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California or Corrupt Public Utilities Commission?

From a NRC Blog: Even the Best Guidance Can Be Updated snip One area that needs major improvement is the Like-For-Like replacement criteria, since SCE made a mockery of the NRC by claiming that they were doing a Like-For-Like RSG replacement at San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant when in fact they were making major design changes that resulting in their 4 new RSG failing soon after installation, a situation that placed all of southern California at risk of a nuclear incident and/or nuclear accident! Here is an industry document that describes most of the changes that they made while bragging that it was done as "Improving Like-For-Like” which was published just weeks before one of the four RSG’s started leaking radioactive core coolant from one of the soon to be discovered unprecedented amount of wear damaged RSG tubes. [][1] BTW: Nobody can claim the article is bias since it was published by Nuclear Engineering International, just weeks before Unit 3 started leaking radioactive core coolant. [1]:
— June 10, 2014 3:04 p.m.

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