Senator wanted pressure on Mitsubishi for failed reactor

Dan - You are downplaying the importance of the steam generator tubes to shield US from the highly RADIOACTIVE reactor core coolant that circulates inside all the tubes before going back to cool the reactor core. Steam Generator Basics: The steam flowing around the U-tube bundle inside a nuclear steam generator (SG) increases as a function of the reactor’s power level (the hot reactor coolant flowing inside the tubes), its circulation ratio and the height, thickness, heat transfer coefficient, and number of tubes in the tube bundle. If not designed and/or operated properly, a phenomenon known as In-Plane Fluid Elastic Instability (IPFEI) can occur. IPFEI results when areas of “dry” steam form around the outside of some of the tubes. IPFEI causes high secondary fluid velocities; excessive hydro-dynamic pressures, and reduces tube damping. Some of the U-tubes inside each of San Onofre’s Replacement Steam Generators (RSGs) bundle of 9,727 U-bends, because of their shape, have less rigidity and/or less in-plane dampening strength and were thus affected by these factors. These tubes will move with large amplitudes in the in-plane direction unless the U-tube bundle is designed with tube supports that have large contact forces (>30 Newtons) to restrain them. Otherwise the U-tubes can repeatedly strike against other adjacent U-tubes and cause tube-to-tube wear. If the wear becomes excessive, the tube walls can leak or crack -- or even fail, causing a break-away/rupture in one or more of the tubes that are tightly packed inside the RSGs. Any leakage would allow the high temperature, radioactive reactor core primary coolant circulating inside the tubes (which is under high pressure – about 2250 psi) to flash into steam and mix with the secondary coolant loop water/steam mixture, which is at a much lower pressure (about 833-942 psi). If radioactive core coolant leaks from the primary loop to the secondary loop, some of it would then escape into the environment when the steam is condensed back to water (this is how the January 31, 2012 tube leak at San Onofre was discovered). Since the tubes in the SGs are packed so close together, one tube failure could damage adjacent tubes, leading to a possible cascade of tube failures. Additionally, if enough primary coolant is lost (one broken-away tube might be enough, and definitely two or three), the reactor core could become uncovered in less than 15 minutes, resulting in a catastrophic nuclear meltdown, which if it had occurred at San Onofre, would have affected all southern California.
— November 28, 2015 10:57 a.m.

Just make sure it's a nice beach in 37 years

SCE is (AGAIN) using its "connections" to the CPUC and the Govenor of CA to push yet more bogus proposal through that will not only make them money but will transfer all future expenses to ratepayers. Said another way, SCE and SDG&E (who is a 20% minority owner and is also happily collecting money from their ratepayers) *are repeatedly raping SoCal ratepayers* since there seems that there is no way to stop them, yet. Now **#SanOnofreGate** grows as ever more people start asking questions that only further point out, that the sale of Energy is rigged in CA, thanks to the Governor and his appointees in the CPUC. Elected Leaders are also part of the problem since they refuse to demand change because the Utilities are too powerful to cross. SDG&E is a 20% owner of San Onofre, yet almost nothing is mentioned in M$M about that connection. NONE of their emails have been given to State investigators. This should have happened at the same time as SCE's emails were given up since SDG&E had to be a party to any settlement discussion... I bet Governor Brown has quietly let it be known that he will pardon anyone found guilty, so everyone is looking the other way. Expect to see much more about this "surface" very soon. ***** The new hashtag that will allow you to keep up to date on the ongoing investigation into the multi-billion $ SCE-CPUC ripoff. Part of the above was posted here:
— November 20, 2015 1:11 p.m.

Nuclear waste on beach draws lawsuit

Don — A REAL Threat to the rigged CPUC system we now have: **California ballot initiative would eliminate IOUs, establish statewide public utility** By Herman K. Trabish | November 3, 2015 Dive Brief: The California Secretary of State last week approved a ballot proposal for signature gathering that would replace the state's three investor-owned utilities with a single, statewide public power district, City News Service reports. The proposed measure to establish the California Electrical Utility District (CEUD) was approved by the Secretary of State on Friday, allowing backers to begin gathering the 365,880 signatures needed by April 26, 2016 to qualify the measure for the November ballot. The CEUD would replace Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, and the state’s other investor owned electric utilities (IOUs). It would replace the IOUs’ corporate structures with an elected Board of Directors from 11 wards made up of the current IOU service territories.
— November 5, 2015 1:41 p.m.

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