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Bylaws and sweethearts in Hillcrest

Point 1: The city requires registration by, and business license fees from, anyone conducting any kind of business or performing any kind of work, or earning and reporting on State tax returns any income, at an address, even if the business is freelance, conducted out of a bedroom at home. That address, then, is the legal business address. BIDs have city-approved legal district boundaries: anyone with a business license within the boundary is automatically assessed a BID membership fee on annual renewal of the business license. Point 2: Ben Nicholls has been screwing around with his underhanded games since he arrived in San Diego. Among other questionable activities, he was a participant in the illegal Golden Hill MAD formation and administration. He has left few communities untouched when it comes to looking for money and power: Pacific Beach, Rose Canyon, Golden Hill, South Park, Hillcrest, and, now, Barrio Logan. He supposedly left McFarlane in March 2014; his [LinkedIn][1] profile says he is now the Executive Director of the "[Barrio Art Association][2] (BAA)," whatever that really is. Because it doesn't look like anything real: The website doesn't give much info except to state that 501c status is being sought. Given that Nicholls is paying close attention to the illegally formed Barrio Logan MAD meetings (he's a Facebook friend and he "likes" them!), he's obviously hoping to divert money from the Barrio Logan assessments to his shell BAA. Tens of thousands of dollars are up for grabs from the assessed property owners, for "community identity" signage, for expensive silkscreened logos for every trash can, bench, and banner, for T-shirt designs, etc. Nicholls is very familiar with all of these outlays of money - he observed the game and was part of making sure that friends of the Golden Hill MAD administrators got contracts for similar junk. [1]: [2]:
— June 25, 2014 8:31 p.m.

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