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New convention center study likely to fail test

Consultant's dubious track record ignored by San Diego leaders

The consulting firm of Convention, Sports and Leisure International has come out with a $90,000 study telling San Diego that if it builds a contiguous convention-center expansion, it will gain $157.1 million in direct convention-attendee ...

USD’s Frank Partnoy might scare you

The inscrutable derivatives

Can one trust the accounting of the big banks? Take a guess.

San Diegans cause Southwest Airlines plane diversion

"Racist" flight attendant or was booze a factor?

A Southwest Airlines plane en route from San Diego to Chicago was diverted to Amarillo yesterday (August 31) because of alleged misbehavior of six San Diego area residents. They were taken off the plane by ...

Good/bad news in Manchester world

Austin hotel could benefit from larger center and Jr.'s marriage is over

Manchester Texas Financial Group of Austin, Texas, headed by Douglas W. Manchester, son of Douglas F. ("Papa Doug") Manchester, has enjoyed some good news. Manchester Texas is building a $350 million convention center hotel in ...

Sharp rebuked

Hospital loses wrongful termination suit on appeal

A wrongful-termination suit that had been thrown out by a Superior Court judge was reinstated in August by the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District. Karen Nosal-Tabor, a registered nurse who formerly worked in the ...

Former UCAN founder wins lawsuit

Michael Shames awarded $141,000

Michael Shames yesterday (August 27) won a lawsuit filed against him by the Utility Consumers Action Network (UCAN), which he had cofounded. UCAN had filed suit claiming that Shames owed it $450,000. By 11 to ...

Iranian national sentenced in San Diego

Arash Ghahreman gets 78 months for tech-smuggling scheme

Arash Ghahreman, a naturalized United States citizen and former Iranian national, yesterday (August 27) was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for his role in a scheme to purchase marine navigation and ...

San Diego: Tech City, U.S.A., babies

Average local tech wage, $114,300; non-tech? less than $50K (don't cry)

Technology accounted for 11.1 percent of San Diego County jobs last year but 22 percent of total wages, according to a new study by Kelly Cunningham, economist for the National University System Institute for Policy ...

How will Qualcomm layoffs affect SD area?

Economists talk about the ripple effect

The head-chopping at Qualcomm may not be a total disaster.

One San Diego bad boy sentenced, one released

Bobby Vassallo gets a year, B.J. Gallison freed on $1.8 million bond

Alfred Louis "Bobby" Vassallo, perpetrator of telecom scams, was sentenced to a year and a day in prison in federal court in the Central District of California on August 24. The onetime La Jollan had ...

Less than two years for swiping $1 million

Holli Dawn Coulman was executive assistant at Hewlett-Packard

Almost a year after pleading guilty, Holli Dawn Coulman, who was an executive assistant to a senior vice president at the Rancho Bernardo operations of Hewlett-Packard, today (August 24) was sentenced to 21 months in ...

San Diego biotechs bathe in stock market blood

Wall Street has lost $10 trillion since June 3

United States stocks plunged between 3.5 percent and 4 percent today (August 24), continuing a selloff that began in early June. Stocks are dropping all around the world; the slaughter has knocked off $10 trillion ...

Retire in San Diego! Juuust kidding.

Prohibitive cost of living ranks it 123rd out of 150 cities

One of the myths about San Diego County is that it is a great place to retire — wonderful climate, lots of golf courses, etc. To be sure, the county was once a retirement haven ...

Ex-CPA Anton Ewing visits familiar grounds: court

He admits in his suit that he is "no angel himself."

On August 31, 2013, Anton Ewing lost his CPA license. According to Patti Bowers, executive officer for the California Board of Accountancy, Ewing was disciplined because he had pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy ...

San Diego unemployment rate rises

While government jobs fall, leisure and hospitality gigs jump

The San Diego County unemployment rate rose to 5.4 percent in July, up from a revised 5.0 percent in June. The county lost 1900 jobs in the month, according to the California Employment Development Department. ...

La Mesa broker suspended for forgery

Decision against Robert Earl Holaday to be appealed

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which regulates brokerage firms and brokers selling securities in the United States, has fined Robert Earl Holaday of La Mesa $10,000 and suspended him from association with FINRA members ...

Banned boy of business talk radio

Jacob Cooper of Total Wealth Management got kickbacks

Jacob Cooper, head of Total Wealth Management and former host of a KOGO radio show, Uncommon Wealth, on Monday (August 17) was banned from the securities industry by the chief administrative law judge of the ...

Stephen P./Steven J. Corso's name game interrupted

Securities and Exchange Commission I.D.s banned accountant

"Steven John Corso and Stephen P. Corso are the Same Person." Thus states a headline in a memorandum of law sent out by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) yesterday (August 17). In 2009, Stephen ...

Petco goes public for third time

"Our substantial indebtedness could adversely affect our cash flow"

This old dog is not learning new tricks. Petco, the San Diego–based pet supplies retailer, yesterday (August 17) announced plans to go public for the third time, but the company itself will get no proceeds ...

San Diego citizenry could be smarter

Can't blame weather — Honolulu ranked higher in education

WalletHub, the statistics aggregator that reports on cities, metro areas, and states, says San Diego is 38th among 150 metro areas in education of its citizenry. The study looked at percent of adults aged 25 ...

Sell, sell, sell that Tribune Publishing stock

Former U-T owner Doug Manchester likely poised to cash out

Douglas Manchester on Wednesday (August 12) filed a shelf registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the possible sale of the stock he received when Tribune Publishing bought the Union-Tribune from him in May. ...

El Cajon dentist's Chicago misfortune

Husam Aldairi's $25 million home sold for $3.1 million

On July 27, El Cajon dentist Husam Aldairi filed a suit in federal court against Gus Dahleh. According to the suit, Dahleh "has contacted [Aldairi's] wife and falsely informed her that [Aldairi] had engaged in ...

And the drug war droned on and on

Mini aircraft and conspirators implicated in heroin smuggling operation

El Centro residents Jonathan Elias and Bryan Valle pleaded guilty in federal court Tuesday (August 11) to bringing in 28.55 pounds of heroin illegally to the United States. They used drones to bring in the ...

Polls by Lincoln Club, Chargers diverge widely

Evidence suggests Faulconer's pollster is a huckster

Polling results by local pollster John Nienstedt of Competitive Edge, financed by the arch-conservative Lincoln Club, purportedly show that 51 percent of San Diegans support a government subsidy for a Chargers stadium if the gift ...

Fabiani has a laugh

City/county stadium plan is goofy

The high school boy who calls a girl for a date and she says "no!" five times has to learn a lesson: she isn't interested. San Diego city and county leaders have yet to find ...

U-T finally concedes what everybody knows

Chargers prefer Los Angeles

The Union-Tribune this morning (August 9) conceded on its editorial page something all but the most rabid Chargers fans already know: the team wants to get to Los Angeles, and its highly publicized attempts to ...

Fraud suit filed against Edison

Law firm says San Onofre settlement in jeopardy

A securities fraud lawsuit has been filed in federal court in San Diego against Edison International, parent of Southern California Edison. The suit alleges that Southern California Edison made false and misleading statements about the ...

Radio star Lucia has lost home; lives with son

Banned by SEC; recently had heart attack

San Diego-based, nationally syndicated radio and TV financial personality Ray Lucia Sr. has lost his home, is living with his son, and has suffered a "serious medical setback," according to his attorney, Mark Fagel of ...

Judge spanks Edison for unreported meetings

Questions statements on secret Peevey-Pickett meeting

Melanie Darling, the California Public Utilities Commission administrative law judge handling the San Onofre decommissioning matter, stated yesterday (August 5) that in the period leading to the decision to stick ratepayers with 70 percent of ...

Water wars: View from the delta

Farmers fight water going south

Beef is the beef in the current water war.

Edison didn't provide blackout emails to regulator

Do we know cause of 2011 blackout?

The San Diego law firm of Aguirre and Severson on Friday (July 31) filed a lawsuit against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, charging that it has suppressed evidence about the failure of the San Onofre ...

Murder charged at American Addiction Centers

San Diego woman one of those indicted at AAC

Today (August 3) the stock of AAC Holdings, a Tennessee-based chain of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, plunged by almost 14 percent. But it landed at $32.79, which is more than double the price ...

San Diego rated 6th best city to live in

Ranks high in livability, education, and health

WalletHub, which keeps statistics on cities and states, ranks San Diego as 7th best city in which to live among the 62 largest urban centers. Among the factors considered are school systems, percentage of people ...

"Jamaican" beer not brewed in Jamaica

So, two imbibers go to court

The San Diego law firm of Robbins Arroyo, representing two local plaintiffs, filed a suit in federal court in San Diego against Diageo, the big London alcoholic beverage firm. It is a putative class action ...

Lucchino to leave Red Sox in shakeup

On topic of sports subsidies, he is a switch-hitter

Larry Lucchino, the sharp-elbowed executive who helped John Moores line his pockets with a subsidized ballpark, now named Petco Park, will be leaving his job as president of the Boston Red Sox, according to Dan ...

Papa Doug buys Rhode Island estate

Price: $15 million. Location: on ocean

Manchester Financial Group, a limited partnership belonging to former Union-Tribune owner Papa Doug Manchester, has purchased an historic home on the ocean in Newport, Rhode Island, for $15 million, according to the Providence Journal. The ...

Dr. Seuss gets posthumous front page

"What Pet" is lead review in New York Times

At last, the pseudo-controversy over Harper Lee's "Go Set a Watchman" — was it a draft of "To Kill a Mockingbird?" — may move over for a genuine undiscovered book that reveals the author's greatness. ...

Well-known market manipulator Anthony Elgindy is dead

Spent years in prison for activities

Anthony Elgindy, 48, who was famous as a short-seller who claimed to be reforming the penny stock market, is dead. He died Thursday, July 23, although the county medical examiner and the sheriff's office have ...

Animal rights activists arrested for terrorizing fur farms

They released thousands of mink from farms

Animal rights activists Joseph Buddenberg and Nicole Kissane were arrested today (July 24) and charged with conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. The government seeks their removal to face charges in federal court ...

His radio show was on wealth; now he will pay $1 million

George Charles Cody Price settles with SEC

Up until 2011, La Jolla's George Charles Cody Price had a radio show on KFMB called "The Wealth Weekend Hour." In 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged that on the radio and in ...

Qualcomm traveling Wall Street's road

Workforce slash will be 15 percent

Qualcomm, San Diego's largest for-profit, private sector employer, said today it will have a 15-percent company-wide reduction in employment, but it hasn't said how many of those cuts will be in San Diego. The rumor ...

After 130 years, Daily Transcript going dark

Business, legal, real estate daily had a niche

The San Diego Daily Transcript/San Diego Source newspaper is going out of business after almost 130 years. The last paper will be printed September 1 and the company will cease operations three weeks later, according ...

Support your local billionaire sports team owner

Subsidies to billionaires lead to civic indigestion

The billionaires who get governments to subsidize sports stadiums induce billiousness.

No fun to be Qualcomm right now

Third-quarter earnings expected to be grim

Possible subhead: Company must announce something tomorrow (Wednesday) Stock of Qualcomm rose 2.12 percent to $65.14 today (July 21) as national media and securities analysts discussed what the company will announce in its conference call ...

Massive layoffs rumored for Qualcomm

Could be 4000 — 13 percent of employees

San Diego communications giant Qualcomm could announce coming layoffs of 4000 people on Wednesday, according to rumors racing around the internet. July 22 is the date of the company's release of its third-quarter earnings. It ...

Voice of reason at the Union-Tribune

Editorial notes unfairness of utilities commission's stance on San Onofre

In an editorial this morning (July 20), the Union-Tribune says that the California Public Utilities Commission's (CPUC's) San Onofre decision, socking ratepayers with 70 percent of the costs of the nuclear plant's closure, should be ...

Hillary's $335,000 Qualcomm speech

Company paid Clinton more than Bernie Sanders's recent net worth has reported that just one of Hillary Clinton's speeches last year provided her with more money than the total net worth of her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, in 2013. The numbers: Hillary got $335,000 ...

Thanks anyway on the clean energy option

Imperial Irrigation sues independent system operator, claims antitrust violations

Imperial Irrigation District yesterday (July 16) sued the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) on antitrust grounds. The suit was filed in federal court in San Diego. The suit says that CAISO "is a monopolist. It ...

Folks, your Ponzi scheme will always surface

Paul Moore IV conned investors out of $2.8 million, spent most of it

Paul Moore IV pleaded guilty in federal court today (July 16) to running a Ponzi scheme and spending most of the money he took in. Moore was a complete fraud, according to his admission. He ...

Drat. Indicted again.

B.J. Gallison charged with pump 'n dumps

Harold Bailey (B.J.) Gallison II and several of his cohorts from Costa Rica, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York have been charged with running an international stock scam, according to the FBI in a news ...

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