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Nuvasive's eastward expansion

Spinal surgery device–maker swoops on fat subsidies in Ohio

San Diego–based NuVasive, maker of spinal surgery devices, revealed Thursday that it has selected a site in West Carrollton, Ohio, in the Dayton area, for a manufacturing facility. NuVasive will move almost 100 jobs from ...

Qualcomm stadium is still in diapers

Pro teams want a new venue every 25 or 30 years

Blame the Astrodome for the Chargers’ supposed stadium crisis.

Justice in the tuna industry

Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee merger would stifle competition

Two San Diego–based tuna companies, Bumble Bee Foods and Chicken of the Sea (which is owned by a Thailand firm, Thai Union Group), abandoned plans to merge after the Department of Justice said the merger ...

Edison's cost of corruption: $16.7 million

Return on corruption: $3.3 billion

In a decision yesterday (December 3), the California Public Utilities Commission fined Southern California Edison a piddling $16.7 million for not reporting an illegal, amoral, clandestine meeting it had in early 2013 with Michael Peevey, ...

Parents charge parachute system was defective

Son, Bradley Cavner, killed last year

In June of last year, 31-year-old Navy SEAL Bradley Cavner was killed in a parachute accident. On November 25 of this year, his parents, Steve and Beth Cavner, had their wrongful death suit moved from ...

Whoever replaces Fabiani...

Chargers' counsel knows getting the team to L.A. is his job

A column by Chris Jenkins today (November 30) in the Union-Tribune should be a case study at Harvard Business School. It's a story quoting Jeff Marston, a former public relations man for the San Diego ...

Murdoch says L.A. Times to be sold

If true, Union-Tribune will also likely have new owner soon

Publishing magnate Rupert Murdoch today (November 27) sent out a tweet saying that Tribune Publishing, now parent of the Los Angeles Times and Union-Tribune, will be sold to a Wall Street group. Then the Los ...

Senator wanted pressure on Mitsubishi for failed reactor

As favor to Edison, Feinstein wrote ambassador to Japan

New documents have surfaced that show Sen. Dianne Feinstein — as a favor to Southern California Edison — wrote the United States ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, asking her to intervene with the government of ...

National Football League warms to gamblers

The league was founded by and for high rollers

The National Football League might be returning to its roots: wide-open gambling — legal or illegal. The league has embraced the concept of people playing fantasy football for money — choosing real players in a ...

Cops killed man threatening suicide

Wife sues because husband's finger was allegedly far from trigger

On March 27, Gary Kendrick, suffering from depression, put a shotgun to his head and pulled the trigger. The gun didn't go off. According to a suit filed November 20 in federal court, his wife ...

Sharkbitten photographer files suit

Head of diving company accused of negligence due to drinking

On June 13, Elke Specker was photographing sharks in navigable waters off San Diego. A suit she filed in federal court this month states that she hired Michael Kazma and Mako Shark Diving LLC to ...

La Jolla moneyman Indiana-bound

K2 Capital honcho Brian Kandefer gets 121 months in the clink

Brian Kandefer, whose loan modification scam was based in La Jolla, has been sentenced to 121 months in prison in Northern Indiana. He pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering. Kandefer was a co-owner ...

Lame jobs, though

Jobs increase, but unemployment rate rises

The San Diego County unemployment rate rose to 5 percent in October, up from 4.6 percent in September, according to the California Employment Development Department. The number of jobs rose 10,800 in the month, with ...

Another problem for DraftKings

Lawsuit: Player was allegedly promised $100, got $4

Julian McMillan filed a suit in federal court November 17 claiming he did not get the promised bonus for playing in the DraftKings fantasy football game. The suit is a putative class action suit, hoping ...

Rocky frustrated by fairy shrimp

Presidential hopeful De La Fuente's bid for development could be hopeless

Businessman Roque De La Fuente II, whose longshot candidacy for president was reported October 3 by the Reader, is still being frustrated in court by the wee Riverside fairy shrimp. De La Fuente owns property ...

Cheatin' seamen

Guilty plea for sailor who helped buddies cheat on taxes

Former U.S. Navy sailor Leonard Demon Washington pleaded guilty yesterday (November 12) to helping 140 fellow seamen cheat on their taxes. He was an active-duty sailor aboard the USS Higgins in San Diego in 2010 ...

Muscle bound and bound for court

LaRon Landry, suspended NFL player, still owes $355,000 for a car

LaRon Landry, a defensive back, has been in the National Football League since 2007. But he has known trouble. Last year, he was suspended four games for violating league rules against performance enhancing drugs. In ...

Goliath will shrug

Public utilities commission's reform measures soften

San Diego attorney Maria Severson wrote a letter today (November 12) noting that both the California administrative branch (governor's office) and judiciary (Judicial Council's Governmental Affairs Office) have stepped in to stop reforms of the ...

San Diego has had its Volkswagen-type scandals

Jack in the Box reacted wisely; Sequenom still suffering

Corporate crises can kill. In the immediate aftermath of a major scandal, so-called experts warn that the guilty company could go under. Now, German automaker Volkswagen could succumb, warn some. The company, which touted itself ...

The looting of workers' comp

Medical kickback scheme uncovered, local chiropractor charged

A federal grand jury unsealed indictments today (November 11) charging medical professionals and service companies with a kickback scheme that fleeced California Workers' Compensation insurance companies. Basically, the medical professionals were bribed to refer patients ...

Veterans' haven no more

High cost disqualifies San Diego as best military town

San Diego was known for decades as a haven for military veterans, but in the past several decades, the cost of living has eroded the city's position. WalletHub, which keeps statistics on states, metro areas, ...

Fee for a dead man

Gerald Parsky's group pays Villalobos estate

Rancho Santa Fe's Gerald Parsky heads a Los Angeles private equity fund, Aurora Capital Group, which got more than $400 million in investment commitments from the giant California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS). Aurora had ...

Papa Doug selling Rhode Island mansion

Manchester and wife reportedly expecting a baby

Papa Doug Manchester, multimillionaire San Diego real estate developer and former owner of the Union-Tribune, is awaiting delivery of his sixth child, and for that reason intends to sell the Newport, Rhode Island, mansion he ...

Trillion-dollar philanthropist* gets 27 months

William Ison maybe could have talked a dog off a meat wagon

In investment seminars throughout the country, William Ison liked to talk big. Real big. He said his company, Blue Diamond Excavation, was worth $86 billion. Actually, the company had never produced anything. Ison said he ...

Bank of Internet sued

BofI Holding accused of lending money to "unsavory characters"

A putative class action suit was filed Tuesday (November 3) in federal court against San Diego-based BofI Holding, parent of Bank of the Internet, which specializes in mortgage loans to high-wealth individuals, often foreign. The ...

Governor's future not as big as Texas

State workers reportedly researched Brown family ranch for oil potential

Gov. Jerry Brown last year directed state oil and gas regulators to research the oil and gas potential of his family's Northern California ranch, the Associated Press has learned through records it obtained through state ...

Qualcomm's bad news traveling fast

Stock tanking today after less-than-hopeful forecast yesterday

Stock of Qualcomm has been down this morning (November 5), as the earnings and future guidance announced yesterday evening disappointed Wall Street. At 9:22 a.m. Pacific Time, the stock was down 13.84 percent to $51.88; ...

Disbarment for fund juggler

Chris Rusch helped clients stash money abroad — then he ratted on them

The State Bar of California has disbarred Carlsbad attorney Chris M. Rusch, who specialized in offshore tax havens. On March 18 of last year, he was sentenced to ten months in prison for helping two ...

Nuclear waste on beach draws lawsuit

Coastal commission sued over San Onofre storage plan

At a press conference this afternoon (November 3), the firm of Aguirre & Severson will reveal its lawsuit against the California Coastal Commission. The suit, to be filed in superior court, seeks to compel the ...

Creative lawyering punished

Todd Macaluso gets five months' incarceration for forgery, etc.

San Diego attorney Todd Macaluso, who specialized in personal-injury lawsuits, was sentenced today (November 2) to five months in prison. A judge ordered him to pay $250,000 in fines and restitution. Macaluso has admitted that ...

Another Aguirre, another case

Securities commission judgment in question

In September of 2012, Kevin James O'Rourke of Del Mar's Pacific Capital Management was sanctioned by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for putting investors in a San Diego software firm without informing those investors ...

O.C. Register parent files for bankruptcy — again

Ignominious end of an attempt to fatten up the paper

If court OKs it, current CEO will take over paper.

SDSU does poorly with the poor

Study notes recruitment and graduation of low-income students lacking

In a new study, the Institute for Higher Education Policy says some large universities, including San Diego State, get low grades for the enrollment and graduation rates of low-income students. The measurement was based on ...

Vericare admits submitting false claims

Allegations of overbilling surfaced in whistleblower lawsuit

Vericare Management, San Diego–based provider of psychiatric and psychological services to geriatric patients, agreed yesterday (October 29) to pay more than $1 million to resolve allegations that it violated the federal False Claims Act by ...

San Diego’s income and poverty numbers better than most

But cost of living is near the highest

If you want a cushy life, be a bureaucrat, lobbyist, or politician.

Chainsaw-carrying maniac par for the course

Lawsuit for injuries incurred on Haunted Trail thrown out

If you pay money to go through a haunting experience and are warned it may scare you, you can't sue when it does. On October 23, the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, upheld a ...

A record of misdeeds that cannot be erased

Troy Flowers got five years of probation for securities wrongdoing

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, known widely as FINRA, is a private regulatory body that polices and keeps records on those in the financial industry — stockbrokers, brokerage houses and their executives, and the like. ...

The Cashman taketh, the Cashman goeth away

Government employee took tens of thousands in bribes

Timothy Francis Cashman, a building manager for the General Services Administration, was sentenced to 16 months in custody today (October 23) for taking bribes and stealing government property. As an overseer of property at the ...

Heywood does more convention center math

More numbers to show more convention space is not needed!

Heywood Sanders, professor at the University of Texas San Antonio, and the nation's ranking expert on convention centers, just visited San Diego. He is the author of the book Convention Center Follies, telling how convention ...

Super-tunnel of weed

12 tons of pot intercepted in Tijuana-to-Otay operation

Federal officials last night (October 21) seized control of a cross-border super tunnel running from a Tijuana warehouse to the Otay Center Warehouse at 2587 Otay Center Drive. Twenty-two people were arrested in San Diego ...

Volkswagen charged with death by smog

Litigants call it "one of the most brazen corporate crimes in history"

Caroline Hoag and Paul Byrne on Monday (October 19) filed a putative class-action suit in U.S. district court against Volkswagen AG, its American branch, and individuals. They aren't the first San Diegans to go after ...

San Diego leaves money (and food) on the table

Participation in safety net programs remains low

San Diego County is still failing to enroll needy resident in major federal and state safety-net programs, and this is costing the local economy almost $1 billion a year, according to a joint study by ...

Financial product peddler ordered to desist and refrain

But desist and refrain from what?

The 36 percent annual return should have been a scam tip-off.

Edison's "recent discovery" of revealing documents

Judge Darling was "pretty shocked by [San Diego attorney] Mike Aguirre."

Southern California Edison today (October 20) filed a document with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) revealing close communications between an Edison executive and the administrative law judge, Melanie Darling, who is overseeing the process ...

Goodbye Qualcomm, hello Microsoft

Peggy Johnson got $7.8 million signing bonus

If Margaret L. (Peggy) Johnson is an example, executives leaving Qualcomm should have few problems landing a juicy job in the tech industry. Yesterday (October 19), Microsoft released its annual proxy statement that, among many ...

SD emerges from Great Recession

Unemployment hits 4.6 percent in September, same as June 2007

The San Diego County unemployment rate was 4.6 percent in September, the lowest it has been since June of 2007, before the Great Recession, according to the California Employment Development Department. It was also 4.6 ...

Banker helped clients dodge money-laundering rules

Raymundo Navarette took bribes, pleads guilty

Local banker Raymondo Navarrette pleaded guilty in federal court today (October 15) to taking bribes to help his clients avoid detection by Citibank's anti-money laundering compliance program. In his plea agreement, Navarrette admitted that he ...

San Diego is 12th greenest city

"Going green" not just a euphemism for this city's marijuana industry

Of the nation's 100 largest cities, San Diego is the 12th greenest, according to WalletHub, an organization that keeps statistics on states, cities, and metro areas. The cities were ranked on variables such as: air ...

U-T dispute with parent gets ink

New York Times gets ahold of leaked emails

The New York Times has a highly unusual story today (October 14) suggesting that Tribune Publishing, parent of the Union-Tribune, lowered the U-T's revenue forecast for the rest of the year without any good reason. ...

California imposes no-chew law for big leagues

Tony Gwynn believed his cancer was from chewing tobacco

California yesterday (October 11) banned use of chewing tobacco by Major League Baseball players — the first state to do so, according to A bill to ban snuff was initially introduced in February. The ...

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