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Corruption charges be damned

Diogenes - As many of us have said for far too long, the radioactive leak at San Onofre was nothing less than a Nuclear Near Miss. We luckily escaped having a nuclear incident and/or even a nuclear accident like Fukushima which would have affected 5+ million people in SoCal, by the skin of our teeth. Now the huge number of highly technical documents supplied to the CPUC by those in the public will now come back to haunt them as future discovery/information requests will "prove" that the CPUC had all the documentation they needed to demand that SCE end their "partial power" charade a long time ago, yet the CPUC failed the publics trust by not doing so, just like SCE failed the publics trust, when they tried to self design replacement steam generators without going through a full NRC review, in order to save time which equates directly to shareholder profits. Now the public is beginning to realize that the "Expert" hired (on the quiet) by the CPUC agreed with what we have been saying all along, San Onofre was a radioactive accident waiting to happen, yet the CPUC tried its best to cover all of this up by ending their relationship with their "Expert", a fact that would have remained covered up if Atty. Michael Aguirre had not gotten his FOI request. The 3+ Billion Dollar Question the public should now be asking MSM is: "What else is the CPUC and/or SCE hiding from the public that will prove that they should be libel for all costs associated with their flawed replacement steam generator project".
— October 11, 2014 4:01 p.m.

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