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Who made these errors?

SUPPRESSED PUC SAN ONOFRE REPORT RELEASED‏: **Notice: The CPUC's *scope of work* is slanted to protect SCE and also the CPUC** See analysis of Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP) vs San Onofre (SONGS) From the CPUC Scope of Work: "**Why the steam generators at DCPP and their design has been successful while the SGs design by Mitsubishi for SONGS resulted in excessive tube wear and tube failure**"* Since SCE was in charge of the joint SCE-MHI steam generator design team and had contractual agreements that Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) was in essence, to only *follow orders from SCE*, it is clearly evident that the CPUC was trying its best to cover for SCE by seeking this slanted report. Then when they found out that their own Expert started asking too many questions that neither SCE or the CPUC wanted answered, the CPUC terminated his contract which probably also keeps him from discussing any part of it with the public. Luckily Michael Aguirre has had access to much more technical expert information, which is why they can now claim that the CPUC is refusing to allow discovery in the ongoing investigation into the reasonableness of the operation of San Onofre, because it will expose SCE's in-house design failures which not only will affect the proposed $3.4 Billion settlement at San Onofre but also the litigation between SCE and MHI; so it is very possible that SCE and their shareholders will get stung not once but twice! Once for trying to pull a fast one over on their ratepayers and a second time for publicly trying to shift the blame upon MHI when in fact, SCE was at fault for instructing MHI build the 4 huge replacement steam generators exactly as SCE designed them. SCE employees knew full well that they had serious design flaws in the proposed RSG which were responsible for their almost immediate failure, once they were placed into operation, which put millions of southern Californians at rick of a nuclear incident and/or nuclear accident. If the CPUC does not shift all financial blame to SCE for the San Onofre RSG debacle then I expect that this matter will soon be out of the CPUC's hands as both SCE and the CPUC get investigated by groups higher up the legal food chain, because all the facts are available, even though many groups tried their best to cover them up, seeking favor from SCE. * I'd also like to add that DCPP RSG are of such a different design and are just as importantly operated differently than the SONGS RSG so any technical comparison is like comparing a Tesla to an Edsel because they both are vehicles that have 4 wheels.
— August 1, 2014 1:09 p.m.

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