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The Long Trial of Ron Mix

Did the former football hero do anything wrong, or was he merely an innocent victim?

For years, Charger Hall of Famer Ron Mix and his wife Patti have been prominent on the San Diego social scene; a “decorative couple,” one observer said. They appeared together on the cover of the ...

So You Want to Be a Doctor

You say you've got a good mind, top grades and top scores, and the desire to help people? Don't be surprised if UCSD School of Medicine turns you down.

"The pre-med nerd sits in the front row in his classes and asks questions all the time to display his knowledge;' explains Hu. "Usually he already knows the answer. He takes furious notes and carries a tape recorder."

Title to Trouble

The Gagosian mansion is a multimillion-dollar monument to the egos of wealthy and flamboyant men. It is also bad luck.

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