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Stories by Jeanne Schinto

Bidders Check Out Copley’s Library

Bidders at the fourth and final auction of the now-defunct James S. Copley Library, held at Sotheby’s in New York City on May 20, did what they had done at the previous three sales. They ...

Historic Papers in the Wind

Bidders at the auction of the now-dissolved James S. Copley Library, held at Sotheby’s in New York City on April 14, drove the price of a 75-word letter signed by one Button Gwinnett to a ...

Dusty Mother

Kate Sessions Walking Tour

“Descriptions of her say her clothes were rarely pressed and always dusty. This was someone who wasn’t into ‘fussy doodles,’ as she called any kind of societal finery. She was a straight shooter, unimpressed with titles."

H is for Hacker

Chilling smiles at the Bristol Hotel.

Like many hackers, David Nakamura Hulton goes by more than one name. His other one, his handle, is h1kari. Some people say you shouldn’t ask a hacker what his handle means. Handles aren’t always meant ...

Too Close for Comfort

North Island Naval Air Station is impressive from the sky — 2600 acres dotted with buildings and trucks and cars. Looking at an aerial photo taken when 4 of the U.S.’s 12 aircraft carriers were ...

Slave Soldiers

Local vets sue local companies that enslaved them

"I live a perfect life,” Lester Tenney told me. “I’ve been a very fortunate man.” We were sitting in the sunshine on his patio on Mount Soledad. Betty, his wife of over 40 years, had ...

He's Sad for Ships

Richard DeRosset was shipwrecked on the 21st of May 1977 while returning from a commercial fishing trip off the banks of San Nicolas Island. There was a stack fire on the Petrel that night. It ...

How Do You Like Our Moonscape?

San Felipe Valley awaits the deluge

As we drove through the San Felipe Valley, Ann and Tom Keenan pointed out a lone house ringed with greenery on the blackened hillside. A small circle, saved. It's one of several hundred homes that ...

Birds Squared

The San Diego Bird Atlas Project

The Keenans prowl V17.

Desperately Seeking Blondie

“It’s humbling to be beaten by Blondie,” says David Fogel, who many times has stayed up late to play checkers with her. I tell him I wouldn’t be humbled if Blondie beat me. I don’t ...

Hard-core chess fiends love Saturdays

The club boasts “virtually all the strongest players in San Diego County,” says Saponara, “including one of the best players in the United States” — 41-year-old Cyrus Lakdawala. “But we have players at every other level..”

Bright Eye

A small captain of San Diego's art industry

“I’m a scopophiliac, I guess,” says Arthur Ollman. “I love to look.” What the founding director of the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park loves to look at is photos. He claims his eyes ...

Removal Remembrance

Cupa days celebration

Every year, a week before Cupa Days, we make the journey back to Warner’s,” says Leroy H. Miranda, Jr., director of the Cupa Cultural Center in Pala. He refers to Warner Springs, where the Cupeño ...

Critic of Inward City

New Work by James Hubbell

“San Diego doesn’t have the faith in itself that a place like New York or San Francisco has,” he said. “It’s partly the result of history. San Diego turned in on itself when the railroad went to Los Angeles.”


At the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant, bathed in a strange orange light, George Lewis guides a reporter through a gallery of sludge pipes. Later this afternoon, Lewis — the composer, trombonist-improviser, computer musician, and ...

Come Back Alive

The History of Soaring in San Diego

“If anyone might be considered the Tiger Woods of soaring, it would be John Robinson,” says local-aviation historian Gary B. Fogel. “As a student at San Diego High School in the early 1930s, Robinson was ...

Secrets of the Dome-Dwellers

Learn about the lifestyles of local Native Americans

“The Kumeyaay weren’t an I agricultural people,” says Heather Rosing, who, as a hobby, has studied the culture of the Native Americans indigenous to San Diego. “They were hunters and gatherers — mainly gatherers — ...

Farewell, Worshipful Objects

The tenor saxophone player is missing. While someone tries to call him on a cell phone, the horn players clear their throats and the other ensemble members make the familiar, cacophonous sounds of musical instruments ...

The Last Tag Sale

I notice he has thrown away some color slides — family pictures. The bag breaks and they spill out. I don’t say anything, just pick them up off the driveway and put them in a ...

Pioneer in Oceanside

Chamber Music at the New Museum

Pessimists! Like the poor, they’re always with us. When people started to promote the notion of an Oceanside Museum of Art about five years ago, James Pahl, director of that museum today, recalls, “About half ...

What the Ears Love

Chick y Breier was there when it all began. This was after World War II, when the concept of “hi-fi” — or “high-fidelity” — was so new that most people didn’t even know what the ...

How to Grow Your Own Tiny Forest

San Diego Bonsai Club's Annual Spring Show

Bonsai and toy dogs. Is it fair to put them in the same category? Is the analogy apt? True, both plant and pet are miniaturized, but look at a toy dog, hear its yap, and ...

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