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Stories by Dave Good

The original Ataris

“I got a call from the band’s manager,” guitarist John Collura tells the Reader. “I’d been out of the band for, what, six years? He said, ‘What do you think about getting the band back ...

The Quakes are not strictly psychobilly

The Quakes, a power trio started in the late ’80s in Buffalo, NY, by guitarist Paul Roman, bassist Rob Peltier, and a 15-year-old drummer named Dave Hoy, floundered for lack of a hometown audience. That’s ...

Fly Moon Royalty sounds large

“The live show? It’s pretty simple,” Mike Illvester says when asked about the mechanics of how his duo, Fly Moon Royalty, manages to sound so large. “I sing and play keys, and Adra sings. I ...

You need a crowbar to break into the music business

“Imagine rehearsing your song and seeing Paul McCartney dancing to it.” Nathan East, who scored Grammy Record of the Year gold for his work on Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” calls the Reader from “somewhere on ...

Jingle business

Butterfinger. With that one word, Rafter Roberts has answered the Reader’s question: Which Super Bowl XLVIII television commercial did he write and produce the soundtrack for? The vaguely naughty Butterfinger ad (it winks at the ...

My Goodness reinhabits grunge

A good 20 years late to the dance, My Goodness is a Seattle-based blues-rock power duo that seems bent on re-inhabiting grunge. No complaints from me. Among my all-time favorites include Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, ...

Fishtank Ensemble and the musical saw

Something you don’t hear every day: musical saw. And a virtuoso musical saw at that, which is hard to define since there are so few people practicing that antediluvian backwoods art. Opera singer Ursula Knudsen ...

I only date vegans

Where’s the beet?

Got on the train a meat-eater; got off the train a vegan.

Missive in a bottle

Nice Legs is the title of a collection of short stories published by guitarist Jack Beddows and a songwriter-producer named Larry Zeiger. Each of the stories, they tell the Reader, was inspired by the drinking ...

The porch music of Wood Brothers

Instead of trying to box the Wood Brothers into a style corner by examining the trace elements of jazz, blues, and rock in their music, can we just agree to call them clever? Good. But ...

Yelled at by Skinny Puppy

After listening to a Skinny Puppy record, one feels as if having been yelled at by an angry parent. Dark moods, riddled with an irritation that either leaves you speechless or that you can completely ...

Raccoons in the pool

Joseph Waters' “Raccoons in the Pool,” performed and recorded entirely underwater, is a fanciful piece that shapeshifts, builds on maddening waves of tension, then resolves in a crest of sonic textures.

Brick runs dry

Brick by Brick’s liquor license is suspended for a year…and though management seems confident they’ll get it back, they’re cautious about talking about it.

Escape the Fate: Less Screamo

Less screamo, more hardcore — at least since 2008. That was the year Las Vegas quintet Escape the Fate made a course correction and swapped singers with the announcement that Craig Mabbitt would replace founding ...

Is Pinback a band?

Gloomy music pretending to be happy: that’s Pinback. Their particular vibe comes as the result of living here in the banana belt of San Diego where the weather is almost always balmy. Or so says ...

What’s shaken at the Kraken?

The Kraken puts an end to the Doug Allen-hosted Monday- and Tuesday-night jam sessions due to insufficient bar sales.

Author & Punisher to premiere voice-modulating masks at Soda Bar

“Yeah, the music is dark. It’s what comes out, but it’s kind of heartfelt. But some people think it sounds like nightmares.” Music from one of Dante’s seven circles of hell: ex-metal guitarist Tristan Shone, ...

ProSound: unplugged

“Carlos Santana picked up an unplugged electric guitar I had here in the office and he played three notes.” Michael Krewitsky sits in what used to be the mixing studio at ProSound in Mission Valley, ...

Not really church music

“The number could be off by a few in either direction, but I think it’s been around 520.” Carey Driscoll says he’s lost count of the number of shows he has produced over ten years ...

Terraplane Sun doesn't need to show off

If the ’60s taught us anything, it is this: exactly how a rock and roll band should look. As a quintet, Terraplane Sun, which lists Venice Beach as their hometown, surely agree. Pick any British ...

Country showdown

Suzanne Harper, after losing the locally based “3 Minutes to Stardom” music performance contest and accompanying $10,000 grand prize, goes on to finals in the Texaco Country Showdown contest, with a prize of $100,000.

Heffern’s redemption

Interview with Gary Heffern, former frontman for the Penetrators.

Scary Stuff with TV Ghost

Here’s another late-breaking young-band-on-the-rise alert: TV Ghost. I can say this even though they started in 2006 because each of their albums has sounded a little different. They grew up as musicians in the garage-punk ...

The Comeback of Jake E. Lee

The news is that Jake E. Lee’s on the comeback trail with a new band and a new record and everything is okay. For fans of ’80s hard rock, not a whole lot about that ...

Not necessarily on the comeback trail

Jake E. Lee breaks a long silence

"So it's the old Spirit?" That's Jake E. Lee's reply when I tell him Brick by Brick was once the Spirit Club of old. "When they told me we'd be playing in San Diego," he ...

Dinosaur Bones on the launch pad

Write this down: Dinosaur Bones is a band to watch. Stick a little memo on your record collection (or wherever you store music). One day, you will be glad you did. Listen to Shaky Dream, ...

Cage the Elephant gets honest with their music

Interview with Brad Shultz of Cage the Elephant, who recounts the story of his brother eating a fish taco in San Diego and his face “swelled up huge.” Not bad fish, just a clogged salivary gland. His bro “squeezed it out.” Eww, gross, amirate? LOL!

Capsula = Strokes + Hives

Steve Jobs would have loved this band. Capsula’s songs are perfect for any Apple product rollout: a quick burst, exhilarating and different — but not too different. Capsula sounds like a lot of other things ...

Mossy mystery solved, maybe

Who put that Mossy Nissan jingle in your noggin? Tim Hosman. He says he was surprised to see a Reader article that included an interview with a Leonard Tucker, who took credit for writing the 30-year-old song.

Hang a flag for rock and roll

El Cajon Business District to honor San Diego musicians with its new banner project. Beryl Forman marketing manager for the district, says she’s had no trouble getting local musicians involved.

Improvisational DJs

Thievery Corporation drummer Congo Sanchez talks about his solo work and the compilation he worked on with Sector 9 skateboard manufacturer Garrett Meister.

You'll love the Limousines

“We got together over the internet.” This is taken from the Limousines’ self-penned backstory on their Kickstarter page. The Limousines are two guys: Giovanni Giusti and Eric Victorino. The virtual meeting took place while Victorino ...

Privet, a band in a box

Privet the duo of Sean Walsh and William Hagan and an ever-changing cast of sidemen, recently film-scored a documentary, and did sound design for a feature-length movie, Sweet Sexy Ocean, about a San Diego urchin diver.

Migratory Crowes

Interview with Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman. Band is scheduled to play Balboa Theatre on December 11. Band recently announced this tour is their last.

Wild Child: a story of two bands

Wild Child: a story of two bands that share the same name but couldn’t be less alike. One Wild Child is a Doors tribute act, the other Wild Child a freak-folk band from Austin. The ...

Child of the ’70s

Rick Reed, frontman for ’70s–’80s hard-rock band Child, hears from an Orange County label interested in reissues of his band’s music.

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band is pretty small

Breezy Peyton reminds an observer of a line straight out of “Witchy Woman,” that old Eagle’s song where sparks fly from fingertips. Only in the case of Breezy Peyton, they actually do. “She wears these ...

Alejandro Escovedo on writing songs and the substance of big family reunions

Alejandro Escovedo checks in with the Reader from Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he is hunkered down with a wicked case of allergies. "At least, I think that's what it is. It just started this ...

The Avengers of rock and roll: meet the Split Squad

"Josh Kantor." Michael Giblin, the Parallax Project bassist, checks in with the Reader to talk about his side project, a band called the Split Squad that includes Eddie Munoz (Plimsouls), Clem Burke (Blondie) and Keith ...


And now for something completely different: Deerhoof, a band that sounds either machine-made or as if manufactured using really crappy equipment. Except that the musicianship is impeccable and, in this case, the only conclusion a ...

Seaside Beach trash battle "kinda ongoing"

Surfer Rob Machado succeeds at navigating state bureaucracy to have new trash bins (seagull proof) at Seaside Beach in Cardiff.

Hard-rock heist at the SDMAs

Suicide Chords bassist Dylan Wills hijacks Best Rock Album award from Author & Punisher, Tristan Shone.

On the road with Nik Turner: warships, Warhol, and Lou Reed

"I played San Diego in 1994 with a band called Sleep, I think," Hawkwind founding member Nik Turner tells the Reader. "I was on my way to Mexicali. They flew me in to San Diego, ...

Slapjazz Danny: Hambone around the world

Slapjazz Danny settles his muscular frame onto a stool in a La Mesa coffee shop and he goes to work, first with his left hand, then his right. The hands move from thigh to chest, ...

Geezer and Weezer on the same cruise? It could happen.

Now its a matter of getting the votes

After Weezer announced a contest to play on a cruise with them, Geezer launched an all-out social media blitz to get enough 'likes' for their video to win. "We're the only San Diego band and ...

Green invaders from Mexico

Polly want a visa?

Most parrot species in the wild are threatened or endangered, yet, here in our urban jungles, parrots are flourishing.


Songs that Joe Jackson forgot to write: that’s what comes to mind when I hear anything by the soul-pop group Suedehead. Davey Warsop’s got a way of crafting upbeat tunes in terms of big, round ...

Bake like Jehu

Former Drive Like Jehu drummer Mark Trombino opens a donut shop in downtown L.A. Donut Friend is the name, add-ins on demand is the gimmick.

The perils of having a rock star for a father

Sixteen-year-old Tennessee Kamanski speaks of the difficulty producing a record in the same house as her father, former Beat Farmer Paul Kamanski.

The Restorations

“Music for aging punks.” The Restorations, from Philadelphia, have been described in this manner by the music press, but I’m not buying into that. There are legions of 50- and 60-something punks still out there ...

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