State utility regulator re-examines secret meetings

Don — After spending hundreds of millions of dollars (all funded by SoCal ratepayers) in hiring Engineering Consultants from around the world and performing 170,000 tube inspections, SCE was still unable to convince the NRC Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulations, the NRC AIT Inspectors, the NRC Atomic Safety Licensing Board and many in the public of their technical adequacy, not to mention incorrect conclusions of both the SCE Unit 3 Tube Leak Root Cause Evaluation and the Unit 2 Restart Service Report. In plane english, they were told that their engineering reports were just junk and they better provide some answers to the NRC that made sense. Things were so bad that the NRC also "took their keys away" when they told SCE, don't even think about restarting your Unit 2 reactor without getting specific permission from us. Not wanting to get stuck with being found responsible for their own multi-billion dollar faulty designed San Onofre replacement steam generator project and their operational debacle, SCE had to come up with a quick solution. That solution was provide by the CPUC Chairman Michael Peevey, who agreed to a one sided secret SCE San Onofre "Settlement," whose details were all in SCE favor. With their "get out of jail card free" in their pocket, it was just a matter of some PR "smoke and mirrors" for SCE to use their pre-planned exit strategy to publicly announce the retirement and decommissioning of both San Onofre Unit 2 & Unit 3. Behind the "smoke and mirrors" and unknown by most observers was that they did this for four very important reasons: 1) Hide all their design mistakes for both Unit 2 and Unit 3 that resulted in "unprecedented" tube damage in the almost new replacement steam generators. 2) Hide their experimental operation of Unit 3 "over its redline" which resulted in what is known as in plane fluid elastic instability (that caused the Unit 3 radioactive leak in the first place) and had never before occurred anywhere in the world, in an operational reactor steam generator. Said another way, SCE destroyed their own new toy... 3) Hopefully stop both the California mandated CPUC investigation as well as several NRC Investigations into SCE's wrongdoing. 4) Gain immediate access to the multi-Billion dollar San Onofre decommissioning fund, which will provide an income stream for decades to come. SCE was feeling pretty smug about this "deal" since many inside both the CPUC and the NRC were also directly involved in what I call #SanOnofreGate *. ===> Now what SCE fears the most is about to happen, despite their best efforts, the truth is going to come out and it will come out very soon. Stayed Tuned! * *The new hashtag that will allow you to keep up to date on the ongoing investigation into the multi-billion $ SCE-CPUC ripoff.
— October 3, 2015 6:17 p.m.

State utility regulator re-examines secret meetings

Con't. 2 The operation of these RSG's outside their NRC approved specifications will be THE KEY issue that will convince everyone that their failure is completely SCE fault (since ratepayers had nothing to do with their operation) and everyone knows what operating "over the red line means"! Another reason why SCE must turn over their operational records is that the data will prove that SCE's operators were "experimenting" by adjusting the operational parameters in an attempt to figure out how to get the RSG to work without them causing internal "noises". In fact the 9,747 steam generator tubes tightly packed inside each of the RSG were striking each other and/or their supports as the tubes vibrated, causing "tube wear". This was very dangerous because if one or more tubes failed the high pressure radioactive reactor core coolant inside them would "flash" to steam and escape into the atmosphere! The NRC still assumes that not more than a single tube can fail at a time, which San Onofre proved is an invalid assumption since after the entire RSG system was shut down, a number of tubes failed in situ (in-place) testing. Until the "root cause" of San Onofre is determined other US steam generator may also be at risk, since a "cascade" of tube failures could easily vent so much of the reactor coolant, so fast from the reactor core, that it could cause a meltdown of the reactor! Having followed this closely since 01/31/12, I can say that we were very, very lucky to not have had a nuclear incident and/or even a nuclear accident at San Onofre despite all the "feel good" talk from SCE. If the "leak" had occurred during a large earthquake along with some other things, while both Unit 2 and Unit 3 were online, we could have had a SoCal Fukushima, which would have easily exceeded the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster Japan is now dealing with! For much more see: #SanOnofreGate — The new hashtag that will allow you to keep up to date on the ongoing investigation into the multi-billion $ SCE-CPUC ripoff. Parts of the above were previously posted:
— October 1, 2015 3:45 p.m.

State utility regulator re-examines secret meetings

SCE Caused A Nuclear Near-Miss At San Onofre and the CPUC is not only letting them away with it by shutting down its state mandated INVESTIGATION before it even gets started but is trying its best to make ratepayers foot the multi-billion dollar bill, instead of the shareholders of SCE (and SDG&E who is also a 20% owner)! The San Onofre Replacement Steam Generator (RSG) Project was designed by a team of both MHI and SCE engineers with SCE having the final say and it was their licensed CA Engineers that put their "chop" on them, which means that SCE "designed" them, the rest is finger pointing. In fact SCE told MHI that everything about the project was to be approved by them first and that HMI was not to talk to anybody including the NRC without getting the OK from SCE. This was done in order to get the RSG's built quickly without a full NRC 50.90 review which would have included a public review process.. By using the NRC 50.59 process (aka Like-For-Like) SCE told the NRC and everyone else that it was going to be an identical exchange, so no technical reviews were required. We now know this was false and can even point out a nuclear industry trade article where SCE's engineer and a MHI engineer bragged about all the changes they made, anyone of which should have required a full 50.90 review. NRC Region IV that OK'd this 50.59 replacement got all kinds of egg on their face and it pointed out that their NRC inspectors were too cozy with SCE, since the RSG failed soon after being installed, thanks to both their faulty unproven design and also how they were being operated by SCE! Improving like-for-like RSGs
— October 1, 2015 3:44 p.m.

SDG&E attempts brazen caper #2

Don - Imagine if the people affected by these rate increases actually DEMANDED that they NOT be made (as it is now >99% of ratepayers just roll over and do nothing) while allowing groups like UCAN that are supposed to be watchdog's of the the Utility and the CPUC actually profit from having too-cozy relationships with them. Ratepayers are getting stuck with the $5-$10 Billion #SanOnofreGate * screwup by SCE that was approved by the CPUC and they will not even challenge their elected Leaders to stop taking Big Utility donations if they want to be reelected... Ratepayers deserve what they get, since they accept what is happening to them instead of doing anything about these rate rip-offs. The people at the bottom of the income scale will now have to pay far more for their energy (and Water) while Big Users rates will decrease! This is part of the ongoing process of making living in San Diego ever more expensive, so that lower income residents will be forced to relocate elsewhere else making room for new wealthier residents. The City of SD is doing their part by pushing DENSITY increases, so that they can grow their tax base by converting single family properties to multi-family properties and/or even mega-family developments. Every person that leaves San Diego will be replaced by one or most likely many more new people that will each pay far more Taxes (unless they transfer their Prop. 13 benefits) and far higher Utility & Water bills. Paying for Trash removal that is now free will be the next new "bill" that will be forced upon us as our elected Leaders seek to squeeze us so that they can be enriched with ever more donations from all the Big Business ("Public" Utilities, Sport Org.'s and Other "New" Businesses) that each want a piece of the San Diego "pie" that is up for sale to the highest bidder. Enjoy living in SD while you can because it is rapidly changing into the West Coast version of New Jersey, where Politicians control almost every facet of your life, as we morph into a great place to visit (tourist destination) but too expensive to live, unless you are very well off. * *The new hashtag that will allow you to keep up to date on the ongoing investigation into the multi-billion $ SCE-CPUC ripoff. Posted before at
— September 26, 2015 5:44 p.m.

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