generators (RSG) Design Problems long before she started asking the NRC pointed questions about the replacement steam generators in Public, despite being the Chair of the US Committee on Environmental and Public Works, which has oversight of the NRC. 7. Since SoCal ratepayers will EACH be liable for about $1500 per Utility account if the CPUC “settlement” stands, expect the rate paying public to increase its demand for more information, regarding anything that might reduce or better yet transfer that $5 billion dollar debt to the Utility shareholders, which is why San Onofre Gate* will continue to grow. * If you are using Twitter, just enter #SanOnofreGate into the Twitter search bar and it will allow you to keep up to date about the ongoing investigation into the $5 billion Dollar SCE-CPUC ripoff of SoCal ratepayers. Part of the above was posted before:
— July 20, 2015 2:30 p.m.

Voice of reason at the Union-Tribune

Don - I see this "editoral" as something far different! SCE is trying to stick someone else with the bill, if the ratepayers won't pony up then why not the "taxpayers" since they are even less organized than SoCal ratepayers! Guess what, the "taxpayers" ARE the "Ratepayers", so that concept is simply just more "Smoke and Mirrors" from SCE and SDG&E, both are experts at disappearing money from their ratepayers and giving it to their shareholders. Where are the all the Government Checks and Balances we are always hearing about? The California Regulator charged with overseeing the CPUC (Rendon) is still playing softball with the CPUC and has not even demanded the release of all the Emails from SDG&E to better understand their part in what I call #SanOnofreGate*. This is nothing less than providing "damage control" for the very Utilities that the CPUC is supposed to be regulating, by the regulator of the CPUC! A key issue is why has Melanie Darling's boss Karen Clopton, Chief ALJ of the CPUC ( has not started her own internal investigation into all the mistakes that were made in the State mandated investigation into the "reasonableness" of the San Onofre Replacement Steam Generator Project, in which Melanie Darling refused to allow "discovery" thereby halting the entire investigation! Now word has it that Karen Clopton is "cooperating" with the investigation of the ALJ's roll in #SanOnofreGate and has already retained her own attorney! The CPUC ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) Darling (who was chosen by Peevey to hear the San Onofre case) simply choose not to allow ANY "discovery" into the reasonableness of how SCE handled the Replacement Steam Generator Project, an investigation that was required by State law since San Onofre Unit 2 and Unit 3 were each off-line for more than 9 months, which is the time specified in the CPUC code that an investigation must be initiated. Her "opinion" kept Aguirre and Severson from asking SCE employees for data and testimony "on the record". She singlehandedly derailed the entire "investigation" and I predict that time will show that she played a pivotal role in the inner group that worked behind the scenes and off the record, to limit the scope of the investigation and/or promote the one sided Pro-Utility settlement. Much has been written about her "conversations" with SCE officials, I believe that is just the tip of the iceberg, and now all of her emails (internal and to the Utilities) should be also be released and analyzed. Cont.
— July 20, 2015 2:25 p.m.

Iran treaty trashers spending big on San Diego TV

I propose having the President direct that the Government shift all the money we would have spent on an Iran War PLUS all the Gov’t. guaranteed funds slated for new Nuclear Power generation and/or Nuclear Power R&D (notice I’m not including Nuclear Weapon R&D) to: 1) Triple current Solar R&D (including tidal and ocean current generation) because the spinoffs will more than pay US back in the future, since the USA can then export new Solar Technology instead of just weapon systems. 2) Begin a National “Man on the Moon” type SOLAR effort by installing BOTH Residential and Utility Solar funded in the same way and at the same ultra low interest rates that the Big Banks are currently enjoying to replace as much of our “dirty” generation as soon as possible, while upgrading the US Grid at the same time. I understand that it will not happen overnight, but the important thing is that IT WILL HAPPEN and if President Obama cannot get this project started during his term, then I look to Bernie Sanders to make it a top priority! It is vital that we as a Country Say N☢ to using Nuclear in WAR or in Peace! p.s. I saw this quote on Tweeter and it gives credibility to what I'm saying: @BernieSanders A $1 trillion investment in infrastructure could create 13 million decent paying jobs. We need to invest in infrastructure, not more war. Now just imagine how an even larger National Effort could Jump Start our sagging Economy! Parts of the above were posted here:
— July 18, 2015 1:06 p.m.

You wish we'd shut up, Peevey

Don - You might be very interested to learn that Pomerantz LLP is now involved in San Onofre Gate: Edison sued over secret Poland talks Shareholder says company erred in not disclosing Snip: The lawsuit filed Monday at the U.S. District Court in San Diego alleges that Craver and Scilacci were personally motivated to make false statements and omit information about the settlement from Edison’s earlier financial reports in order to benefit from the sale of Edison stock in their own portfolios. Days after the settlement proposal was announced in March 2014, Craver exercised stock options worth at least $5.6 million and Executive Vice President James Scilacci took home $3.7 million, according to federal filings by Edison. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a representative shareholder, Harold Eng, by the New York-based securities law firm Pomerantz LLP, with offices in Beverly Hills. Attorneys handling the lawsuit did not respond to emails or phone calls. (Web address added for clarity)
— July 11, 2015 6:23 p.m.

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