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Stories by Dave Good

The Standells

No one among us (with the possible exception of our parents) underrated the place of the Standells’ “Dirty Water” in rock and roll history. Years later, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would include ...

The Naked and Famous

By the time the Naked and Famous play here, their new CD, In Rolling Waves, will have been released. I got to preview a track from the forthcoming disc earlier. “A Stillness” is no doubt ...

Backout Party heads to Nashville

Angry Oates

“We have a new tune about Vietnam that sounds like a pissed-off Hall & Oates,” Brian Holwerda tells the Reader. “It was inspired by a crazy PBS documentary, but it could definitely be interpreted and ...

The Toasters

My desktop screensaver is of an anonymous woman sitting poolside, back to the camera, showing an inscription tattooed onto her right shoulder: “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” That’s solid advice. And I’m guessing ...

Here comes the Thing

MxPx front man Mike Herrera and Sonic Youth front woman Kim Gordon, rock-star headliners of this weekend’s San Diego Music Thing.

Indie takes a hit

San Diego Indie Fest takes a hit this year, but producer Alicia Champion is undeterred.

Jelly Bread

Funk mined from the best days of funk, meaning the music that was made during the ’80s R&B revival days by the likes of alto saxist Maceo Parker and bigger horn-band acts like Cameo. Jelly ...

How San Diego Unified music programs do so much with so little

Beleaguered San Diego Unified music programs — jamming on tin whistles and plastic trombones — win a national Music Education Award. Teachers ask, "What the…?"

Johnny Mox's nursery rhymes from hell

Nursery rhymes from hell: Johnny Mox brings us doom and dread disguised as something carefree and childish. Imagine “Row Row Row Your Boat” but recorded by the people who brought us the Blair Witch Project: ...

Invaded by hippies

Blues guitarists Michael Stone and Lafayette Falquay start playing live again. Each was on hiatus for different reasons.

Wheeler Brothers roll into town

The Wheeler Brothers, from Austin, Texas, are not a poor man’s Fleet Foxes. Nor are they an imitation Avett Brothers, even though, stylistically, they all sit pretty much at the same table with the larger ...

Black Angels descend on Belly Up

The Black Angels, from Austin, Texas, are known as a psychedelic rock band. That’s a kind of music that dates back to the golden era of garage bands. The Angels owe much to the 1960s, ...

Rockin' and rollin' all night long

San Diego's best rock clubs

Winstons A slice of history in the midst of Ocean Beach, Winstons dates back to 1986 and retains that wonderful sense of all things hippie. That means Dead tributes and jam bands and reggae groups ...

Consider Alejandro Escovedo's family tree

In 1998, No Depression magazine named Alejandro Escovedo their Artist of the Decade, and they were right. Escovedo is a direct pipeline to something that is bigger than rock and roll. First, consider the man’s ...

All shook down

Shakedown club booker Josh Barnes goes independent because new owner Anilee Griffin has changed the way things are done too much.

Son Volt

Son Volt: better than Uncle Tupelo, I think, which was a band that I wanted to and should have liked far more than I did at the time. Great bones in the songwriting and in ...

Shakey Graves

Alejandro Rose-Garcia, from Austin, Texas, goes by the stage name Shakey Graves. If this makes him sound like an itinerant Delta bluesman, in the design of his performance, he is — partly. Graves is a ...

Vinyl addiction

Former M Theory record store founder Eric Howarth thins his record collection while at the same time staging “Vinyl Junkies” record swaps.

Grand Tarantula

Grand Tarantula: it’s a name that comes up in conversations about bands in town that are good to go and check out. The band has a lot of friends and admirers, and for good reason. ...

San Diego saves Scott Tournet's soul

Better than music is sex, says Nocturnals guitarist Scott Tournet, who recently released a solo album recorded at Earthling Studios.

All I need is a car and a kit

Former City Serene drummer Mike Buxbaum recounts the devastating tour-bus accident in 2009 that short-circuited his music career.

Nico Vega's not in Nico Vega

Nico Vega (it’s the band’s name, not an actual member) broke out after “Beast” got licensed for use on the trailer of a video game called BioShock Infinite. “That’s so weird,” says Aja Volkman, the ...

Palms, where a Deftone meets Isis

By the time Palms plays the first of their tour dates in San Diego, their delayed self-titled CD will finally have been released. Palms is one-fifth Deftones and three-fifths Isis, an L.A.-based quartet consisting of ...

Sound off on a T

Erin Goss, a publicist by trade, and Louis XIV drummer Mark Maigaard start Sound Off Tees, which will enable featured bands to direct 40 percent of profits to their desired charity.

Hard to breathe in Barrio Logan

No puedo respirar

Barrio Logan’s mixture of residential and industrial use has taken its toll on the citizenry, who have higher rates of asthma than people in other San Diego neighborhoods.

Pepperin' O'side

The Hawaiian transplants in Pepper describe their beginnings in North County, where they moved about four years ago from Hawaii.

Great White Buffalo roams into town

What is it about Great White Buffalo? It’s the kind of music that acts like the perfect tonic for rabid politics and sour television news. GWB is an L.A.-based indie band that is very much ...

Shakeup at the Shakedown

Anilee Griffin, new owner of the Shakedown bar in the Midway District, says nothing is going to change.

Bart Mendoza and True Stories

“It’s very keyboard-driven music,” says Bart Mendoza. Possibly this explains why he was trawling about Facebook one afternoon in search of a Farfisa electric organ and an amplifier, the desire for which in turn defines ...

Heart the song

Interview with Slacker internet radio senior VP Jack Isquit.

Social Club

Social Club, of North Park, has invented a new genre they call “pull.” “It’s a really bad name,” says John Levan. He fronts the band, writes most of the lyrics, and sings most of the ...


“Murder for Breakfast?” Oh, hell yes. The Nekromantix are making the rounds, still touring behind 2011’s What Happens in Hell Stays in Hell, and they have a stopover planned for San Diego. The Danish-American psychobilly ...

Parquet Courts

Light Up Gold could very well land in the stack of contemporary records that we will be listening to, and drawing inspiration from, in the coming decades. That’s a hot topic of late on social ...

Brothers Gow

I came away from my first Brothers Gow experience with no clear idea what manner of band I was listening to. There is no defining sound here. The music seems to be the end result ...

They Do It the Hard Way: San Diegans who refuse to modernize

Deep-blue collar

The Printer “My buddy in San Francisco got his finger smashed in an old printing press. It actually turned the bone to powder. He had no phone in his warehouse to call for help, so ...

Super Water Sympathy

A busy year ahead for Super Water Sympathy: the band is hitting the road in support of their second full-length, Hydrogen Child, and then picking up a couple months of Warped Tour road work that ...

Heavy-hitters from the peace-and-love generation

Like pioneers

Slightly Stoopid enlists Bob Weir, a couple Neville Brothers, Tommy Chong, and Karl Denson for their new live CD/DVD, Slightly Stoopid & Friends: Live at Roberto’s TRI Studios.

Music critic snobbery

Local tribute Rushed is a band in demand now that Rush is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Bill Payne, last man standing

Bill Payne’s on the phone from his home in Montana — “It’s a good place to land up” — to talk about his present tour with a character named Dennis McNally (and Gabe Ford on ...

Lemony moments

Tori Roze and the Hot Mess release new LP Turbulence.

Helado Negro

Sometimes I hear music that is so far outside the realm of possibilities that I want to know who likes it and who dances to it. I want to meet the kinds of people that ...

VietNam out of Texas

Those bands worth a listen because they are so different, but not so far out there that you can’t get a grip on the music — I hate it when that happens. VietNam is from ...

The Revival Tour: white punks on folk

The sixth Revival Tour kicked off in Texas on March 15. The group rolls into San Diego April 21 propelled, as its promoters say, by “an innate need to tell a story in its naked ...

SD Music TV suspects in the crosshairs

SD Music TV’s studios were burglarized on the last weekend of March. Unreplaceable recordings were stolen.

East of Sweden

A great little indie-rock band with a strange name that had a cello-playing drummer last year. I had a chance to talk to Jeffrey O’Brien about both. The cello thing, he explained, was for their ...

Hip to shop

“What did they used to call that, the kind of music that used to be playing in supermarkets?” Well, whatever the proper term is, Ex-Dragon frontman Mario Escovedo says that’s a new direction Requiemme, his ...

Bury the past with an axe

On May 28, Finding the Sacred Heart — Live in Philly, 1986 will be released for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray. The concert was filmed at the Spectrum in Philadelphia during the second ...


“Every single day I get emails from people who still tune in.” Ed Duke shuttered his long-running web radio station Thrash Unlimited recently. “Technically, it’s still on the air,” he says by phone, “on [Internet ...

The plaintive croon of Angel Olsen

Not the voice of an angel, which is not to say that Angel Olsen’s singing voice is not good, it’s just that it’s not particularly angelic. Intricate is a word I’d use in its place. ...

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