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Stories by Don Bauder

Los Angeles is for lovers

And San Diego is fourth best place for Valentine's Day

San Diego will be the fourth best city in the nation for celebrating Valentine's Day February 14, says WalletHub, the outfit that keeps state, city, and metro area statistics. San Diego will have the second ...

Edison screws its employees, too

Tech press and politicians complain of H-1B abuses

Southern California Edison, whose electricity rates are consistently among the highest in the nation, isn't satisfied just to screw ratepayers. Now, politicians in both houses of Congress, along with technology publications and academics, are strongly ...

FDA undercover

Agents crack down on youth smoking, warning letters sent

Food and Drug Administration undercover agents are patrolling retail outlets, looking for sales of tobacco products to young people under age 18. The FDA got this authority under the Tobacco Control Act of 2009. The ...

The better to bamboozle you

Securities & Exchange Commission freezes assets of Total Wealth Management

The Securities and Exchange Commission today (February 5) announced it has achieved an emergency asset freeze and temporary restraining order against Jacob Keith Cooper and his investment firm Total Wealth Management. On his KOGO radio ...

Appellate court rebuffs wild-goose Chase

Poway couple loses case to J.P. Morgan Chase

On January 30, the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, gave a pretty good spanking to a Poway couple who appealed when a Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the big J.P. Morgan Chase ...

Lawyers on the wrong side of the law

Money-laundering attorney on suspension and one on probation

According to yesterday's (February 2), Cal Bar Journal, well-known criminal attorney James Joseph (Jimmy) Warner has been placed on interim suspension. On July 15 of last year, Warner pleaded guilty to laundering $100,000 of a ...

Chargers stadium task force "packed"

Financially strapped city and team owner, but, here come the experts

The U-T editorialized today (January 31) that the task force on the Chargers stadium is "packed with the right mix of expertise." Of course it is "packed" — just as all the other task forces ...

Qualcomm stock plunges 10.28 percent

Company's Snapdragon 810 processor nixed from Samsung smartphone

Stock of San Diego's giant Qualcomm plummeted 10.28 percent today (January 29) on a day when the overall market was strong. The company said that its Snapdragon 810 processor will not be in the upcoming ...

Former public utilities president's home searched

Michael Peevey suspected in judge-shopping scandal, as is PG&E exec

The San Francisco Chronicle reported last evening (January 28) that agents of the state attorney general's office on Tuesday seized computers and other items from the Los Angeles County home of former California Public Utilities ...

Where the football fanatics live

San Diego is near the top (and other surprises)

Where are the wildest, craziest football fans in the United States? If you guessed Green Bay, Wisconsin, you would be correct. But you wouldn't guess the least football-crazed city. It's Las Vegas, Nevada, where the ...

Luddy learned from Moores

Sell early, sell big

Frederic Luddy rapidly unloaded shares of company he founded, ServiceNow. So did John Moores. Peregrine Redux?

Romney selling La Jolla home

Anyone want a luxury home with a car elevator?

The Boston Globe is reporting today that Mitt Romney is selling his La Jolla home. The story has been picked up by inside-Washington media such as Politico. The home has been controversial, and is not ...

San Diego Opera happy

But this year’s saviors will need to come through in the future

The San Diego Opera, which went through death throes last year, then recovered, is starting its 50th season in remarkably good shape. Saturday night’s opening of Puccini’s La Bohème was sold out, and Sunday (Super ...

Alvis to keep up the jailhouse rockin'

Petition to reconsider life sentence of career criminal denied

The Court of Appeal for the Fourth Appellate District has decided that Alvis J. Bailey will remain in prison. He petitioned to have his life sentence reconsidered. The trial court would have none of it. ...

Super Bowl lies

Game nets a city around $600 million? More like $30 million

Today's (January 26) New York Times carries a story that should help destroy the lie that hosting a Super Bowl is the road to Golconda. The National Football League has perpetuated this falsehood for years, ...

Hubby got stabbed for makin' whoopee

Appeals court says wife properly waived her right to a jury trial

On Friday (January 23) the Court of Appeal for the Fourth Appellate District said a vengeful spouse was properly denied a jury trial. On June 7, 2012, Tammie Terrell Aldridge (a.k.a. Tammie Terrell Wicker) learned ...

Jockstrap rant

Rumor: Chargers, Goldman Sachs to build L.A. stadium

Some jockstrap chat sites are running a rumor that the Chargers and Wall Street's Goldman Sachs will team up to build a stadium in Los Angeles. The site ran a brief item on the ...

How about that raise, Boss?

County unemployment rate down — but so is household income

The San Diego County unemployment rate dropped to 5.2 percent in in December, down from a revised 5.8 percent in November, according to the state Employment Development Department. Non-farm jobs grew by 600 in the ...

FBI sting nabs sports agents plotting to screw clients

"I'm going to make as much money as I can because I run the risk of him firing me…"

A San Diego-based FBI sting operation has nabbed two professional sports agents plotting to fleece their clients in an investment scam. The agents are Joseph Vaccaro of New York City's Dynasty Management and Vincent "Vinnie" ...

A lesson in racism?

Black police sergeant files suit over cartoon used in SDPD training

Arthur Scott, an African-American police sergeant, filed a harassment and discrimination suit yesterday (January 20) against the City of San Diego. Scott, who has been with the San Diego force since 2004, says that discriminatory ...

U-T says "follow Lucchino." Right on!

Former Padres exec doesn't believe in public-subsidized stadiums

The U-T has a story today (January 20) with the headline: "Chargers should follow Lucchino's trail." The gist is that if the Chargers had a hustler like Larry Lucchino, a former Padres president (1995–2001), the ...

Financial freedom, anyone?

New Anthony Robbins book makes best-seller lists, however...

Anthony (Tony) Robbins, who bills himself as a life and success coach and self-help author, is out with his first book in more than twenty years: Money: Master the Game — 7 Simple Steps to ...

What about that Spanos money?

Chargers owners' $200M for new stadium could empty their bank account

The City of San Diego has an infrastructure deficit of well over $2 billion, and that doesn't include critical projects tied to the water shortage, climate change, and many other things. You can easily double ...

Public relations — er, utilities commission chief speaks

Is Michael Picker more interested in smoothing over corruption?

At a meeting of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today (January 15), the new president, Michael Picker, acknowledged that the agency has had ethical problems and pledged reform. Picker conceded that there "is uncertainty ...

Mayor Faulconer's folly

Budget analyst says "the city does not have enough resources"

In his state of the city address yesterday evening (January 14), mayor Kevin Faulconer said he wants to repair long-neglected infrastructure, take action on expansion of the convention center, and build a stadium for the ...

New sewer lines or new stadium? Your choice.

Will Chargers eat up our sidewalks? Local infrastructure remains wholly inadequate.

All recognize the infrastructure is ailing. Still, a subsidized stadium for a billionaire family may well prevail.

Rake in $1 million a year! Pay no taxes!

Then go to the slammer for four years

Encinitas osteopath Dr. James Francis Murphy today (January 13) was sentenced to four years in prison and his wife, Denine Christine Murphy got a year under house arrest for paying almost no federal income taxes ...

Please, no Encore

Bad-debt buyer agrees to reform, wants judgments thrown out

Encore Capital Group, a publicly held San Diego company that buys bad debt cheaply and then pressures debtors to cough up, agreed Friday, January 9, to reform. The company reached agreement with the State of ...

Wanted: New CPUC president's erased emails

Is Michael Picker as cozy as Peevey was with Edison?

This morning (January 12), Maria Severson of the law firm Aguirre & Severson will call for an immediate forensic investigation of all erased correspondence on the computers of the new California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) ...

Developer vs. developer, continued

La Jolla real estate guy reputedly writing book to expose Lennar Corp.

Nicolas Marsch, onetime La Jolla socialite and wealthy real estate developer, is apparently writing a book about his nemesis, Florida-based big builder Lennar Corp. Up until recently, Marsch had a website touting his purported book, ...

San Diego's job market sucks

But at least we have an abundance of cafés

San Diego is among the five United States cities with the lowest number of job opportunities, according to WalletHub, a statistics-compiling organization that reports on cities and states. San Diego is the best of the ...

San Diego lawyer helps defend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Attorney Judy Clarke reputedly against death penalty

San Diego lawyer Judy Clarke has an almost perfect batting average. She represented Ted Kaczynski, called the Unabomber; Jared Lee Loughner, who shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords; Zacarias Moussaoui, 9/11 suspect; and Susan Smith, who murdered ...

Get in line, Chargers

St. Louis Rams owner to build Inglewood stadium

The Los Angeles Times reported today (January 5) that Stan Kroenke, owner of the St. Louis Rams, plans to build an 80,000-seat NFL stadium in Inglewood. Such a rumor has been rampant for a year, ...

Peevey in their pocket

At CPUC, former commissioner communicated regularly with Edison

Michael Peevey, president of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for a dozen years, who retired at the end of 2014, kept up a steady, cozy email dialogue with officials of Southern California Edison while ...

Attorneys on the loose

Four county lawyers disciplined by California Bar

According to the State Bar of California, David Taylor Kaye of Escondido has been suspended from the practice of law for two years and placed on three years of probation. According to the Bar's review ...

Evicted for being pregnant

Woman claims violation of Federal Fair Housing Act

In a suit filed in San Diego federal court December 30, Rowna Nicolas claims she was evicted from an apartment, in effect, for being pregnant. The defendants are B.C. Dage, Inc., owner of a six-unit ...

Investors shun fat, sex treatments

Despite strong overall market, some local biotechs lag

This was to be the year for fat pills. It wasn't. Sex enhancement biotechs didn't set the world on fire, either.

Former ethics commissioner doesn't provide info to state bar

No proof of attendance at abstinence self-helf group

Krishna Haney, a former commissioner of the San Diego Ethics Commission appointed by ex-Mayor Jerry Sanders, got in trouble with the California State Bar last year. In 2011, her car struck an emergency call box. ...

Appellate court weighs grisly pit bull death scene

Owner's Involuntary manslaughter conviction reversed

The Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, ruled December 26 that a woman who owned two pit bulls that killed a neighbor should not have been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter by a jury. Carla ...

New faces at CPUC. But new broom unlikely

Political PR pro Picker to replace Peevey

Governor Jerry Brown today (December 23) named two new commissioners to the scandal-ridden California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Long-time Sacramento public relations pro Michael Picker, who was named a commissioner in January of this year, ...

San Diego not top-ranked as singles haven

High cost of dating lowers swinging ratio

Of 150 American metropolitan areas, San Diego ranks 34th as a location for swinging singles, according to WalletHub, which compiles statistics on states and metro areas. The study is broken down into two categories: the ...

Facts about staggeringly high rates interrupt Peevey lovefest

SDG&E electricity rates the highest — by far

Last Thursday (December 18), the California Public Utilities Commission held a farewell for its president, Michael Peevey, retiring at the end of December after 12 years. The publication said the lovefest was "stage-managed to ...

County unemployment rate stays steady

The San Diego County unemployment rate was 5.8 percent in November, unchanged from October. In November of 2013, the rate was 7 percent. Between October and November of this year, the county gained 13,500 jobs. ...

Banks paid solons so they can gamble with our money

Representatives Issa, Peters got paid to support moral hazard

Public Action Committees (PACs) of America's big banks shelled out lucre to Congress members to be able to gamble on derivatives trading and have taxpayers pick up their losses. At midmonth, the House and Senate ...

San Diego could thrive from pain

Wars. Promiscuous printing of money. Could San Diego cash in next year?

All those troubles in the world could help San Diego's economy. So could even more easy money.

Appeals court sides with CPUC, denies intervenor fees

Aguirre thwarted SDG&E plot to nail ratepayers, gets punished

Today (December 16), the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, denied an appeal by law firm Aguirre & Severson to get intervenor fees from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for the firm's work in ...

She fell off a ski lift, sues for damages

Couple claims company was trying to hustle people on the lift

On December 9, San Diegans Sally and Louis Rumpf filed suit in federal court in Colorado, blaming faulty instructions for her injury falling from a ski lift. The suit charges that the lift attendant for ...

CityBeat runs mea culpa — but buried

Aguirre, who sued publication, still unhappy

On December 5, as noted in the Reader, former City Attorney Mike Aguirre sued the publication CityBeat for libel. It had stated in a November 12 column that Aguirre claimed that Representative Scott Peters, while ...

Sexual harassment case, settled, can't be dug up again

Appeals court says settlement bars male's second case

A man who got a settlement in a sexual harassment case can't file a second case for the same reason, the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, ruled yesterday (December 15). Linda Greenberg, head of ...

No NFL team in LA next year?

Goodell says nothing imminent

The New York Times has reported that National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell says there is little progress on moving a team to the Los Angeles market. "I'm not at the point where I would ...

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