Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer helped with the indexing of much of the Reader archives. She wrote history features for the paper, including "Murder in Mission Valley" (a tale from the 1870s published on Jan. 25, 2001, page 34).

Latest Articles

Everything Is Pop

'I loved his art, I loved his image," says Cristina Favretto, director of Special Collections at San Diego State University. "And I loved that he would go places and people would speak for him and ...

Dad’s Got History

Iggy invents swearwords

Born in San Diego in 1950, Michael Page was playing bass in local bands when a friend from New York City told him about Greenwich Village and the Bowery. The New York Dolls played at ...

Ziggy and Iggy

Michael Page joins the Criminals

Born in San Diego in 1950, Michael Page, in the mid-’70s, was living in La Jolla and playing bass in local bands when he met Eliza beth Ballard, an underground actress who lived in New ...

The Best and Worst Band of the Year

Lisa invites Iggy Pop to La Jolla

A San Diegan by birth and by preference, Michael Page grew up during the ’50s and ’60s in Kearny Mesa, where he learned to play bass guitar. During his teens and early 20s, he joined ...

You're Just My Girlfriend

War shatters Michael Page’s world

Born on September 8, 1950, Michael Page spent his childhood building forts and catching snakes in San Diego’s canyons. His father worked at Juvenile Hall, his mother at Piggly Wiggly. Page’s life changed forever in ...

Sandals, Bell Bottoms, and a Nehru Thing

Iggy Pop’s bass player spills the beans

He has a sometimes shy, almost self-effacing manner. A strong man. Muscular arms, with tattoos running the length of them. His raw power comes partly from the associations he has had over the years and ...

As Far South as I've Ever Been

Black settlement in San Diego, part 2

Cynthia May Hudgins was born in Coronado and grew up there in the 1920s and 1930s. The Hudginses had moved to Coronado from Logan Heights. Her grandfather, Amos Hudgins, was in the 2nd Kansas Colored ...

None Darker Than Me

Racial obsession in 19th-century San Diego

Arriving in San Diego in the mid-1890s, Mary Munroe surveyed the scene. Some people lived north of the train station in a village called Old Town, while others lived near the harbor at New San ...

Murder in Mission Valley

Who killed Anne Sandrock?

A man told sheriff’s deputies that Juan Jose Hillario, an Indian living in Balboa Park, had suggested to him on an earlier occasion that they kill Mrs. Sandrock and rob the store.

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