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Alleged father-son fleecers in trouble again

Galanis family charged in case involving investors in Native American bonds

Oceanside's John Galanis and his son Jason of Los Angeles have been charged both civilly and criminally with defrauding investors in phony Native American tribal bonds. Both suits were filed against the pair and five ...

Qualcomm and Jack in the Box struggle to boost stock prices

San Diego giants sell well below their highs

Stocks of two of San Diego’s most-admired companies have dropped sharply from their all-time highs around $100. One, Qualcomm, dropped around 90 percent before recovering, but the plunge took place long ago, in the early ...

Drug counselor indicted for smuggling drugs

Prisoners and their friends helped sneak the stash in Calipatria

A supervisory drug counselor at Calipatria State Prison in Imperial County, Angela Carr, was indicted today (May 10) for smuggling methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana into the facility. Carr routinely met with inmates attending the prison's ...

Manchester: "No affiliation with anybody in Panama"

But plenty of "Manchester" names in offshore data release

On Monday (May 9) the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published a database of almost 214,000 offshore entities created in tax and secrecy havens by a Panama law firm, Mossack Fonseca. The data were leaked ...

Public Utilities Commission reopens San Onofre case

Admits they "undermined public confidence in the agency"

In a surprise move, the California Public Utilities Commission today (May 9) reopened the 2014 agreement by which ratepayers got stuck with $3.3 billion of costs related to the sudden closing of the San Onofre ...

A big "NO" to pro basketball in Seattle

Majority-female council votes against helping bring back former Supersonics

In January, Seattle seated a city council with a 5-4 majority of women. Last week, in a 5-4 decision strictly along gender lines, the council nixed a corporate-welfare scheme that might have helped the city ...

Bank bailout fallout continues

SD plaintiffs will go to U.S. Supreme Court

If there is one thing that is generally accepted about the 2008 bailout of the banking system, it's that the big banks put up fraudulent mortgages as collateral for the federal government's bailout money. Two ...

Aguirre sues governor over records

Corruption rife between Brown, attorney general, utilities commission?

San Diego lawyer Michael Aguirre yesterday (May 5) sued governor Edmund G. Brown for not turning over critical public records regarding alleged corruption at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The suit was filed in ...

Government's secret slaughter of animals exposed

Lawsuit against Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security

Millions of wild animals are secretly slaughtered annually by the United States government in a program to help corporate agriculture, says a group called Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK). The group, based in Chicago, ...

Prison was good for him, says ex-Chargers QB Ryan Leaf

"The power, the prestige, and the money" became his demons

Ryan Leaf, a former San Diego Chargers quarterback for whom the team had high hopes in the late '90s, said on the syndicated Dan Patrick Show yesterday (May 4) that his prison sentence was good ...

Three San Diego lawyers disbarred

Failure to respond is a familiar theme

According to the Cal Bar Journal, three San Diego lawyers have been disbarred. Tina Marie Sobotta, who had been convicted in 2012 of disturbing the peace and trespassing, failed to respond to a notice of ...

Junior Seau's doctor-buddy could lose license

Medical board files accusations against David Chao (again)

Former Chargers physician and close friend of the late Junior Seau, David Jee Wei Chao, M.D., is in trouble with the Medical Board of California once again. An accusation was filed against him April 27. ...

Sempra Energy CEO and boardmembers sued over Aliso methane leak

Gross mismanagement, abuse of control, and unjust enrichment among allegations

In federal court April 25, a Sempra Energy shareholder sued the company's chief executive, Debra Reed, along with officers and boardmembers, for breach of fiduciary duty over the Aliso Canyon methane leak, which the suit ...

Navy commander gets 78 months in prison

Misiewicz gets longest term in ongoing scam

U.S. Navy commander Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz of San Diego was sentenced to six and a half years in prison today (April 29) for giving classified ship schedules to a foreign contractor in exchange for ...

Hispanic entrepreneurs do best in Texas

San Diego ranked 108 out of 150; Oceanside and Chula Vista also do poorly

A study by WalletHub, which prepares statistics on cities, metro areas, and states, indicates that San Diego and its nearby cities are not particularly good places for Hispanic entrepreneurs. Cities were ranked on two metrics: ...

SEC charges local lawyer with role in stock scam

Luke Zouvas said to help set up pump 'n' dump

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday (April 25) charged in federal court that San Diego lawyer Luke Zouvas did the paperwork on a pump 'n' dump stock scam along with a group of ...

Convention centers lose bundles of money

Losses are subsidy for hotels, restaurants

Convadium con is a variation on the convention center sham.

Stadium shuffle continues within NFL

Will the Raiders be able to move to Vegas without objection?

It looks like Mark Davis, son of Oakland Raiders founder Al Davis, will move the team to Las Vegas. One potential stumbling block, say some in the media, is John Mara, chief executive and co-owner ...

Attorney general Kamala Harris's predictable "malpractice"

Statute of limitation runs out on San Onofre investigation

On March 26, 2013, an executive of California Edison, Stephen Pickett, had a clandestine meeting with Michael Peevey, then president of the California Public Utilities Commission, at a hotel in Warsaw, Poland. At this meeting, ...

Hey, Bernie: Hillary has diddled with Wall Street

As senator, she sought buyer for AIG

In a recent debate, Bernie Sanders chided Hillary Clinton for taking big money from Wall Street for speeches she gave. Hillary asked Bernie to name one time when her payoffs for speeches resulted in her ...

Another day, another Otay Mesa drug tunnel

But this one led to over a ton of coke and was 800 yards long

Federal officials announced today (April 20) that they made arrests related to what is believed to be the longest cross-border drug transportation tunnel (800 yards in length), stretching from a house in Tijuana to a ...

Doctors in trouble

Allegations include alcohol and drug abuse and an errant orchiectomy

Two area doctors face discipline from the Medical Board of California, according to accusations filed earlier this year. Dr. Theodore Affue of El Centro is charged with giving a radical orchiectomy (testicle removal) to a ...

Qualcomm braces for impact

Earnings report expected to be grim...but stock may not take a hit

Qualcomm reports its second-quarter results Wednesday (April 20), and Wall Street expects big declines from a year ago. Thomson Reuters reports that the consensus of 35 analysts is for earnings to be down 33 percent ...

Qualcomm pays half the tax it should owe

Study indicates multinationals dodge $111 billion in U.S. taxes each year

Oxfam America, an antipoverty organization, came out with a study yesterday (April 14) highlighting the tax dodges of American multinational corporations. By utilizing such dubious methods of stashing money in offshore tax havens, these companies ...

Local unemployment stays at 4.7 percent

But almost 40,000 jobs created since last year

The county's unemployment rate remained at 4.7 percent in March, according to the state Employment Development Department. The county gained 9300 jobs between February and March. Leisure and hospitality jobs rose by 3000 in the ...

Avocado prices plunging

Fruit too big in Mexico, too small in U.S.

The local avocado industry takes more bruising.

Yeah, whatever you say, Jerry Sanders

"We understand that PR people may help others with op-eds."

Former mayor Jerry Sanders now heads the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce — a job that, some say, he might as well have had while he was mayor. On August 19 of last year, ...

John Moores's former lawyer back in private sector

Charles La Bella is model of revolving-door user — twice

One of the dubious practices that journalistic scam sleuths focus on is the "revolving door" — lawyers working for the government, learning the ropes, letting bandits off lightly (or completely), then joining a defense law ...

Raiders could play in Vegas, but not forever

Viva la Raiders?

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported today (April 8) that the Oakland Raiders could play pre-season games and maybe a regular-season game in Vegas if a deal is finalized for a new domed stadium near the ...

Drug firm charges UCSD with fraud

Academic scam swept "under the rug," says company

Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical, a Japanese drug company, on April 1 charged the Regents of the University of California with fraud, claiming that UCSD defrauded the company and then engaged in "a whitewash campaign to sweep ...

Seymour Lazar, once a puppet of Lerach, dies

Entertainment lawyer didn't do jail time due to his age and health

Seymour Lazar, an entertainment lawyer and tool of notorious San Diego lawyer William Lerach (no longer practicing), has died in Palm Springs, as reported in various media. He was 88. Lazar had been indicted in ...

My Energy Wave, my jail time

Caught selling phony healthcare devices, Carlsbad resident cured of fraud

David Perez, a former Carlsbad resident now living in Oregon, was sentenced to 30 months in custody yesterday (April 4) for selling unapproved "Energy Wave" medical devices over the internet. He admitted to his crimes ...

Ex SeaWorld manager charged with embezzlement

Feds say he created false invoices, stole $750K under guise of phony company

Willard David Joseph Jobin-Reyes (who was called "Sebastian John"), a former SeaWorld manager, was arraigned in federal court today (April 4) on charges of running an eight-year, $750,000 embezzlement scheme. According to the U.S. Attorney's ...

Two teams demand millions for stadium upgrades

Arizona Diamondbacks and Cleveland Cavaliers seek to fleece

One thing San Diegans must keep in mind when negotiating with the Chargers is that pro-sports team billionaires are both unscrupulous and smooth as glass. They hire expensive law and Wall Street firms with the ...

Chargers release so-called financing plan

"This amounts to zero benefit to the people of San Diego."

The Chargers said they would release financial plans today (March 30) for their proposed downtown "convadium" — a combined football stadium and convention center. But the team's statement is a joke. So many details are ...

Engineers get axed, then train foreign replacements

H-1B visa program steals Americans’ jobs

“Knowledge transfer.” It’s a scholarly sounding name for a vile practice that is stealing jobs from American engineers and forcing those soon-to-be-laid-off tech employees to train their foreign replacements. If American workers refuse to teach ...

Some things to check on Chargers' stadium plan

Be prepared to cock an eyebrow at this proposal

The plans for a new downtown Chargers stadium should come out Monday (March 28) or sometime during the week. Many of the purported details have been leaked to friendly media, so all San Diegans should ...

Zika virus reaches San Diego County

Sex with ill men returning from Colombia presents apparent risk

According to the San Diego County News Center, the first county Zika virus case that was sexually transmitted was confirmed this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A county woman was infected ...

Kiss that Navy brass goodbye, Capt. Dusek

"Golden asset" gets 46 months in prison

United States Navy captain Daniel Dusek, the highest-ranking official charged in the big Navy bribery scandal, was sentenced to 46 months in prison in federal court yesterday (March 25). He was ordered to pay a ...

The house that Calexico drug traffickers built

Tunnel between residence and Mexican restaurant

Federal officials seized more than a ton of marijuana today (March 23) and arrested four people as a cross-border tunnel running from Mexicali to Calexico was thwarted. The tunnel runs 415 yards from the El ...

Cuba, the Mafia, Sinatra, Smith, and Peñasquitos

Not many degrees of separation between them

President Obama visits Cuba — it's all over the news. But why is the American press not discussing how Fidel Castro took over Cuba? A major reason is that the then-boss of Cuba, Fulgencio Batista, ...

Scripps Institute says Illumina infringes on patent

The most prestigious nonprofit sues the most successful biotech

San Diego's Illumina is a biotech powerhouse. As researchers increasingly discover that genetic factors are the causes of diseases, Illumina stands out: it has an overwhelming share of the market for machines that can sequence ...

Aluminum penny returned to U.S. Mint

It might have been worth $2 million

A 1974-D aluminum penny, said to be worth $2 million, will be returned to the U.S. Mint. San Diegan Randall Lawrence, son of the late Mint official Harry Lawrence, said he inherited the coin from ...

B.J. Gallison sentenced to 18 years in prison

Offshore brokerage accounts and shell companies fail to mask market bandit

Harold Bailey (B.J.) Gallison II today (March 18) was sentenced to 18 years in prison — a very long sentence for a stock-market swindler, but too short a sentence in his many victims' eyes. Gallison ...

Chargers or Comic-Con? SD can't get both (and needs neither)

Another aspect of "convadium" conundrum pointed out

Heywood Sanders, the national ranking expert on convention centers, is in San Diego this week, scouting around. Sanders wrote a seminal paper for the Brookings Institution in 2005, predicting a destructive arms race in construction ...

$300 million allegedly bilked from investors

Rancho Santa Fe resident linked to Aequitas six years ago

A week ago (March 10), the Securities and Exchange Commission filed suit against a Portland, Oregon, financial firm named Aequitas and three of its high-living, socially prominent executives. They are charged with running a Ponzi ...

Signs of economic life in Imperial County

Renewable energy projects create jobs...but not as many as projected

Imperial County renewable-energy projects built in the past ten years have helped the economy and created jobs, but not as many jobs as expected, according to a study by the National University System Institute for ...

Trump University plaintiff wants out

"[Plaintiff] lived with the stress of potential ruin," says her filing.

A scheduled hearing in the federal court of Gonzalo P. Curiel today (March 11) may tell more about presidential contender Donald Trump than many of the charges being thrown around by his Republican opponents. Tarla ...

Bridgepoint stock jumps, but earnings disappoint

Spending dropped 15 percent as enrollments went down

Stock of troubled Bridgepoint Education leapt 34.19 percent yesterday (March 9) to $9.09 after the earnings report issued the day before. However, 2015 earnings and revenue dropped sharply compared with 2014. Analysts say the results ...

Will the NFL be as powerful in three decades?

The long-term viability of professional football

Anybody looking forward to Super Bowl LXXX? You could build a stadium for a sport that doesn’t exist.

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